3.14 – ALIENS & THE UNDEAD (10.26.11)


The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa. Stretching across this mystical land is the world’s second largest rain forest. Here, according to scholars, the word “zombie” originated around 500 BC. According to most archaeologists and language experts, ancient Africans used the world “nzumbe” to refer to one’s primary spirit. They believed that a person has two souls – one called the “great angel” and the other called the “little angel.”

“The little good angel represents your identity, your ego self. And upon death, the little good angel sits by the grave for a few days and then rises before god. The big good angel also sits by the grave for nine days, and can be stolen, and you can be made into a zombie. The spirits who rule over that crossroads between life and death are called the Ghédé.”

Sallie Ann Glassman (Voodoo Priestess)

“The Ghédé spirit is not the spirit of the graveyard, nor it is the spirit of death. It’s actually the spirit of the gateway to the graveyard. When you die, he opens up the gateway at the cemetery so that you pass from life into death. But also he can open up the gate whether you passed back from death into life. That’s why he is the spirit who’s responsible for zombies.”

Jerry Gandolfo (Voodoo Historian)

“In most of the traditions about zombies, zombies are called into being, or called back from the grave unwillingly and that’s usually out of control of the witch doctor. The idea is that after the soul has left the body you can still raise this person from the dead. Therefore the classical zombie is actually a soulless animated corpse.”

Tok Thompson, Ph.D. (Prof. of Anthropology, USC)

“Most civilizations have some variety of an individual coming back from the dead. It goes all the way back to the first civilization in Mesopotamia. We have them in ancient Egypt, we have them in Mesoamerica, you have them in Central and East Asia.”

Max Brooks (Author, World War Z)

In 300 BC, ancient Chinese legends began making reference to horrific zombie- like creatures called jiang shi, a name that, when translated, literally means “stiff corpse”. Supposedly a jiang shi rests in a coffin by day or hides in dark places such a caves. At night these creatures hunt down family members in an effort to devour their essence.

“Its skin was decayed and had long finger nails. The thing was actually brain dead, but it had an increased sense of smell and a great sense of hearing.”

   – Bob Curran, Ph.D. (Researcher / Folklore Expert)

In Norse mythology, a draugr was a person who lived a sinful life. After dying, they would come back from the dead and haunt the living.

“Many burial practices grew up to try to control this possibility of the zombie raising, the undead coming back. Gravestones might originally been to hold them down, to keep them from coming out of the ground. Various kinds of spiking to hold the body down or cutting the body up so it couldn’t reanimate. Cutting the head off or burning and distributing the ashes. All out of a fear that this creature or this being would somehow return.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

Today stories of the reanimated dead are most closely associated with the Haitian practice of voodoo…where beginning in the 1500s, voodoo priests performed mysterious rituals in order to create and control zombies.

“The voodoo zombie is essentially harmless unless it is told to commit acts of violence. Most importantly, the voodoo zombie is an individual. It is controlled by a master. It is controlled usually by some form of supernatural powers.”

Max Brooks (Author, World War Z)

“There are a couple of different kinds. There’s the zombie as the disembodied spirit, but there’s also that more traditional concept of a body that has lost its soul and is just automatically enslaved and working for a zombie master.”

   – Sallie Ann Glassman (Voodoo Priestess)

But where, or from whom, does this strange power over life and death come from? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, there is evidence of strange other-worldly entities that communicate to humans through intermediaries known as priests, shamans, witch doctors or demigods.

“Many different religions have different ways of conceiving of specialists who might be able to intercede in the cosmos. So, for instance, among the Native Americans we find shamans and shamanism who very often are held as people who can intercede between the spiritual realm and the mundane realm here on Earth.”

Tok Thompson, Ph.D. (Prof. of Anthropology, USC)

“It is quite possible that some of the first doctors were the disciples, the students of the extraterrestrials. So, they had their knowledge which helped them to be higher than the rest of mankind.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

Perhaps the most famous story of an intermediary reanimating the dead appears in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. According to the Gospel of St. John, it was here at Al Eizariya, two miles from Jerusalem, that Jesus of Nazareth resurrected a man who had been dead for four days.

“Jesus was so moved, the Bible says, he wept. As he looked at the tomb, and was moved by the weeping of Mary and Martha he decided to raise Lazarus from the dead. So, he approaches the entrance to the tomb and literally calls out to Lazarus to come forth from the dead. In my opinion, there’s no scientific explanation for the raising of Lazarus. It seems that Lazarus’ soul was actually reunited with his body; that he was just not a walking dead or the undead, but he became himself raised from the dead.”

Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland Univ.)

“So here are special people who had the power to take dead people and bring them back to life. What kind of power would you have to have to be able to do that? The powers of an extraterrestrial?”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Could there really be an extraterrestrial connection between living humans and the world of the dead? Is it possible that human souls travel through space and time much as space travelers might? If so, would this shatter the belief in the existence of Heaven? Or would it be the very proof mankind has been searching for, for centuries?


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