3.12 – ALIENS & DEADLY CULTS (10.12.11)


San Diego, California. March 26, 1997. In a multi-million dollar mansion in the gated community of Rancho Santa Fe, police make a bizarre and horrifying discovery.

“There were 39 bodies found. All of them dressed identically, all with the same Nike tennis shoes, all covered in purple shrouds, all with the same haircut.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)


All indications are that this was a mass suicide.

39 neatly arranged corpses. The final act of devotion to a charismatic leader named Marshall Applewhite and the suicide cult he created known as Heaven’s Gate.


We do know one thing, we don't care to clean to the life of this body.

“Applewhite believed that on that particular night a UFO would appear and the members of Heaven’s Gate committed mass suicide immediately their souls would be beamed up to the UFO.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)


We're ready to leave this place.

Marshall Applewhite…Charles Manson…Adolfo Constanzo…Shoko Asahara. Today, cult leaders are often written off as con men, hucksters, or criminally insane. But in the ancient world, entire empires were also ruled by men who claimed to have direct links to a higher power.

“The Roman emperor Caligula who is perhaps the most infamous, ruthless and sadistic ruler of ancient Rome, he would even remove the heads of statues of gods and then place his own head there.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

It was a concept that the Romans had inherited from the Greeks and the Egyptians.

“The whole kingship of the Egypt rested on the belief that there had been a divine king called Osiris, who had come from the sky, ruling Egypt with his sister wife, lsis. And from her was born a male child called Horus. Every pharaoh believe themselves to be the reincarnation of Horus. They truly believe this.”

– Robert Bauval (Egyptologist),
(Author, The Egypt Code),
(Author, Secret Chamber Revisited),
(Co-Author, Black Genesis)

“The pharaoh clearly was really invoking, and convoking the message of the gods to his people.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“It was that authority that built the pyramids; that built the temple complex at Luxor, because the people believed they were serving a god.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

But were the ancient kings, pharaohs, and religious leaders merely deceiving their subjects by claiming to have a connection to the gods? Or might they have had actual contact with divine or, as some would describe, “otherworldly” beings?

“When we look at those ancient systems of belief where the ruler, the emperor, the king was not just the divine representative of the gods, but was a god himself. We can see obvious parallels with modern day cults.”

      – David Southwell (Author, Secrets & Lies)

“Gods and aliens may at the end be the same, it’s simply using different names. Is this a spaceman from another planet or is this a god? And it’s simply our terminology.”

– Mark Mirabello, Ph.D.
(Author, Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws)

While in the hospital recovering from a heart attack in the early 1970s, Marshall Applewhite professed to have a vision that he and his nurse, Bonnie Nettles, were the so-called, “two witnesses” as described in the New Testament Book of Revelation. After further visions, Applewhite’s story evolved – he told his followers that he and Nettles were actually aliens inhabiting human bodies.

“Applewhite made the claim that he was the exclusive means by which a power from outer space would communicate with the world, that he had been chosen to reveal the truth as known to these superior alien beings.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)


Part of our test of faith is our hating this world - even our flesh body enough to be willing to leave it without any proof other than what we have come to know.

Whether the visions Marshall Applewhite had were real or imagined, one thing is certain—he believed in them completely.

“He clearly believed his own teachings and in fact, castrated himself surgically because that was part of the teaching. They believed that highly evolved beings would have no sexual characteristics. Someone who is a con man is not going to do this.”

– Mark Mirabello, Ph.D.
(Author, Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws)

If Applewhite really was contacted by extraterrestrials, were they the same beings that Ancient Astronaut Theorists say visited earth thousands of years ago? But if so why would they ultimately betray and deceive him? Some believe the answer can be found in the creation story as told by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, the world’s oldest known civilization.

“The ancient Mesopotamians stories talked about how the ancient ETs really wanted to keep control over the human race.”

William Bramley (Author, The Gods of Eden)

In Sumerian mythology, the god Enki created humans as a slave race – but his superiors forbade him from giving them knowledge of their true origins, for fear of revolt.

“That was actually the express intent of these extraterrestrials to actually create that kind of ignorance. It’s actually talked about in some of the old creation stories and that was really what the Biblical Adam and Eve story talked about as well, when Adam and Eve wanted to partake of the fruit, which was a symbol for knowledge, but the gods said, ‘No, you cannot have access to that knowledge.’”

William Bramley (Author, The Gods of Eden)

According to the ancient Sumerian texts, Enki defies his superiors and hands down this forbidden knowledge to a secret society known as the Brotherhood of the Snake.

“The Brotherhood of the Snake was originally an organization by a benevolent alien who wanted to bring this knowledge but the other aliens objected, defeated him and in fact, turned the Brotherhood around until it became a sinister force in history. So, now the Brotherhood of the Snake is used to undermine the human race.”

– Mark Mirabello, Ph.D.
(Author, Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws)

According to ancient legend, the gods infiltrated the Brotherhood of the Snake and the knowledge of their true origin was distorted and humans would follow false gods and masters.

“According to the legend, the original Brotherhood of the Snake spread out into many diverse cults. And those cults in various incarnations are still fighting one another today.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

“So maybe the truth is we’re worshiping the same people more and more just in a different way. And we’re understanding better that they’re not necessarily gods. They’re just advanced creatures, kind of like us, that are coming here and visiting us for a long time.”

– Michael Bara (Author, The Choice),
(Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA),
(Ancient Aliens on the Moon), (Ancient Aliens on Mars),
(Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies)

Might extraterrestrials really have posed as false gods in order to keep humans under their control? And if so, could they have appeared to Marshall Applewhite and manipulated him and his followers into committing a horrific ritual suicide? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the answer is a chilling yes. And for further evidence, they point to a series of shallow graves and a Mexican drug lord believed to have supernatural powers.


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