3.4 – ALIENS & TEMPLES OF GOLD (8.18.11)


Lake Guatavita. Columbia. Believed to be the site of an ancient meteor crater, this circular-shaped mountain lake is at the center of one of mankind’s greatest searches…the search for El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. Since the 16th-century, El Dorado has been the “holy grail” for fortune hunters. Legends abound about a place full of untold riches somewhere in South America. Yet, to this day, the mythical city remains undiscovered. But if such a magnificent place does exist how has it eluded explorers for centuries? Some believe the answer lies within this mysterious lake.

“The story of El Dorado developed from the Lake Guatavita that was within the territory of the Muisca or the Chicha people which was a chiefdom. Not quite as high civilization as Incas or as the Aztecs, but chiefdom with civilization itself that had a lot of gold.”

Gregory Deyermenjian (Paititi Explorer)

The ruler in the southern half of the Muisca territory was known as the Zipa, but the Conquistadores who arrived there in the 16th-century called him El Dorado, Spanish for “The Golden One.” They gave him this name after observing the Muisca’s most sacred ritual. The Zipa would float out on a royal barge to float out on a royal barge to the middle of Lake Guatavita to make offerings of gold to a god believed to live at the bottom of the lake.

“It was said that the chief, adorned with resin and then adorned with gold dust, would jump into the water in order to wash the gold dust off, and then this gold would accumulate in that lake, and that golden objects as sacrifices would be thrown into that particular lake. And from that came the belief of El Dorado around Colombia.”

Gregory Deyermenjian (Paititi Explorer)

In 1912 an excavation of Lake Guatavita was led by British engineer Hartley Knowles. Knowles reported that he had recovered around $20,000 worth of treasure including golden artifacts. But he also believed much more lay beneath the hardened lake bed. Could Knowles’ find be evidence that the story of the Muisca chief is based on truth? If so, just who or what was the so-called god who dwelled at the bottom of the lake?

“A number of researchers have suggested that Ancient Aliens have come to Earth primarily to mine gold. Zecharia Sitchin suggested that these extraterrestrials needed gold to spend it in the atmosphere and preserve their planet.”

 – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“Is gold something that is really important to space exploration and to astronomy?  Well, it actually is, very important and the reason why is because gold is an inert material. It doesn’t react with anything. The other thing that’s very important about it is that it is a wonderful conductor of electricity. And last but not least is the fact that gold is a perfect reflector of infrared energy. You can use gold blankets to protect spacecraft against the intense heat of a star or any sort of heat source.”

Derrick Pitts (Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Inst.)

“Gold is a very rare and valuable element throughout the Universe.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Aliens – coming to Earth searching for gold. Could such a thing be possible? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, it is not only possible, but they claim the proof exists in the numerous texts and legends of the ancient world. Like that of the legendary Incan city of Paititi, thought to be located near the southeastern area of Peru.

“The Conquistadors became obsessed with finding this mysterious city of gold that they heard was in the jungles of Eastern Peru somewhere. They called it Paititi, the Golden City. Stories of Paititi and El Dorado ultimately led to the exploration of the Amazon jungles.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“El Dorado and Paititi are frequently confused. I see El Dorado as being that particular gold-producing site that was in northern South America, and Paititi having been another civilization contemporaneous with the Incas in the area of Peru, Bolivia, that has yet to be definitively found. And that’s what part of my quest has been over these last 25 years.”

Gregory Deyermenjian (Paititi Explorer)

Since 1984, American explorer Gregory Deyermenjian and his Peruvian counterpart, Paulino Mamani have staged more than 15 expeditions in search of this mythical city of gold.

“There is an Incan road of stone leading towards what is supposed to be, as legend would have it, Paititi that’s what we’ve been following. They say that Pachamama, the earth goddess, covers these areas with such difficulty the moss, the jungle, the rivers that some things could be hidden here forever.”

  – Gregory Deyermenjian (Paititi Explorer)

Their search began in Cuzco at the Incan holy place of Coricancha, which means, “Golden Courtyard”. In 1559, Spanish Conquistadores tore down Coricancha to construct the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, and it still sits in the center of Cuzco today, surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Incan temple. The cathedral features an enormous altar covered in gold. But according to the records of the Conquistadors, it pales in comparison to the magnificent Coricancha, which was not only filled with gold statues but was also covered in sheets of solid gold.

“Gold was important with the Inca, because it was the sweat of the Sun. The Sun was the highest deity of the Inca and therefore the sweat of the Sun represented the most sacred possession imaginable.”

Brien Foerster
(Expert, Inca and Pre-Incan Civilizations),
(Author, A Brief Introduction of the Inca),
(Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia),
(Nazca: Decoding the Riddles of the Lines)

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe a golden sun idol called the Punchal that once resided in Coricancha may provide evidence that extraterrestrials had contact with the Inca.

“Coricancha was famous for its gigantic golden disc that the ancient Inca worshiped. That was a symbol of a giant golden disc that allegedly landed from the sky in front of the Inca ruler Atahuallpa, and he had direct contact according to the legends with the Sky Gods.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Could the giant golden disc that once resided inside Coricancha have been made to honor an alien visitor? And if extraterrestrials did come to mine gold, might this also provide evidence that Paititi is nearby? In 1533 the Spanish overtook the city of Cuzco and plundered the temple of Coricancha in search of Incan gold. But according to local legend, the gold had already been moved 20 miles northwest of the city and deposited at the bottom of a nearby lake.

“Before the entire group of Spanish were able to get into Cuzco, the priests found out about it and they had all of the gold from all of the temples brought up to Lake Puray and thrown into the center. None of it has been found, to this day. The amount of gold at today’s prices would be in the billions.”

Brien Foerster
(Expert, Inca and Pre-Incan Civilizations),
(Author, A Brief Introduction of the Inca),
(Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia),
(Nazca: Decoding the Riddles of the Lines)

Perhaps even more mysterious are the frequent reports of unusual sightings in the skies over the area…sightings that have been reported for hundreds of years.

“The local people of this area have told me not simply that the ships fly over the lake, but they actually enter the lake. The stories go that there’s a little vortex that opens up just about the size of the spaceship, perhaps 20 feet across. The spaceship enters the lake, the vortex closes. Later the vortex opens and the ship leaves again.”

Brien Foerster
(Expert, Inca and Pre-Incan Civilizations),
(Author, A Brief Introduction of the Inca),
(Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia),
(Nazca: Decoding the Riddles of the Lines)

If, as the local inhabitants claim, strange possibly alien spacecraft really do come to this area, might there be a connection between the visitations and the legends of gold hidden at the bottom of Lake Puray?

“Dozens of people have risked their lives, in some cases actually have died, trying to find where Paititi is. You have the standard treasure hunt which just goes for the monetary value. You have certain people who go to it because they know that that name will be immortalized forever after. But you also have people who go in search of this because they know that if you find a treasure you will literally prove that a legend is factual.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Perhaps the greater mystery is not if or where the mythical cities of El Dorado and Paititi may be discovered but what might be revealed once they are found.


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