3.9 – ALIENS & DEADLY WEAPONS (9.22.11)


Rome. October 27, 312 AD. At the Milvian Bridge on the north side of the city, deposed Emperor Constantine prepares to reclaim his throne from Maxentius. In the sky, he witnesses what he will later describe as a cross hovering above him. He interprets this vision as a sign from the Christian God. The next day, Constantine and his army bear the image of the Chi Rho on their shields and flags, one of the earliest cruciform symbols used by Christians. When they emerge victorious, Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire, and the world is changed forever. But was the cross-shaped object Constantine claimed to have seen in the sky really a sign from God? Or might it have been some other extraordinary force?

“It looked like they are in a shape of a cross but a shape of a cross could have been air plane type objects, because the fuselage and the wings would look like a cross to somebody who’s looking up. Of course they had no concept of these things back then.”

William Bramley (Author, The Gods of Eden)

“There were other signs important that were seen around the same time, they were described as a crucifix in the sky. If these were to appear in the sky today, we would describe them quite differently.”

Chris Pittman (UFO Investigator / Historian)

“Is it possible that Constantine instead of actually having seen a cross floating in the sky, actually saw a type of an extraterrestrial craft? Is it possible that Constantine won because the extraterrestrials were siding with Constantine and thus altering mankind’s history forever?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

But according to Ancient Astronaut Theorists even stronger evidence exists that Emperor Constantine had a genuine alien encounter. Shortly after the Battle of Mulvian Bridge, he was said to have acquired a powerful new weapon known as Greek fire, it was the most devastating weapon of the time and it was said to have been given to Constantine by angels.

“It was said to burn to so violently and so hot, it was said that even in the rainiest of rainstorms fire would not go out, and when projected out to sea when it sunk into the water which still burnt on the bottom of the ocean.”

– Philip Imbrogno (Astronomer),
(Author, Files From the Edge)

“In one battle, Byzantium was attacked by 1,800 Persian ships. Only 15 escaped. All the others were destroyed by the so-called Greek fire. And Prince Igor who attacked Byzantium in the year 941 AD, attacked with a fleet of 1,000 ships. Only ten ships made it home.”

Peter Fiebag (Author, The Eternity Machine)

But perhaps even more astounding than the incredible power of Greek fire is the fact that scientists have not been able to reproduce it even after 1,600 years.

“Scientists have been trying to identify what Greek fire is, for decades, if not centuries. No one has come up with a satisfying answer. The most logical answer is that it might be somehow petroleum because it is known that petroleum continues to burn when in contact with water.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“I think it has to do with phosphorous and magnesium, because when they are mixed in with water they tend to explode.”

George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)

The formula for Greek fire was not even known to most of those who used the weapon, as the delivery system required multiple people to operate it.

“What’s interesting about Greek fire is that it only worked when all the different components worked together as one piece. Each component was operated by a different person, so if somebody was captured, they couldn’t give away the quote, unquote ‘secret of Greek fire.’”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

But what was this mysterious weapon? And, more importantly, where did it come from?

“One story goes that Greek fire was given to Constantine by an angel. Now angels are supposed to be these friendly creatures that instill peace and love – and all of a sudden, we have this one quote, unquote angel that gives one of the most sophisticated weapons in mankind’s history to Constantine? Replace the word angel with extraterrestrial and we have a very different story.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Could Greek fire really have been a type of advanced alien technology given to Constantine to ensure the success of the Roman empire? If so, wouldn’t there be evidence of extraterrestrial influence during other earthly conflicts?

“Hannibal, who crossed the Alps and attacked Rome, was said to have had a chemical explosive. We don’t know where the knowledge came from in these cases, but there could definitely be a connection to other weapons of the gods.”

Peter Fiebag (Author, The Eternity Machine)

The explosive weapon Hannibal allegedly used against ancient Rome, in the 3rd-centtury BC, predated gunpowder by over a thousand years. And some believe even gunpowder itself may have been a discovery inspired by otherworldly beings back in the 9th-century. Ironically, this deadly invention was discovered by Chinese alchemists attempting to create an elixir of immortality.

“Alchemy has a long history in China. And this alchemist Tze had been seeking the elixir of immortality – the medicine, for example, to live forever. So, they were experimenting for many centuries and mixed all kinds of things and it was not until around 850 Common Era, and we have records to show the disastrous impact of this mixing.”

– Laichen Sun, Ph.D.
(Assoc. Prof. of History, CSU Fullerton)

Though the Chinese emperors never achieved this elixir for immortality, they ended up with something almost as valuable – a weapon more powerful than anything that had come before.

“The Chinese gunpowder technology led to this important political and geographical changes in China, in Vietnam, in Southeast Asia. It led to the, even the rise and the fall of the dynasties.”

– Laichen Sun, Ph.D.
(Assoc. Prof. of History, CSU Fullerton)

But where did such an incendiary ability come from?

“Was the formula given to us by extraterrestrials? Or did someone discover it by accident? No one really knows. Gunpowder was made of charcoal, which they burnt trees and ground down the charcoal. Sulfur they would get from volcanoes, and sodium or potassium nitrate is not readily available. So, how would they know to get those nitrates and mix them all together in the right proportions?”

– Philip Imbrogno (Astronomer),
(Author, Files From the Edge)

Could the formula for gunpowder really have extraterrestrial origins? And if deadly technologies like gunpowder and Greek fire really were handed down to humans by an alien race – why? Might they have been trying to shape our future? And, if so, what other even more powerful weapons might they have had in their arsenal?


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