3.10 – ALIENS & EVIL PLACES (9.28.11)


Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Here, 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, at the base of Mount Fuji, lies the Aokigahara Forest. Each year nearly 100 Japanese citizens come to these lush woods not to hike or explore, but to commit suicide.

“Just about anywhere you are in the middle of Japan you always see Mount Fuji, it’s always in the distance. So, even when you’re approaching near the region when you’re getting there by train or by car has this kind of ominous feeling. Then when you finally enter the forest at the base of the mountain, it’s super silent. It’s really quiet. It’s so spooky.”

Santiago Stelley (Producer, “Aokigahara Forest”)

Known to locals as “The Suicide Forest,” officials have long ago posted signs warning those who enter to turn back and seek help.

“There’s a car that’s been abandoned for a few months. I’m assuming the owner of the car went in from here and never came out. I guess they went into the forest with troubled thoughts.”

Azusa Hayano (Geologist / Environmental Researcher)

“The Japanese have a very close-knit relationship with nature. I think a lot of people go in and they’re undecided. And they have the ribbons so that they can find their way back. There’s something about it that’s so like appealing and visually it’s such a strong thing, but then you always know that at the end of that there’s somebody’s bag or there’s somebody’s tent, or there’s somebody who spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with their lives. They do an annual sweep and they usually find between 70, 150 bodies. They find a lot of bodies. And the number has been increasing over the years.”

Santiago Stelley (Producer, “Aokigahara Forest”)

Geologist and environmental researcher Azusa Hayano has been studying this phenomenon for the past 20 years.

“Locals don’t come here to commit suicide. As children, they’re told not to come near here. They’re told it’s a scary forest. Yes, we did find a skeleton today. I think it’s about a year or two old. It makes me feel sorry for them, seeing how humans decompose. I think it’s impossible to die heroically by committing suicide. The overwhelming majority of suicides are by hanging. Some people who decide to kill themselves come here fast and hang a rope from a tree then commit suicide quickly. This is a farewell note written on May 18 about a year before. His name is also written here. He wrote “I came here, because there is nothing except bad things in my life until now. Please do not search for me. 12:45 p.m.” He came in the afternoon. Leaving a name is a little bit creepy. But the dead body should be around here if the suicide was only last year.”

Azusa Hayano (Geologist / Environmental Researcher)

“We actually spent two days there walking through the forest, and we did find everything from places where people had obviously attempted to commit suicide or had thought about committing suicide.”

Santiago Stelley (Producer, “Aokigahara Forest”)

“We accidentally found this, but it’s not a prank. They nailed this character upside down as a symbol of contempt for society. No, it’s more like a curse. The curse is nailed in. I think this person was tortured by society.”

   – Azusa Hayano (Geologist / Environmental Researcher)

“There is no question that according to tradition that there are places that over time, have become evil but there’s some type of mystique going on there that is not good nature, but rather evil.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

According to local legends, people wishing to end their lives have been drawn to Aokigahara Forest for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But why?  What is it about this particular region of Japan that could account for this strange, morbid behavior?

“Mount Fuji is so named for a reason. It’s the Holy mountain of the goddess Fuji who once came to the Ainu, the original inhabitants of Japan. She visited them and brought knowledge. So, it’s a place of deep reverence.”

 – Peter Fiebag (Author, The Eternity Machine)

“Mount Fuji in Japan is called world navel. It’s one of the many places on planet Earth where according to legend, the earth meets the sky. And where the earth meets the sky it’s known as the Heaven’s Gate. It is a place where human beings pass from Earth to the heavens, and a place where otherworldly entities, extraterrestrials, pass from the heavens to Earth. People go to Mount Fuji for the express purpose of committing suicide to release themselves from this life to pass through the axis mundi – the world navel – into the next life, into a higher plane. And that would explain the high level of suicides at Mount Fuji.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

Like the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of North America, Aokigahara Forest is also said to contain high levels of electromagnetic energy. If so, might numerous recent sightings of UFOs near Mount Fuji be an indication that some sort of dimensional time-space portal might exist here – as Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe?

“In many areas where dimensional portals may exist, we see magnetic anomalies. In various places around the world, in ancient sacred places they always show certain types of magnetic anomalies, either negative or positive.”

– Philip Imbrogno (Astronomer),
(Author, Files From the Edge)

“What we have are mountains where somehow the energy seems to be of such a nature that it transforms human consciousness and makes it really impossible for us to live there. These are power places where weird things happen. And the suicides are not necessarily related to the fact that Ancient Aliens are potentially there in the past or that modern UFO phenomena are happening there in the present. But it goes to show that these are powerful places where weird things happen and where things out of the ordinary happen in the past and are happening today.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Could there really be a portal or star gate through which the souls of the deceased can journey to a new dimension? And might this explain why people seeking death have been drawn to this forest for so many years? Some researchers and Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe such an outrageous idea is entirely possible. But further evidence also suggests that some humans are not so willing to give up their lives without a fight. And that their journey to an alien dimension may not be a positive one, after all.


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