5.1 – SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS (12.21.12)


Moscow, Russia. Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to a location 25 miles northwest of the Russian capital, where a massive pyramid made of fiberglass is said to amplify and focus healing energies from the Earth. The 144-foot tall, 55-ton structure is the largest of 17 pyramids located across Russia, and was financed and built by Russian scientist and defense contractor, Alexander Golod.

“Many people do not realize that there are large modern pyramids in Russia and in the Ukraine. And this was because around 1989, Alexander Golod from Moscow believed that pyramids produce large energy fields that could affect both biological and non-biological materials.”

– John de Salvo, Ph.D.
(Dir., Great Pyramid of Giza Research Ctr),
(Author, Power Crystals), (The Lost Art of Enochian Magic),
(The Dead Sea Scrolls)

“In the past ten years, the Russian scientists have looked deeply into the question of pyramid energies, and they have shown that by placing items within a pyramid that it promotes growth, it promotes health, it promotes longevity.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

“They’ve discovered, for example, that if you take antibiotics, and you treat them in a pyramid for a period of one moon cycle, or about 28 days, that the power of the antibiotic was multiplied tens of thousands of times.”

   – Patrick Flanagan, Ph.D. (Author, Pyramid Power)

“This energy field has been documented to exist. The Russian Air Force noticed a large energy field that they picked up on their radar, a mile high, going above Golod’s large pyramid in Moscow. And therefore, I believe all these effects were caused by these energy fields.”

– John de Salvo, Ph.D.
(Dir., Great Pyramid of Giza Research Ctr),
(Author, Power Crystals), (The Lost Art of Enochian Magic),
(The Dead Sea Scrolls)

Is it possible that the energy effect of Golod’s pyramid is a phenomenon that scientists are only now just beginning to understand? Or could ancient civilizations around the world have been aware of this pyramid power thousands, if not tens of thousands of years ago?

“The placement of the pyramids are very interesting, because they seem to be placed where the energy is. And I think the ancients understood this very carefully, but they were also mapping the planet at the same time. So, they were like multipurpose structures, and they were left there for future generations to work with, and they encode very high knowledge within the mathematics and the geometry, and we’re just starting to understand the nature of it now.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

“If you have certain underground energies, once you place the pyramid on top of it, then the pyramid can harness, can use, can multiply those energy effects ten or 50 times. And then you have a perfect energy machine.”

– Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, American Univ., Bolivia)

“The word “pyramid” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “fire in the center.”  The ancient Greeks thought that the geometric shape of pyramids focused cosmic energy, and that pyramids all over the world were some kind of energy collectors.”

– David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods),
(Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America)

Could ancient civilizations have built pyramids, not just to represent a symbolic cosmic connection, but to mark a place of actual extraterrestrial contact, as many Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe? Some researchers suggest evidence can be found in Central America, where the Mayans built more pyramid temples than any other civilization in antiquity.

“In terms of pyramid builders, it’s safe to say that the Maya created more pyramids than every other culture in the world combined. But the functions of buildings in classic Maya society is really one of the weakest points that archaeology has. We don’t have a good idea about what pyramids were used for.”

Edwin Barnhart, Ph.D. (Archaeologist/Dir., Maya Exploration Ctr)

“In different Maya cities we have many pyramids. The biggest Maya city was Tikal. Tikal is in today’s Guatemala, and there were around 80 pyramids. And on top of these towers, we had a little temple where a god was expected to come.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

“All of these pyramids, even though they have a temple on top, also had a chamber inside. And it is known that certain rituals were performed inside these chambers. These chambers were also identified as places of transformation, where people had to go to and came out differently. Differently because they had been contacted by, or had contacted the gods.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“The Maya, as many other ancient cultures, viewed planets and the moon and the sun as gods. And I think that was the motivation for the Maya to collect incredible bodies of data about planets to try to see, what are the gods’ patterns, and how can we emulate and honor them?”

Edwin Barnhart, Ph.D. (Archaeologist/Dir., Maya Exploration Ctr)

“In many of the religious belief systems the function of the pyramid was to connect that above with that which is below. Now that’s symbolic. It could mean simply that people were calling to the gods from on top of these pyramids, or it could go much deeper than that. It could be an actual connection between human beings and beings from other planets.”

Brien Foerster
(Expert, Inca and Pre-Incan Civilizations),
(Author, A Brief Introduction of the Inca),
(Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia),
(Nazca: Decoding the Riddles of the Lines)

Is it possible that the Mayans, and other ancient cultures were given information about the energy producing properties of pyramids from extraterrestrial beings? And if so, what could be the true function of these structures? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the great pyramid of Giza may hold the ultimate proof that the pyramids could generate enough energy to reach, not just across the planet, but across the Universe.


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