Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, winter, 1777. It is the height of the American Revolutionary War. After several bloody battles against superior British forces, George Washington’s army is in tatters.

“Valley Forge is the winter encampment of the Continental Army, the army which is set up by the nation to fight the revolution. The British had taken Philadelphia. Washington decides he is going to headquarter some 12,000 troops right outside of Philadelphia.”

– Steven C. Bullock
(Prof. of American History, Worcester Polytechnic Inst.)

“This is the darkest time of the American Revolution, when people thought that the United States was really not going to win.”

– Donald A. Grinde, Jr.
(Chair & Prof. of American Studies, SUNY, Buffalo)

“Washington is trying to figure out what he’s going to do, and trying to keep the army together. There’s very little money. There’s almost no supplies. They often don’t have shoes. Lots of stories of things like bloody footprints in the snow.”

– Steven C. Bullock
(Prof. of American History, Worcester Polytechnic Inst.)

So severe were the conditions that Washington wrote, “Unless some great and capital change suddenly takes place, this army must inevitably starve, dissolve or disperse.” But ultimately Washington’s will to remain at Valley Forge forced the British to retreat and proved to be a turning point in the war. What was it that sustained Washington in these dark hours? Some believe it was a strange vision he received during a moment of prayer.

“In a moment of absolute misery he went off into the woods to pray. And there in the forest, he had this magnificent vision of a creature garbed in white. And this creature, call it an extraterrestrial call it a heavenly spirit, but it was an otherworldly presence – laid out for Washington the victory that the Continental Army would have in the Revolutionary War against the British, and laid out the history of the new United States of America.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

“He sees a map of the United States, and rain drops onto this map, and cities are popping up throughout the entire country. A model of how the United States would look in 100 or 200 years in the future.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“Now, how do we know this? We know this because an aide to General Washington lived to be over 100 years old, told this story to a newspaper of our first general having an alien encounter.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

Could George Washington really have had an extraterrestrial visitation at Valley Forge? Or was this just a story he told to build up morale? Ancient Astronaut Theorists claim to have also uncovered evidence that throughout the Revolutionary War, George Washington himself may have unknowingly come in direct contact with extraterrestrials.

“One of the strangest stories about George Washington which allegedly comes from diaries that he kept – that Washington would meet occasionally with these mysterious people he called ‘Green Skins.’”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“Washington sees a green glowing ball hovering in the tree line, and out of this, Washington sees these small figures. What were they? Were they, as Washington thought they might have been, small Native Americans in war paint? One theory is that these were extraterrestrials, observing this cataclysmic event.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

“George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War is just one of the examples of a great many stories we have about miraculous visions and apparitions during times of war and bloodshed. Some people believe that it’s during these crucial times in human history that perhaps aliens would be most interested in interacting with us.”

Chris Pittman (UFO Investigator / Historian)

Did George Washington really encounter green-skinned visitors and witnessed glowing orbs at Valley Forge? And, if so, might there be additional evidence of alien encounters with other Founding Fathers?

April 5th, 1800. The city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Astronomer William Dunbar reports to then Vice President Jefferson that he witnessed a bright glowing light the size of a large house hovering 200 yards above ground.

“It was quite bright, radiated a tremendous amount of heat and crashed not so far away. It destroyed that whole area where it crashed. However, given the supposed size and speed with which the object was moving, it didn’t seem to create a crater of a size of what it would have been appropriate for an object like that.”

Derrick Pitts (Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Inst.)

“The details of the sighting report make it impossible that it could have been a meteor; it wasn’t moving fast enough to be a meteor. It was something unexplained, something very unusual. And Jefferson took this report very seriously. He passed this report on as he would pass on any other account of a scientific discovery or a natural observation.”

Chris Pittman (UFO Investigator / Historian)

“Jefferson was so impressed by the account that Jefferson, Vice President of the United States, presented this to the American Philosophical Society.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

“So who was this American Philosophical Society, anyway? Well, it was founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, and it really was the intellectual cognoscenti of America at that time. So, here we have some of the greatest thinkers here in the United States, all pooled together in one group that could write research papers, write philosophical papers, examine all sorts of phenomena from a scientific point of view.”

Derrick Pitts (Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Inst.)

“It’s no coincidence that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin both believed in extraterrestrial life. They were men of science, they were astronomers who studied weather patterns. And their belief in extraterrestrials was part of their scientific view of the world and of the Universe.”

  – Chris Pittman (UFO Investigator / Historian)

“For Thomas Jefferson to report a UFO sighting still remains the highest public official ever to make a report of a UFO in American history.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

George Washington’s close encounter with an otherworldly being…Thomas Jefferson reporting a UFO sighting…could these incidents suggest that the Founding Fathers not only believed in the existence of extraterrestrials, but actually encountered them? Perhaps the answer can be found hidden in the symbols and codes of a secret society, one to which Washington himself was a member.


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