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On the Northwest coast of France, just south of Brittany, lies one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe. At the seaside village of Carnac, over 3,000 megalithic stones are placed in rows over two miles long. The Carnac stones were hewn from local rock formations and erected between 4500 to 2500 BC, at the end of the Stone Age. They are the largest collection of standing stones in the world.

“Archaeologists are baffled by the many megaliths at Carnac here. It’s clearly a massive construction project with blocks of granite weighing 50 to 100, to even up to 350 tons. Legends here say that giants built Carnac, but you have to wonder, what is the real purpose of these giant megaliths, and why would prehistoric people have moved all of these massive stones and placed them in the many alignments here at Carnac?”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“Thousands of large stones have been arranged in very interesting patterns. They’re arranged in intersecting lines that form triangles that could only be visible from above the Earth. These arrangements of stones may have been a way of communicating with extraterrestrial beings.”

Michael Cremo (Author, Forbidden Archaeology)

The ancient Greek poet, Pindar, spoke of a mystical land called Hyperborea, far to the North, where the sun shined 24 hours a day. Legends claim that Apollo visited Hyperborea, traveling in his chariot of fire every 20 years.

“Apollo would tell to the Greeks, ‘Okay, I’ve got to go see some other people. I’ve got to go and teach them.’ And they’re, like, ‘Well, where are you off to?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I’m actually going off to a place that’s beyond where the North wind comes. It’s the land of Hyperboreans.’ ”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Although mainstream archaeologists speculate that the Carnac Stones are most likely tomb markers, Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe these stones are intentionally laid out in a unique geometric formation.

“Many speculations existed since centuries, and only a few years ago, in France, they started to photograph this whole French Brittany by helicopters and when they put the pictures together, all of a sudden, someone realized, hey, this is not coincidence. The distance of the lines are always the same – 2,860 meters. Or exactly the half of 2,860 meters. The angles are always the same. It’s Pythagorean triangles. It’s all a gigantic geometrical pattern. From Stone Age, which is impossible. Our Stone Age people had no idea of Pythagoras’ triangles. Pythagoras was about 420 BC.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

Even though the geometric arrangement of the Carnac Stones predates the Pythagorean Theorem by more than 2,000 years, one question remains: why were the stones arranged in such a precise pattern?

“The Carnac Stones are one of the few things on the planet that can actually be seen from space. And they’re a perfect marker for any kind of aerial vehicle looking down on the Earth. Many of the tourists who come here to Carnac claim that they can actually feel the energy emanating from these granite megaliths. How did these ancient people know about this energy? Is it possible that they were able to use this energy to even move and erect these giant stones?

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“I am of the opinion that they were made on purpose. The extraterrestrials told our ancestors: do this and this. It’s not the extraterrestrials who made the stone lines. It’s the humans who made it, but by the order of the extraterrestrials.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

But were the Carnac Stones a signpost for an Ancient Astronaut called Apollo, as he flew his spacecraft high above the land?

“If the Greek god Apollo was really some kind of Ancient Astronaut, it’s possible that the stones here at Carnac were a directional finder pointing the way to the far North, to the Hyperborea of the ancient gods.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Over 1,000 miles north of Carnac, lies Scandinavia, home to an ancient people called the Norse. The Norse were tribal Germanic people who lived in what is now known as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. Norse legends record the triumphs of great warriors with advanced weaponry, sophisticated combat techniques, and navigational prowess. Like the Greeks, Norse mythology includes supernatural beings, other worlds, and powerful gods. But like the Romans, could the Norse myths refer not to different gods, but the same gods as those depicted by the ancient Greeks?

“There are a number of similarities between Greek mythology and Norse mythology. And many of the gods are almost identical. And they do much the same thing.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Descriptions of the Viking god Odin – the god of war, death and knowledge – and the Greek god Zeus, bear striking similarities.

“Zeus and Odin are both Sky Father gods. They travel through the skies in chariots because they are akin to the solar divinities. The precursor to many religious beliefs is sun worship. The ancients knew that life came from the sun. So, that is a great mystery and a source of great awe.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“What you’re getting there is not just some minor deity, but you really are nailing it down to one of the chief deities. This is a very important character. And so whoever is behind Odin or Zeus, is obviously a person, or a divine entity, which is shared by these cultures. And it’s clear that whoever inspired the myth of Zeus or Odin is somehow somebody who had an extremely important contribution to make to both civilizations. So, this entity was definitely known throughout Europe.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Ancient Alien Theorists also point to similarities between the sophisticated weapons possessed by both the Norse and the Greek gods. Among Odin’s weapons was a spear that never missed its target. The Norse god Thor, God of storms, strength, and fertility, wielded a powerful hammer.

“Right there we have a correlation, a connection, because not only did Zeus have the thunderbolt, but what does Odin have? And Thor? They have a hammer. Thor has a hammer with which he can smash things, destroy things, and, you know, the hammer idea is pretty close with the description to the lightning rod that Zeus has.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“So you have to wonder if these tales of Zeus’s thunderbolts, Thor’s hammer – if these weren’t real weapons, just like we have today, where we have directed energy-beam weapons, or are developing some kind of literal thunderbolt coming out of a spacecraft.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

But such similarities are not limited to the Greek and Norse myths. In India, the ancient epic of The Mahabharata describes visitations from gods that possessed the advanced technology of space travel.

“There you can read, some thousands of years ago, gigantic cities surrounded our planet. They used the word ‘cities,’ because they had no word for ‘mother-spaceship.’ And of a sudden, out of these cities, smaller spacecrafts came out. Of course, in ancient India, they had no word like, ‘spacecraft,’ so they called it ‘Vimana.’ ”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

The ancient texts of the Hebrew Bible also describes a prophet who traveled the skies in a sophisticated machine.

“Who is Enoch? He was the seventh Antediluvian prophet in the Old Testament, including the Torah of the Jewish community. Enoch is only described with two phrases, that’s all. And it says that the Lord took him away in a fiery chariot into the Heaven.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

But technology was not the only characteristic these ancient deities had in common. According to legends, the gods enjoyed intimate relations with humans. But if aliens did choose human women as their sexual partners, what was their motivation? And just what was the outcome of these very close encounters?


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