5.12 – THE MONOLITHS (4.19.13)


The Washington Monument built in the 19th-century to commemorate the first president of the United States It towers more than 555 feet above America’s capital city. Its pinnacle is fashioned into a distinctive pyramid shape, the monument is considered to be the tallest stone obelisk in the world.

“Obelisk is a generic phrase used for the rectangular pillars that are a little pointy at the top that you can find in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome. They would have writing on them. They were used often to record battles special events, record in time the reign of a king or a particular ruler.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

“And so now, here in the United States, we’ve done a similar thing. The Washington Monument, a symbol of the United States and of the power in Washington D.C. The Washington Monument is built out of blocks of stone but then it looks identical to an Egyptian obelisk, but those obelisk are different. They are one solid stone.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Single standing massive stones are known as monoliths. And millions of them were used to construct monuments all across the ancient world. Including locations such as Turkey, Peru and Ethiopia. But why did ancient man begin to create these massive monolithic structures?  Could there be something inherent in the quality of stone that might have some sort of influence or power over mankind? Perhaps the answer can be found at a location 90 miles west of London, in the English countryside.

Stonehenge, England. Here on the Salisbury plain, in the county of Whiltshire stands the most sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world. According to radiocarbon dating this striking arrangement of monoliths was placed on this wide plain in Southern England more than 4,000 years ago. Consisting of more than 100 stone blocks, the monoliths create a larger structure known as a megalith. 

“There is a period in time, several thousand years ago which is known as the megalithic time. And it is defined by the fact that our ancestors pretty much in every part of civilization began to build with gigantic stones.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“These cultures which are known as megalithic cultures are something of a mystery to us. We have to ask ourselves why all of a sudden virtually, human beings across a broad stretch of Europe and Asia suddenly started to praise large pieces of rock free dragged them around the landscape and then piling them up in very exotic and unusual ways.”

– Alan Butler (Author, How to Read Prehistoric Monuments),
(Who Built the Moon?)

Stonehenge, the world’s most famous megalithic structure, derives its name from the material used to construct it, and also from the term “henge,” which refers to a circular or oval shaped bag that surrounds a central flat area.

“Stonehenge is just 25% of the original monument. 75% has been destroyed forever. Originally, they had 60 huge blocks that formed a perfect circle. The question is, who was able to move them and what was the purpose?”

– Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, American Univ., Bolivia)

Although the specific origin of the site has eluded researchers for centuries the physical construction of Stonehenge is believed to have taken place in different stages over a period of several thousands of years.

“It is now believed that the very first part of Stonehenge is three grey wooden post holes which is now in the car park. And there’s blocks of paint on them, these are dated to at least The next phase of construction of Stonehenge was around 3,200-3,400 BC., where they build the great Earth in henge and there was just a couple of stones there. Then a few hundred years later, they brought in the blue stones. And these are the ones that were brought over a hundred miles away from the Preseli Mountains in Wales. The major monoliths there, the great Sarsen stones, they were brought from much closer, about 20 miles away. But then some of them weigh up to 50 tons.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

Multiton stones being carved from the landscape and transported distances above to 100 miles. Is it really possible that the prehistoric people could have accomplish such an enormous and seemingly impossible task?

“The theories really range from either, they had to use rollers and tree trunks, which is kind of unlikely, when we look at some of the terrain that they would have had to go through.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

“There have been teams of Brits who have tried to recapitulate these things. How did they get them across the rivers between Wales and Stonehenge? How did they go up and down through valleys and over hills?”

– M.J. Evans, Ph.D. (Landscape Geographer),
(Author, The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin)

“One explanation dissociated with Stonehenge dates back to the Arthurian legend, and the legend says that the stones at Stonehenge were brought from Ireland by Merlin, who was king Arthur’s magician.”

– Alan Butler (Author, How to Read Prehistoric Monuments),
(Who Built the Moon?)

“Merlin was said to transport the stones, by levitating them and pushing them along, just with his bare hands all the way across the landscape from Wales to Stonehenge.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

“The great 20th-century French philosopher and historian, Jean Marquel wrote over 40 books on the life of Merlin and Arthur and the Celtic traditions. And Marquel was adamant that Merlin was a real person. He was also adamant that Merlin was an incredibly powerful otherworldly being, who was here to teach us to move beyond the human restrictions and boundaries.”

– Kathleen McGowan Coppens (Author/Researcher),
(Author, The Expected One), (The Source of Miracles),
(The Book of Love)

Could the legend of Merlin really be proof of contact with extraterrestrial entities in the ancient past…and that they provided the advanced technology to help transport and place the monoliths? If so, why would stone be the ideal material needed to construct the site?

“Probably it was worth using as a medium if you wanted to impress the gods. Because it was quite likely that people saw stone as being synonymous with god. Because it seemed to them to last forever.”

– Alan Butler (Author, How to Read Prehistoric Monuments),
(Who Built the Moon?)

“If they are gonna build a monument to provide a testament to how long-lived their culture is, stones are the best way to go. Stones were recognized to have very spectacular properties, of toughness, of hardness. And some of them, other properties, such as quartz crystals, which we see at a particular use in a lot of these cultures.”

Tok Thompson, Ph.D. (Prof. of Anthropology, USC)

“With blue stones, it created the outer and inner circle of Stonehenge, contains quartz crystal. The properties of those stones have been found to have effects on the human body to impart vibration and beneficial effects to the holder of those stones, to have healing properties.”

– M.J. Evans, Ph.D. (Landscape Geographer),
(Author, The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin)

“And in fact, it’s often been said that Stonehenge was some healing place where people came, with their ailments to be cured.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

For some researchers, further clues to Stonehenge’s extraterrestrial connection can be found in one of the site’s most striking features: the precise position and alignment of each stone that makes up the megalith.

“Seen from the air, Stonehenge is, actually, a replica of our solar system. All those concentric circles, they all represent one planet in our solar system. How did they know this? And according to the ancient texts and the ancient traditions this knowledge was given to our ancestors by none other than extraterrestrials, by the gods.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“Some people think Stonehenge was some sort of calendar marker, so that ancient cultures could know when it was the right time to plant. Other people think that it actually was a celestial calendar that was designed to show when we would pass through some very, very intense meteor streams.”

– Michael Bara (Author, The Choice),
(Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA),
(Ancient Aliens on the Moon), (Ancient Aliens on Mars),
(Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies)

“We know that through the position of different monoliths they were able to watch the summer solstice, the winter solstice, even the movement of some star systems.”

– Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, American Univ., Bolivia)

“So who was it then who needed these astronomical calculations. Would it be the extraterrestrials? Or rather the priestly groups that extraterrestrials were cultivating here on Earth, and training them to monitor the stars and the heavens and the moon and the eclipses.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Is it really possible that otherworldly beings designed Stonehenge so ancient man could gather data about the stars? If so, why? And what was the ultimate purpose behind obtaining this celestial knowledge? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe further clues can be found by traveling deeper into the English countryside, to another monolithic site that is 16 times larger than Stonehenge. And even more mysterious.


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