3.12 – ALIENS & DEADLY CULTS (10.12.11)


North Africa, the 4th-century AD. Throughout the region, small bands of religious fanatics wielding clubs have been attacking random travelers on the road, while shouting praise to God. Their hope is to be met with retaliation and ultimately be killed. These precursors to modern suicide cults are called Circumcellions, and their followers purposely seek death so that they may ascend and join Jesus in the Heavens.

“The Circumcellions, interestingly didn’t kill themselves they tried to provoke other people into killing them so they were obnoxious.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“They would wield the travelers on the road and bludgeon them with a stick hoping to solicit a violent response because they believed if they died, they would achieve martyrdom. And they tried so hard to be killed, that when it didn’t work they’d bend together and throw themselves off cliffs so they’d commit mass suicide anyway.”

– Logan Hawkes (Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled),
(Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas),
(Author, Close Encounters of the Old West),
(Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

Christian suicide sects like the Circumcellions became so widespread, that they drove the church to declare suicide a sin in 364 AD. But what was it that inspired so many early Christians to martyr themselves. In the 2nd-century AD, more than 200 years before the Circumcellions, another group was formed called the Gnostics, who are still around today.

“Gnostic believes that the world we live in wasn’t made by God. It was made by lesser beings. The “Archons” are celestial beings, God made them, but they got out of God’s control and they made Earth. This whole world isn’t what it seems to be. And if you have this knowledge, then you can get into a higher world.”

– Arthur Goldwag
(Author, Cults, Conspiracies, & Secret Societies)

“The Archons were entities, they came to earth to divert the human species to their own ends. Imagine a group of extraterrestrials that fed on human misery, that are here to this very day, with every war, every famine every plague, every human mishap. Those were the Archons.”

– Bill Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.
(Author / Publisher, UFO Magazine)

Could it be that some subconscious connection to an extraterrestrial past made groups like the Gnostics and the Circumcellions believe in the existence of a world better than their own? In Geneva, Switzerland, in 1984, two men Joseph Di Mambos and Luc Jouret formed a secret society called the Order of the Solar Temple. They preached that nirvana could be found on a planet circling the star Sirius.

“Luc Jouret was a kind of a holistic healer that incorporated bits and pieces of different religions…primarily Christianity, the order of the Templars, claims about extraterrestrials, into what became his religious construct.”

  – Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

While Jouret was the figure head of the group it was Di Mambro’s young daughter, who they called a cosmic child, that was to lead them to the new world.

“Joseph Di Mambro managed to convince his followers that his daughter, Emmanuelle, was actually a divine being. And his communication through her allowed him to know that their future on a planet around Sirius was absolutely set. All they had to do in the end was believe so strongly that they were actually willing to give up their lives.”

David Southwell (Author, Secrets & Lies)

Jouret and Di Mambro preached that the apocalypse was near, and to reach this new planet, they needed to commit suicide and have their souls purified through fire.

“All their bodies were arranged in a network of chalets in France and Switzerland. And then there were timed explosives that set these chalets on fire. The bodies were essentially cremated.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

After the last wave of suicides in 1997, the death toll increased to 74 people. But authorities were even more shocked when, that same year, another fanatical group also committed mass suicide for a similar purpose – Heaven’s Gate.

“When the suicides occurred of Heaven’s Gate, it was initially believed that this was just one more installment of the Solar Temple. It wasn’t until later that reports established that this was another cult entirely.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

In the late 1980s, at the same time Heaven’s Gate and the Order of the Solar Temple were gaining followers, yet another cult was formed in Uganda called the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. Their leader, Joseph Kibwetere, claimed he was in direct communication with the Virgin Mary through electronics in his home.

“The way that the Virgin Mary was talking through telephones, through the television, bears eerie similarities with the way a lot of extraterrestrial-based cults claim to actually be getting communications from UFOs.”

  – David Southwell (Author, Secrets & Lies)

Kibwetere predicted the world would end on December 31st, 1999. But when the date passed without incident, he decided to bring about the end of the world himself.

“He poisoned them. He threw their bodies down wells. Finally, more than 500 were locked within a wooden church building that was set on fire. In the end, more than 750 bodies were recovered. It was probably the most horrific cult tragedy in modern history.”

– Rick Ross (Cult Expert, Intervention Specialist),
(Exec. Dir., Ross Inst. for Cult Studies)

Three separate cults all committing mass suicide or murder within a five-year period. Over 1,000 dead. And all three cults believed they had received messages from otherworldly beings. Messages that convinced them that their deaths would transport them into a better life in the heavens. Coincidence? Or might these cult members really have been the recipients of some sort of bizarre extraterrestrial communication? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that such an incredible notion is possible. And that the evidence may be found inside the human brain.


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