3.1 – ALIENS & THE OLD WEST (7.28.11)


Tombstone, Arizona. In 1881, this mining boomtown was the home of Wyatt Earp and the site of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Less than ten years later, it would become the location of one of the most bizarre UFO sightings in history.

“According to a story in the Tombstone Epitaph in 1890, two ranchers were out in the desert of Arizona when they saw some sort of monstrous bird flying overhead with a hug wingspan. The body was described as being like an alligator, and the wings were described as membranous.”

– John Whalen
(Author, The Big Book of the Weird Wild West)

“There’s another version of the story told by the two old cowboys when they were very old, they never really…they just shot at the bird and it got away. It was literally bulletproof.”

Marshall Trimble (Author, A Roadside History of Arizona)

“There were a number of reports of big birds that cowboys would shoot at or chase for great distances. And they reported the bullets would bounce off the leathery skin.”

– Logan Hawkes (Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled),
(Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas),
(Author, Close Encounters of the Old West),
(Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

But was the story of this giant bird simply a hoax, as many believe? Or was there some degree of truth to it?

“In the Old West, we have stories of the Tommyknockers, these creatures that resided in mines. The Ghost Rider, which was this cowboy that was flying across the sky, but also of ghost trains. So, were all of those stories just campfire stories that were invented on the spot? Or were they based in some type of truth?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

For many Americans living in the early and mid-1800s, the vast western frontier offered both opportunity and profound sociological change. Freed of the constrictions of European tradition and Judeo-Christian fundamentalism, the early pioneers could now experiment with political, social, and religious philosophies which their Eastern counterparts had frowned upon.  One such newly emerging philosophy was called Transcendentalism.

“Transcendentalism was perhaps the leading philosophy developed in America in the 19th-century. One of the founding figures in it was Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was belief in extraterrestrial life that led him to depart from Christianity, and another author who is part of that is the poet Walt Whitman. His most famous book, 1855 was “The Leaves of Grass.” And in “The Leaves of Grass,” there are like 200 references to astronomy. He believed strongly in extraterrestrials.”

Michael J. Crowe, Ph.D.

(Cavanaugh Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Notre Dame)

“In a nutshell, Transcendentalism reminded young America that all things are not knowable and that some things are knowable but not through the five senses. So, it opened up Easterners as they went west to new ideas and new sights.”

        – John Hafnor (Author, Strange But True)

Another strong influence on the way 19th-century Americans viewed the world was the emergence of a new genre of literature, Science Fiction.

“I think the image that has come down to us from lots of movies and TV shows, that the cowboy is king of a rough, illiterate character. Most cowboys were extremely literate. Face it, there wasn’t a lot of entertainment out in the Plains.”

Max McCoy (Prof. of Journalism, Emporia State Univ.)

One of the first great American Science Fiction writers was Civil War veteran Ambrose Bierce, who believed strongly in the possibility of life beyond our world.

“Ambrose Bierce was an author of some very strong short stories. “The Difficulty of Crossing a Field” was about an Alabama farmer who one day was taking a walk across the field when he just disappeared. He was gone. And years later, his wife would say that she could hear his voice from time to time, coming from the circle, but he wasn’t there. Ambrose Bierce was trying to show us that this man traveled inter-dimensionally to another place. And while he was still there, he wasn’t there.”

– Logan Hawkes (Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled),
(Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas),
(Author, Close Encounters of the Old West),
(Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

It is thought by many scholars and historians that Bierce – as well as other authors of early fantasy fiction – had been influenced by Native Americans and their folklore. In addition to belief in Star Beings, they believed in the existence of inter-dimensional gateways or portals, which would enable visitors to travel between time and space.

“If you’re thinking about like people suddenly disappearing through a hole in space time into another dimension at the surface of it, when we think about our modern theory of relativity and that you can bend space and time, it seems not so crazy, because we know mathematically how to describe holes in the space-time that connect different regions of space to others.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

The mystery of whether such portals really exist may have been by Ambrose Bierce himself. When he ventured south of the border into the Mexican desert.

“At the very early part of 20th-century, Ambrose Bierce was in Northern Mexico, in this area that’s known for strange phenomenon, called Paquime, this area too is thought to be another one these interdimensional portal areas.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“One theory is that Bierce may not have traveled into Mexico alone. Another very colorful figure by the name of F.A. Mitchell Hedges may have traveled with him into Mexico. Mitchell Hedges was a great British adventurer, most noted for his discovery of a Mayan crystal skull. The ancient city of Paquime is just a few miles away from the Crystal Cave. The largest crystal deposits in the world are found here. Mitchell Hedges believed that his skulls were capable of psychically communicating with a person and interdimensionally transferring that message to an extraterrestrial being. The theory is that Hedges, along with Bierce, may have discovered or mastered the method of speaking through the crystals or employing their power, and may have transported, as in his stories, to an interdimensional space, never to be heard from again.”

– Logan Hawkes (Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled),
(Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas),
(Author, Close Encounters of the Old West),
(Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

“While there, he sent his last communication that we know of, which was a letter, and that letter ended with this ominous line: “As for me, I leave tomorrow for an unknown destination.”

John Hafnor (Author, Strange But True)

The man who wrote about so many strange disappearances was never seen or heard from again. Did Ambrose Bierce meet with foul play, or did he find an interdimensional portal, like the ones described in his stories? Perhaps the answer can be found in a mysterious lake in California, one thought by many to be an actual gateway to another world.


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