3.14 – ALIENS & THE UNDEAD (10.26.11)


April, 1983. Carmel, California. Along a scenic coastal highway 27-year-old, Jessica Haynes was sitting in the passenger seat of a friend’s car as they headed north toward San Francisco.

“So we got to Scenic Drive, and the last thing I remember was, ‘Watch this.’”

– Jessica Haynes
(Near Death Survivor / Motivational Speaker)

Suddenly the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. Jessica’s friend sustained only minor injuries, but Jessica’s body was severely injured.

“The next thing I remember is that I was in an ambulance. I could feel there was something very wrong.”

– Jessica Haynes
(Near Death Survivor / Motivational Speaker)

Nearly dead, Jessica was rushed into surgery where she had an extraordinary experience.

“In the evening, I felt a presence enter the room. It was a very loving presence. There was a sense that I could shift into a different dimension. And in telepathy, the voice said, “If you want to let go, it will be okay.” I was aware that I would be leaving my body. And I said, “Yes.” I was instantly in another place. I no longer had a body. I was now a point of light. After a while, as I’m experiencing this and being this, a light appeared. And I pulled into the light like a tractor beam and merged into it. It was filled with thousands and thousands and millions of sparkling lights. It was just beautiful. And I thought, “I’m home, I’m home!” There’s a sense that Earth, people, where I’d worked, things that I’d done, became more and more of an illusion. And there are presences on either side. Very loving presences. Not male, not female. It was very much all energy.  And everything was simultaneous. So, looking at my life again, I realized I want to get back.”

– Jessica Haynes
(Near Death Survivor / Motivational Speaker)

Like thousands of other near-death accounts, Jessica’s story featured elements that were eerily consistent. The bright, white light, the notion of a gateway or tunnel, the presence of loved ones and a feeling of peace and security.

“It is uncanny that these people all seem to talk about the same thing. This tunnel, this effect, this ability to transfer from one point to the next and they all seem to be going down the same path.”

George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)

“The more people know about near-death experience the more they realize a profound evidence that underlies that near-death experiences are real.”

– Dr. Jeff Long, MD
(Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

The Greek philosopher Plato documented the story of a soldier named Er, who claimed that when slain in battle, his soul went forth from his body and journeyed with many gods through a tunnel of light to a mysterious place. Er was shown by the gods that good souls were sent up to Heaven and were gloriously rewarded. But the bad souls were sent down to a realm where they were first punished, then purified and then finally resurrected.

“What’s interesting is that not only he’s seen rewards and punishment but seeing how it is that souls are reincarnated. This is what’s really radical about this. It was totally new in the Greek world – this conceiving of the soul not only as immortal, but reincarnated perpetually.”

Richard Rader, Ph.D.
(Lecturer, UCLA Dept of Classics/UCSB Dept of Classics),
(Author, Theology and Existentialism in Aeschylus)

“What’s exciting is that multiple lines of evidence are pointing to the reality of a soul. In other words, there does seem to be that spiritual, unearthly, non-physical part of us that absolutely can transcend and survive death and go on and indeed live forever.”

– Dr. Jeff Long, MD
(Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

Might these often reported near-death experiences really be proof of an afterlife? Proof that there is an eternal soul? That virtue is ultimately rewarded and evil eternally punished? Or might these compelling accounts provide evidence of another, much more extraterrestrial reality?

“Based upon the communality of this white light experience, it seems like what the individual experiences is simply moving from one state to another. And as they do that, they will move through something that could be described as like a wormhole.”

Doc Barham (Advisor, The Monroe Inst.)

A central tenet of the Indian traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, is expressed in an ancient Tibetan text that advises the living on how to prepare for the after world. The text suggests concentrating one’s mind on a wormhole through which the soul can travel to a cosmic Universe. If done successfully, the soul is liberated from the cycle of life and death. If not, the soul is reincarnated into the body of a newborn.

“It’s like we have an instinctual knowledge that with our death, our passing from this existence that we are going to this other world.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“At the point of death, we could find ourselves at the other end of the Universe.”

– Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis),
(The Cygnus Mystery), (Beneath the Pyramids),
(Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

“When we die, most cultural traditions talk about traveling from this world to the next or returning to our original home. We could look at it as the possibility that all of these places are simultaneously coexisting. They would be different layers of different dimensions coexisting simultaneously all together at once.”

Doc Barham (Advisor, The Monroe Inst.)

In the “Law of Biogenesis”, published in 1864, the chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur proclaimed that life evolves from preexisting life, not from inanimate material. According to this landmark theory, life is an unbroken chain of living organisms that go all the way back to the origin of life in the Universe. If true, who, or what, is the origin for human life?

“All life on this planet is interconnected, and our own lives are connected back to the primordial lives at the very beginning of life on this planet.”

  – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Could the legends and myths of life beyond death that sprung from countless civilizations over thousands of years have been mere man-made fabrications, or might the so-called legends really be truths that had been passed to our ancestors by Ancient Astronauts? Perhaps what awaits all humans is not death, but a profound knowledge, one that will reveal the truth of our earthly and other-worldly origins.


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