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Flying saucers. UFOs. Mainstream historians claim sightings of these mysterious craft are mostly a 20th-century phenomenon. But according to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, unidentified flying objects have been appearing in Earth’s skies for thousands of years, since the dawn of man.

“Depictions of flying saucers and what seems to be some kind of ancient spacecraft go back to some of the earliest cave paintings that we know of. Scientists date these cave paintings back to 20, 30,000 BC. And these cave paintings are in Russia, China, Africa, South America and other areas. And they appear to be some kind of a spacecraft.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“You can go back to ancient Sumerian inscriptions from Babylon, and you actually see these discs with wings around them and depictions of people flying in them. And you see the same thing in Egypt where you see round discs that have wings coming off them. What you’re dealing with is, most likely, actually a flying saucer that’s being seen up in space.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

Guatemala, Central America. According to most mainstream scholars and archaeologists, the earliest human settlements in this region date back over 14,000 years. Here can be found numerous ancient artifacts, and among them is this one: The figure of a man lying inside what appears to be the shell of a turtle.

“And when I asked the local archaeologist there, “what is this?” They said, without the flinching of an eye, “well, this is, according to” legend, the giant flying turtles “which flew around in Guatemala.” The entire body is aerodynamically fashioned. The extremities are pressed in an aerodynamic fashion against the body of this turtle. And if you look closely, it’s as if there’s some modern day fighter pilot glasses or goggles. This right here is from the same culture, from the same region where they created the turtle in Clay. So, they knew exactly what a turtle looked like. It looks like a snapping turtle. And what we have here that is everything but a turtle. It’s something else. In their frame of reference, they were able to use the turtle as the best example of what they might have seen that the gods used to fly around in.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Halfway around the world, in 329 BC, the Greek ruler Alexander the Great planned the invasion of India. But according to ancient texts, his army was supposedly thwarted by a strange attack from the skies.

“As Alexander’s army was getting ready to cross the Indus and invade India, suddenly in the sky appeared these flying discs. And they began dive-bombing at the war elephants that were part of Alexander’s army. And what these flying discs did was cause stampedes within Alexander’s own war elephants, who then ran amok throughout his army, tearing up the camps and everything. And after that, Alexander’s generals met with him, and they said, “no, we’re not going into India. This is it. “We’re gonna turn back.” And that was the end of that war campaign.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

But whether in ancient times or much more recently, so-called flying saucers are often described as being unaffected by gravity or the basic laws of physics.

“You know, I know that people who have, who have seen extraterrestrial vehicles in modern times have said, “how in the world could it be doing that?”  For example, it’s moving through the sky, and it’s going a right-hand turn without decelerating that isn’t possible using normal aerodynamics.”

– Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD
(Dir., The Disclosure Project / Dir., SiriusDisclosure)

“When jets have been scrambled after flying saucers, the saucers are described as suddenly turning at right angles at super speeds and just zipping off in what seems like impossible aerobatic maneuvers. And this can be explained as the kind of technology they’re using which is a gravity control. It’s artificial gravity. So, when you’re inside of a gravitational field that you’re creating yourself around your craft, the gravity of the earth doesn’t have a force on you.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

But although aircraft propulsion by means of gravity manipulation is beyond the limits of current technology, many scientists claim it is theoretically possible. In Davis, California, Canadian-born inventor Dr. Paul Moller tests the boundaries of real-life science with a recreational flying vehicle called the Neuera.

“The Neuera is a very simple device to fly. It has eight lifting ducted fans, as we call them, each one driven by its own engine. One of the big advantages of this kind of round shape is that you end up with the strength in the skin of the vehicle itself, much like the shell of a beetle. And that gets you a very, very strong design. This air frames you see over here next to this vehicle which are similar to this, weigh only 75 pounds apiece, which is incredible. You get a complete airframe that’s capable of lifting 1,500 pounds with a 75-pound shell.”

Paul S. Moller, Ph.D. (Aeronautical Specialist)

But could the inherent design strength of a disc-shaped object be the key to overcoming the forces of gravity? And does the prevalence of flying saucer sightings suggest a connection between antigravity technology and extraterrestrial visitations?

“Gravity is one of the most unknown forces in physics today, and when we do understand it, we’ll be able to find out a way to shield ourselves from it or to provide a device, a method, electromagnetically, but with some much greater knowledge than we have today, where we eliminate it within the vehicles’ operations.”

Paul S. Moller, Ph.D. (Aeronautical Specialist)


Although antigravity devices in the form of flying saucers may help to explain how extraterrestrials might have been able to travel at ultrahigh speeds, there is in fact another means of interplanetary transportation. And it is one that humans, and perhaps aliens, have been able to use for centuries: The brute force of rockets.


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