5.20 – MYSTERIOUS RELICS (11.15.13)

METALS [21b]

The White House, February 11, 2013. President Barack Obama presents a Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha for his courageous actions during the deadly battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan.

PRESIDENT OBAMA (VIDEO FOOTAGE): These 53 Americans were surrounded by more than 300 Taliban fighters. If you seek a measure of that day, you need to look no further than the medals and ribbons that grace their chests.

This tradition of honoring brave soldiers by decorating their chest with medals dates back to at least the 2nd-century BC, when the ancient Roman military used sculpted discs of metal to reward superior acts of service. But why? What is it about the properties of metal that make them chosen objects of adornment and commemoration?

“The tradition of adorning people with metal really goes back thousands of years. In the case of the Bible, we have stories about how the priests actually had to wear certain metals before they were able to enter the Holy of Holies and make contact with the divine. Today, we are confronted with symbolism. Our heroes are given pins and medals because somehow we set them apart as great people who somehow have superseded the human race, but in the past, this was to be taken literally.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Do certain metals actually enhance mankind’s ability to connect with divine, or some would say, extraterrestrial forces? And is this the reason why gold, platinum and silver jewelry, along with other metal adornments and relics, have been so prized throughout human history?

“Definitely the belief is that we hold the relic there, because the relic is linked either to a deity or to something magical.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“Relics can be any number of things. Pieces of wood, bits of statues, literally anything can be a relic if it has been kind of invested with a divine power. And that means you have a piece of the god, and therefore a piece of the god’s power with you.”

Richard Rader, Ph.D.
(Lecturer, UCLA Dept of Classics/UCSB Dept of Classics),
(Author, Theology and Existentialism in Aeschylus)

“It seems to have always been the case with human beings that they’ve wanted to possess items which they thought were either from the gods, to do with the gods, or in some way associated with the gods.”

– Alan Butler (Author, How to Read Prehistoric Monuments),
(Who Built the Moon?)

Berlin, Germany. 1996. The Museum of Prehistory and Early History acquires a glittering artifact from an anonymous Swiss collector. A tall, cone-shaped hat, crafted from a thin sheet of pure gold, and embellished with dozens of sun and moon symbols. It is one of four that have been unearthed at various sites throughout Europe, and is believed by historians to date back as far as 1000 BC.

“What is so important about them is that they indicate that there was a common culture. The images on them represent astronomy, the study of the stars. They also have complicated mathematical implications, suggesting a level of philosophical development that’s very advanced for what we thought was available at that time.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

German researchers carefully studied the symbols on the golden hat, and concluded they represent a complex mathematical table. One that can accurately calculate the long-term cycles of the sun and the moon. But how could such ancient people have been able to make such advanced and highly sophisticated astronomical predictions?

“The suggestion is that they belonged to what might be referred to as oracles, people that could fall into an altered state and prophesize. Could come up with statements relating to the future or otherworldly situations.”

– Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis),
(The Cygnus Mystery), (Beneath the Pyramids),
(Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

Though most mainstream scholars believe these mysterious hats were worn by king-priests during religious ceremonies, Ancient Astronaut Theorists have another, even more astounding theory.

“The golden hats are kind of interesting, because if gold is something that actually enhances your connection with energies and higher-up celestial beings, then the wearing of a golden hat, especially in a conical shape, would tend to amplify the signal that you were getting from on high. So, it seems to me that ancient cultures logically would build them to get connected with the gods who had perhaps left them behind and gone back to their celestial birthplace.”

– Michael Bara (Author, The Choice),
(Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA),
(Ancient Aliens on the Moon), (Ancient Aliens on Mars),
(Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies)

“In the case of the golden hats, what we’re seeing there is that all of this technology seems to have been part of a larger framework, whereby once again it seems this is a civilization which made contact with the gods.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“But we just don’t know who would have made these or why, and they’re so incredibly unusual and tall. Perhaps the extraterrestrial gods were wearing some kind of conical hat like this.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Could the so-called king-priests of the ancient past have been otherworldly visitors, utilizing metal’s unique properties? If so, might additional evidence be found of other ancient peoples using metal relics for advanced, even metaphysical purposes?

Khirbet Qumran, Israel, 1952. Hidden deep in a cave on the desert cliffs, archaeologists discover a mysterious 2,000-year-old manuscript written on a sheet of copper. Known as the Copper Scroll, this mysterious relic was found at the same site as the ancient religious writings known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“All the Dead Sea Scrolls that have been found were written on either leather or papyrus. The Copper Scroll is the only one made of copper. You got to keep in mind, copper was valuable, and to hammer out a whole scroll would take a lot of time and a lot of technique, so it has to be very important.”

– John de Salvo, Ph.D. (Dir., Great Pyramid of Giza Research Ctr),
(Author, Power Crystals), (The Lost Art of Enochian Magic),
(The Dead Sea Scrolls)

Scholars examining the language on the Copper Scroll agree it is unlike anything found in other texts of the period.

“The script that’s on it is a little different, but it’s not just in Hebrew or Aramaic. It also has Greek letters on it. So, it’s quite peculiar. The thing that makes the Copper Scroll so fascinating is that it mentions hidden treasures.”

– Fr. William J. Fulco, Ph.D.
(Archaeologist, Loyola Marymount Univ.)

“The Copper Scroll lists 64 locations in Jerusalem and around that area that buried treasure is located. Maybe the key is, in the 64th location, it says there’s another copper scroll that will help explain the rest of it. Because we haven’t found the treasure yet. I somehow suspect there could be another code within this treasure map, a code within a code.”

– John de Salvo, Ph.D. (Dir., Great Pyramid of Giza Research Ctr),
(Author, Power Crystals), (The Lost Art of Enochian Magic),
(The Dead Sea Scrolls)

What is the origin of the mysterious Copper Scroll? And what is its true purpose? Mainstream scholars and archaeologists have been puzzled by these questions for more than half a century.

“Maybe the Copper Scroll is missing a piece. Many times with treasure maps, you need a second piece in order to complete the entire map, so who knows if there’s a piece missing?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“It seems to be an oddball artifact. And it’s written in metal. And you have now the stories of other ancient books supposedly written in sheets of gold. Joseph Smith, Jr., who began the-the Mormon Church, he claimed also to have been shown gold-plated books. So, we have to wonder if possibly all of these metallic books written in copper or gold plates aren’t part of some extraterrestrial library.”

– David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Could the mysterious Copper Scroll have extraterrestrial origins? And is the fact that it is made of copper evidence of a connection between metal objects and otherworldly beings? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and believe further proof can be found by examining the similarly strange properties attributed to other mysterious relics found all over the world.


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