5.16 – MAGIC OF THE GODS (10.21.13)


Las Vegas, Nevada. 2009. Magician Steve Wyrick stuns a circle of 40 onlookers as he appears to make a three-ton Hummer vanish in an instant. The continued popularity of illusions like these speaks to a worldwide fascination with magic that can be traced back thousands of years.

“We long for some kind of connection to the supernatural, and we can have it for a couple of hours and the price of a ticket by attending a magic show. When we go to the theater and see a stage magician, we know supernatural events are not happening before our eyes no matter how much it seems like they are. We sometimes think of the people of the ancient worlds as simple. They lived in a world saturated with magic. There really was no distinction between ordinary life and the supernatural. They were completely embedded in each other. So, belief in magic was absolutely universal.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“It was a way of looking at the world as an interconnected whole, as well as a technology through which you could make things happen in the everyday material world. Magic offered people an opportunity to influence the outcome of important events and to know the will of the gods and to communicate directly with those gods.”

– Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology & Folklore, CSU Northridge)

“In the ancient times, it is actually said that magic was of the gods. Somehow otherworldly, somehow beyond the confines of ordinary reality. What we see is that certain human beings seem to have somehow mastered the power of the Universe to an extent that even we don’t understand.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“Magic in the ancient world was primarily viewed as, in some ways, coercive. Which is to say people are attempting to control the spiritual realm to do something in their daily lives. So, whereas modern magic is primarily driven to engage in sort of trickery, in the ancient world there was an attempt to sort of coerce spirits to sort of affect one’s life and the direction of one’s life. Whether that would be one’s fate or, in some ways, nature as well.”

Brian Sowers, Ph.D. (Prof. of Classic, Brooklyn College)

But did magic really exist in the ancient world? Not as a form of theater but as a means of replicating the power of the gods?

Shanxi Province, China. 7th-century AD. The Zhongtiao Mountain Range. Here, according to Chinese mythology, lived Zhang Guo Lao, a Taoist saint thought to possess unique magical abilities and a profound understanding of the secrets of nature. He was one of what were referred to as the Eight Immortals.

“So the Eight Immortals are these semi-mythical figures in Chinese history. The majority of them, they’re based on people who actually existed, and then certain legends accrued around these people as time passed. The historical figure of Zhang Guo Lao is thought to have lived in the mid-7th and the mid-8th centuries. And he was very renowned for his magical skills even at the time.”

– Dominic Steavu, Ph.D.
(Asst. Prof. of Chinese Religious Studies, UCSB)

“Zhang Guo Lao is possibly the most interesting of the Eight Immortals. He is depicted as an old man. He could make himself invisible. He could go without food for days.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

According to Chinese mythology, Zhang Guo Lao first emerged at the very beginning of the Universe, where he appeared out of chaos in the form of a white bat. He was thought to be a gifted alchemist, necromancer and sorcerer.

“So Zhang Guo Lao is often depicted as riding a magical mule, and what’s peculiar is that he is seated facing backwards on this mule. The mule can ride divine winds and also cross thousands of miles in a single day without ever stopping once for rest. When Zhang Guo Lao finds a place that he wants to settle, for the night, he actually folds up his mule as one would fold a piece of paper until it is the size that you can fit in your pocket.”

Dominic Steavu, Ph.D.

(Asst. Prof. of Chinese Religious Studies, UCSB)

“And then he would reactivate it by sprinkling water on it, and it would reappear again. So, you have to ask yourself, is this white mule actually some kind of incredible alien technology that allowed him to travel around China?”

 – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“It’s entirely possible that what they’re describing here is some type of a craft and that Zhang Guo Lao himself may possibly have been an extraterrestrial. In order to explain his abilities and technology, our ancestors described him as a magical being.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“But is it possible that extraterrestrials could develop a technology in which you have some sort of flying machine that can fold itself into hyperspace? It runs on an advanced energy propulsion source. You can travel with it. It’s short, it’s compact. And when you’re done, you just fold it into hyperspace, and it’s something that you hold in your hand and the whole thing just folds up.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

Is it possible that Zhang Guo Lao really existed? And if so, could his amazing powers of transformation have been based on an advanced, perhaps extraterrestrial form of transportation? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe further clues can be found more than 1,700 miles away in Patna, India. Situated on the southern shores of the Ganges River, this ancient city is believed to be the place where the great spiritual leader Buddha embarked on an incredible journey in 483 BC.

“Gautama Buddha was a messenger and sage, who was born in what is now Nepal sometime around 500 to 600 Before the Common Era. And he was the original figure in the teachings that became Buddhism.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“When the Buddha was born, his father was told by a seer that “your son is going “to become a great teacher.” The Buddha’s message, his teaching, is supposed to bring people out of suffering. He made up a religion to solve what he considered as the basic problems of living.”

– Judy Chungwa Ho, Ph.D.
(Prof. Emerita, Art History, UC Irvine)

“The Buddha traveled around India spreading his teachings. His followers in the monastic community grew increasingly. He was perceived as a human, but an extraordinary human. In the process of gaining enlightenment, he had these realizations that were marked by supernatural powers. He actually projected and built, through pure psychic power, this bejeweled walkway up in the sky. And he paced up and down that walkway filled with jewels for about a week.”

– Dominic Steavu, Ph.D.
(Asst. Prof. of Chinese Religious Studies, UCSB)

According to ancient texts, near the end of his life, Buddha and his many disciples attempted to cross the Ganges, but were blocked by raging floodwaters.

“Well, it happened to be the time of the year when the great rivers flooded. It’s at its high peak. Not only is it very, very wide, almost a mile wide at that time of the year, but it’s going very fast, something like 70 miles an hour, a virtual rapid.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“And he sees people on one side of the Ganges trying to build up these frail rafts, trying to cross the river. And what he does is in an instant, and the text says that in the time it takes for a strong man to stretch out his bent arm, or to bend his outstretched arm, the Buddha appears on the other side of the river.”

– Dominic Steavu, Ph.D.
(Asst. Prof. of Chinese Religious Studies, UCSB)

“Now, there was no boat, no form of transportation whatsoever, and people witnessed this. So, was this some sort of a miracle? Of course not. So, are we talking about teleportation here? Some type of technology that was misinterpreted as a miracle?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Might the incredible feats performed by beings like Buddha and Zhang Guo Lao be based on real-life extraterrestrial encounters? And if so, could they have been the inspiration for what we now call “magic”? Perhaps further evidence can be found by examining the stories of a famous sorcerer whose supernatural powers helped to build a mighty nation.


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