5.17 – THE SATAN CONSPIRACY (10.28.13)


Klingenberg, Germany. Located 32 miles southeast of Frankfurt, this small city is home to one of the most famous and frightening cases of demonic possession ever recorded. In September 1973, a young woman named Anneliese Michel began hearing voices that told her she was damned and would rot in hell. When medical treatments failed, she sought the help of an exorcist. Demonic possession is perhaps the most frightening and visceral of all phenomena associated with Satan. According to Christian tradition, possession occurs when a demon enters the body, corrupting a person’s physical and spiritual being.

“The belief in demonic possession is widespread. It seems to show up pretty much all over the planet. It was believed to be the presence of a satanic energy, a truly dark, terrible evil that could take over a person. Take over their body, take over their mind. And they would be acting with no free will, they would be a complete slave to the power of the dark side.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“Demons manifest on Earth to interact with people, to afflict us and tempt us in various ways. The oppression involves physically wounding us, attacking us, causing effects on our body and our mind. Possession is when we surrender our lower faculties to them and they take over our body and use it as their own. And, in rare cases, they can appear visibly to multiple people as supposed human spirits.”

Adam Blai (Religious Demonologist)

Most Christians believe demons are evil incarnations of the other angels who followed Lucifer in his rebellion against the Almighty God. They bear names like Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Moloch and Mammon and are dedicated to corrupting the souls of mankind.

“Biblically speaking, the demonic comes from the fallen angels. Those who fell with Lucifer during the great wars in Heaven. And their purpose is to deceive humanity. To lead them astray. To distract them from God. And there are many castes. They range from your basic thugs on the bottom all the way up to your if you will, your intelligentsia, that is governing behind the scenes of the affairs of mankind.”

Scott Roberts (Author, The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim)

“It is essentially you can imagine a military structure with generals, officers, privates. There’s basically nine levels, which are fallen angels of various ranks serving under each other, ultimately serving Satan.”

Adam Blai (Religious Demonologist)

In many religious traditions there are sacred rites to exorcize these demons from the bodies of the afflicted. The Reverend Bob Larson is an evangelical minister and exorcist who says he has come face-to-face with the demonic and the truly satanic.

“I’m here to be an instrument of God to cast out the Devil, to free human souls. It’s not my power that does it. It’s God’s power. I’m simply the instrument that he uses. But my mission is to get every demon possible out of every possible human being and send them straight to hell. A demon is metaphysical. It is invisible. It’s spirit. Doesn’t have a physical body, so a demon can’t really do anything evil. A demon can’t start a war, can’t pull the trigger of a gun, can’t rape anybody. A demon needs a body to accomplish its evil purposes. So, demons are looking to inhabit human souls so that through the physicality of human beings they can bring about their plan of death and destruction.”

Rev. Bob Larson (Exorcist)

According to Larson and other Christian theologians, demonic forces have always been present on Earth and demons are continually traveling to Earth to sow the seeds of ruin. But where exactly are they coming from? Is it hell, or perhaps someplace else?

“Both the Jewish and Christian scriptures, as well as other religious books that delve into the subject of demonism, never fully describe the nature of their existence, where they operate. It seems to be in a kind of parallel reality, another dimension, out of our time-space continuum. They’re there, we’re here. Einstein opened a little bit of a door into the possibility of other realms. We are getting a small glimpse of the reality that exists beyond our understanding. We just need to know there’s another realm out there, and when I do an exorcism, I step in and out of those realms. I’m in the physical, natural realm, but I’m also invading the realm in which demons operate. So, I step from the physical into the metaphysical. I don’t have to understand what’s going on there. I’m on a simple mission: not to find out everything I can about that world, but to get the demon out of the human soul.”

 – Rev. Bob Larson (Exorcist)

Might devils and demons really be beings from another realm? And might that realm not be hell, but an actual extraterrestrial world? And are they really malevolent? Or might they have another perhaps even more profound agenda? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the answers may be found in the mysterious prophecies of the Book of Revelation.


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