3.4 – ALIENS & TEMPLES OF GOLD (8.18.11)


Tokyo Imperial University, March 1924. In an early experiment with nuclear energy, Professor Hantaro Nagaoka directs 150,000 volts of electricity at a mercury isotope under a dielectric layer of paraffin oil for four hours. The purpose – to strike out a hydrogen proton from the nucleus of the mercury and produce a new element…gold. The experiment is a success. Professor Nagaoka has solved a mystery that has eluded scientists for centuries – the mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone.

“The Philosopher’s Stone was an idea that you could have a magic kind of material that would turn lead or some very inexpensive metal into gold. The thought that one could do that is attractive in and of itself.”

A.J. Shaka, Ph.D. (Prof. of Chemistry, UC Irvine)

For thousands of years, kings sought out this mythical device one that could create gold out of common metal. Scientists and alchemists spent centuries trying to invent one. Even Sir Isaac Newton obsessed over the mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone in the 17th-century, although the English Crown, fearing the potential devaluation of gold, had made the practice of alchemy punishable by death. By the time of Professor Nagaoka’s experiment in 1924, most of the scientific community had declared the process of producing gold from another metal impossible. But that quickly changed once they knew where to look. The secret of alchemy lies in the stars.

“When you think about how gold’s made, naturally gold is formed basically in the nuclear reactions in the sun. And then is spread through the Universe when a supernova occurs and the sun explodes and sends all of the products out. Because we now can do controlled nuclear reactions, we have the ability, finally, to essentially manufacture gold from other elements.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

Here, at the University of California, lrvine, Dr. A.J. Shaka conducts experiments in alchemy nearly every day.

“We put mercury into one of these tubes, and mercury has a minor isotope of .15% mercury 196, it’s called – and that isotope will actually pick up a neutron and, in about 23 hours, turn into gold.”

A.J. Shaka, Ph.D. (Prof. of Chemistry, UC Irvine)

To bring the reactor to full capacity, Dr. Shaka removes the control rods that absorb neutrons and keep them from reacting with other atoms. This generates power at a staggering rate.

“In terms of the amount of power, including electrical energy, that you can generate from a given mass of material, nuclear is about ten to 20 million times better than anything else.”

A.J. Shaka, Ph.D. (Prof. of Chemistry, UC Irvine)

After 24 hours, the experiment has been a success and yields gold, a real-life Philosopher’s Stone at work in the basement of a small university building. The discovery of alchemy has been invaluable to science, but ironically it has not produced untold riches.

“If you irradiate for about a day in our reactor, you make three-tenths of a cent worth of gold. Since we charge $200 an hour to operate the reactor, you’re pretty far in the hole.”

A.J. Shaka, Ph.D. (Prof. of Chemistry, UC Irvine)

But while modern-day alchemy is considered far too inefficient to create vast new caches of gold, Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe a much greater technology than our own may have been at work thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt. Another place where gold was linked to the gods.

“The idea of gold being some sort of divine metal, divine element is very much in grain in the ancient Egyptian system of belief.”

– Robert Bauval (Egyptologist),
(Author, The Egypt Code),
(Author, Secret Chamber Revisited),
(Co-Author, Black Genesis)

“Gold was the flesh of the gods. So, therefore very great significance. Egypt had probably the best supply of gold anywhere in the ancient world. And we find that in some of the letters which survived between kings of Babylon, Assyria and others and Egypt, a lot of them are begging letters, basically saying to the Egyptian king, you know, ‘Oh, my brother, the pharaoh, please send me gold, lots of gold, because gold is as dust in the land of my brother, the pharaoh.’”

Aidan Dodson, Ph.D. (Egyptologist, Univ. of Bristol)

But just how did gold come to be so much more abundant in ancient Egypt than in neighboring lands? And why did the Egyptians view the metal as something not of this world? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, it is entirely possible that the Egyptians were capable of actually manufacturing gold and may have received otherworldly help to do so. If alchemical transmutations can be performed in a modest facility like the one at the University of California, lrvine, what might be possible with a larger reactor? A reactor, perhaps, the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

“Christopher Dunn has suggested that the Giza Pyramid is some kind of giant machine and some kind of chemical reaction was taking place inside the pyramid. It’s possible that the Giza Pyramid was actually being used to transmute other elements into gold.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“Looking into the blueprints of the internal arrangements, passageways, chambers and shafts, the appearance of it to me did not resemble anything that would be used as a tomb. The precision with which it was built, the precision of the stones that go into building, the Queen’s Chamber, the Grand Gallery, and then, also, thousands and thousands of tons of granite that were brought down the Nile 500 miles to build the King’s Chamber. These are the features that really shout out and say: There’s something going on here, there’s something different. It was built like a machine, perhaps it functioned like a machine.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

Could it be that the Great Pyramid was the original Philosopher’s Stone? If so, how could an ancient civilization have constructed the equivalent of a nuclear reactor? Might the centuries-old search for the Philosopher’s Stone represent more than just a desire for gold and riches?  Could it represent as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest the search for lost technology?  Perhaps the key to that knowledge still lies hidden somewhere here on Earth and can be found in areas still containing vast amounts of hidden treasure.


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