3.10 – ALIENS & EVIL PLACES (9.28.11)


The continent of Australia. 16 miles south of Cooktown near the northeastern coastline sits one of the world’s most mysterious and menacing geologic features – Black Mountain. Standing nearly 1,400 feet high, the mountain consists of enormous black granite boulders piled precariously one on top of the other. Called, “Kalkajaka” or “Mountain of Death” by the local Aborigines, Black Mountain – with its numerous dark passageways and caverns – is considered a cursed and evil place.

“What the old people told us when me and my brother Sam when we were growing up not to go into the mountains. We wanted to go and have a look into the mountains to see if there was a cave where you could walk in but they said no if you do go in, you won’t come back.”

Rachel Friday (Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People)

“Black Mountain is the most fearful place in the north Queensland area of Australia. The local residents fear to go there, because many people have disappeared, as if the Earth or the mountain itself swallowed them up.”

    – Ivan Mackerle (Explorer / Journalist)

The first documented disappearance involving European settlers occurred in 1877, when a rancher searching for a lost bull near the mountain was reported missing. Since then, there have been numerous stories of people, horses and even herds of cattle disappearing into the labyrinth of rocks – never to be seen again. Local police and trackers looking for the missing have also vanished. And pilots flying over the mountain have reported strange occurrences.

“Pilots flying over the Black Mountains have commented that there is unusual turbulence. Of course they have magnetic problems, they have navigational problems. They’ve heard loud noises, cracking noises, explosive noises They’ve heard like mournful, moaning sounds. So, this is a very strange area.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“Some Ufologists in Australia say that this is the entrance to an underground empire, inhabited by an unearthly race of lizard creatures and evil monsters. The Aborigines don’t call them aliens, they call them demons or spirits.”

       – Ivan Mackerle (Explorer / Journalist)

“The Tales of the Rainbow Serpent are among the most important of the Aboriginal lore in Australia. It can be a punisher of those who are out of line. It sometimes swallows people. It can bring chaos and destruction. So, it’s a very awesome force.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“The Rainbow Serpent is a creator for us. And it was told by our people that the Rainbow Serpent created everything for us. It’s a giver of life for us. And this boulder rock here, Kalkajaka, is very important because the Rainbow Serpent lives in the mountains here.”

Marilyn Wallace (Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People)

“The Rainbow Serpent – I believe if you disturb her or do something wrong that you’re not supposed to, I feel that’s when she turns against you.”

    – Rachel Friday (Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People)

To ward off any evil forces from the mountain, the Aboriginal people perform a sacred warming and smoking ceremony.

“The warming and smoking is for us to introduce people on our country. And it’s also significant to let the spirit know that we’re bringing somebody to come and visit. So, the Rainbow Serpent that lives here, he smells us and he knows the tribal people from here.”

Marilyn Wallace (Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People)

“We went there to look for all the mysteries connected to this area. And because this was a very abnormal place, where people are disappearing, we wanted to find an explanation. So, we entered this mountain and there was a labyrinth of holes. So, we used rope in order not to lose our way. And when we came into the middle of the mountain, we could go up, or down, or to the sides, but each time our path was blocked with sand and rocks, and we could not continue. It’s difficult to say if there are any chambers or vaults with any monsters, or a gateway into a different time.”

Ivan Mackerle (Explorer / Journalist)

Although mainstream scientists believe the strange disappearances at Black Mountain are most likely due to the area’s unique and dangerous terrain, Ancient Astronaut Theorists have another, more otherworldly, explanation.

“The moment I hear about giant snakes and serpents my mind immediately goes to all the other cultures around the world that talk about similar imagery. In the Hindu world, for example, we have the stories about flying serpents, just like we have the similar stories in South America with Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl, this winged serpent flying around in the sky, which also were described as having been enormous in size. So, the Rainbow Serpent at Black Mountain, was that really a biological entity? Or was it some type of an extraterrestrial flying machine, a machine that when people came too close to it they fell ill or died because of the fumes or radioactivity?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Might the Australian Rainbow Serpent really have been some sort of an Ancient Alien spacecraft – guarding Black Mountain from intruders? If so, what might it have been protecting? In 1872, an expedition led by William Hann discovered gold in the nearby Palmer River. Within 20 years, 55 tons of gold had been removed.

“Gold was important to every society, throughout centuries until today. Gold does not rust. Gold cannot be disturbed, except you melt it, etcetera. Gold is very, very important. Gold shines wonderful. In antiquity, the extraterrestrials, the gods, they asked humans for gold. Humans had to produce in gold mines, gold and make offerings to the gods.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

Is it possible that Black Mountain is not a natural geologic formation, but was constructed to hide debris from an ancient mining operation?

“This could have been a place where thousands of years ago, Ancient Aliens might’ve landed. And the radiation deep inside the Earth is so intense, that people are dying from radiation poisoning. And that might well explain why the Black Mountain, in the outback in Australia is considered an evil place.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

“I really believe that it should be really left alone. Because they are real. They do exist. And I feel that it should be left alone.”

Rachel Friday (Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People)

If extraterrestrial visitors really did leave behind high concentrations of alien contaminants at Black Mountain, wouldn’t there be other, presumably more conclusive, examples? Perhaps there are. And one of them is believed to be located deep inside Siberia, in an area known as “The Valley of Death.”


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