2.6 – ALIEN TECH (12.2.10)


In the early morning hours of November 5, 2005, the luxury cruise ship, the Seaborn Spirit, found itself under attack by pirates in the waters off the coast of Somalia. But the Somali bandits were successfully repelled by a relatively new and formidable defensive weapon: a long range acoustic device or LRAD. Manufactured by the LRAD Corporation, this sonic device can, when focused on a target, produce a piercing sound that can exceed 150 decibels – enough to cause temporary blindness, nausea, and permanent hearing loss.

“The U.S. army used sonic weapons in Iraq. They’re used in crowd control. There are certain types of low rumbles and signals that will affect a person. They make you feel sick.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

The LRAD is currently used by law enforcement, the military and private security, and is considered the ultimate in sonic weaponry. But is the LRAD really a 20th-century invention? Or is there evidence that similar audio weapons existed in ancient times? Approximately 17 Miles northeast of Jerusalem lies the ancient ruins of the city of Jericho. Here, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of settlements dating back to 9000 BC. According to the Hebrew Bible, Jericho is believed to be where God spoke to Joshua, the successor to Moses, and instructed him to march around the walled city once every six days with seven priests carrying rams’ horns and followed by the Ark of the Covenant, the golden chest containing the Ten Commandments. Then, on the seventh day, under orders by God, Joshua and the Israelites marched around the perimeter of the city one last time. But this time, they blew the rams’ horns. The walls of Jericho fell…and the city was sacked.

“In the Old Testament, you see very clear descriptions in Joshua 6 about the Shofar, which is described as a trumpet that was used in the Battle of Jericho to actually bring the walls down.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

To religious scholars, the collapse of Jericho’s walls was a miracle. To most modern day scientists and historians, the destruction was most probably caused by an earthquake. But could it have been something else? Could the Israelites have possessed advanced sound wave technology? If so, where did it come from?

“In the scriptures, we have a fascinating story about the fall of the walls of Jericho. The armies were told to circle the wall repeatedly, and then finally blow their horns, and down came the walls. And we know there was a powerful presence. The Ark of the Covenant, this mysterious, sacred item, was with them at all times, which, of course, was part of the event and part of the fall of the walls of Jericho.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“The idea that some kind of sonic weapon was used to destroy these huge, thick, ancient walls to allow the Israelites to basically take over that city is a fascinating one. So, what kind of technology were they using? It sounds utterly fantastic to us that they could have had some kind of advanced alien technology. It’s clearly what they’re describing.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“There is little doubt that the Ark of the Covenant was a weapon. It was described as a weapon, famously, when the Israelites crossed over into Canaan and they had to pass by Jericho. And it could be that there was some technology. We do not know what that technology was, but there was clearly an association between the Ark and the falling down of the walls, and that’s the reason that the Ark was sent around the periphery of the city.”

Tudor Parfitt (Prof. of Jewish Studies, Univ. of London)

According to many Ancient Astronaut Theorists, Moses and the Israelites acquired a supernatural source of energy at Mount Sinai. This powerful energy source was later contained in the Ark of the Covenant, and would have provided the kind of power necessary to amplify Joshua’s horns and make them into a powerful sonic weapon.

“What’s interesting about the battle of Jericho is that this particular use of the Shofar clearly seems to be the same thing that we’re seeing with particle beam technology, death ray technology, thunderbolt technology. It very clearly seems that once again we have an extraterrestrial technology that the ancient people had at the ready that they could use when needed for military campaigns.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

But even if the Israelites possessed some sort of advanced extraterrestrial technology, could the amplified sound of rams’ horns really bring down stone walls? According to scientist and former astronaut Professor Taylor Wang, recent research into the field of physical acoustics suggests it is a distinct possibility.

“Jericho’s wall breaking apart if you said it has happened, caused by acoustics, caused by sound. Well, the possibility has to be somehow a resonance is built in that wall. It may not be the whole wall maybe some of the structure material. When that resonance happens, amplitude gets large enough, yes, it could destroy almost anything, because what the resonance does is store an enormous amount of energy. So, you keep on, keep on feeding it, eventually it shatters everything.”

– Taylor Wang, Ph.D.
(Prof. / U.S. Astronaut, Space Shuttle Challenger)

“When you want to know how powerful sound is, you have to realize that the basic thing that sound is, is a pressure wave, and it will come down to the amount of energy you put into your sound wave and whether or not that particular pressure wave you generate will couple or impact the thing you’re trying to destroy. You can make it quite powerful, ’cause you can make a very high amplitude, very large pressures in the sound. It might be at a frequency or amplitude where we no longer hear it as sound, but from a physics point of view, it is still sound because it’s a pressure wave in the air. So, it can get quite destructive, if you put enough energy into it. You could also think of it as a particle weapon because you’re moving air around, and you would just need something to focus the sound which we know how to do. So, that would give you a directed energy beam with sound.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

But if, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, early civilizations had been able to harness the power of sound for destructive purposes, could there be evidence that such technology might also have been used for a more constructive purpose?  Might it help to explain the existence of mammoth stone structures whose construction has baffled modern scientists for centuries?


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