5.3 – ALIEN POWER PLANTS (1.4.13)


The Giza Necropolis, Egypt. 1993. A team of engineers uses a remotely operated camera in an attempt to discover the true function of what is believed to be an airshaft leading from the supposed Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. First discovered in 1872, archaeologists long considered these narrow tunnels to be ventilation ducts.

“This robot traveled up this small shaft which was too small for a human or any type of device to go through and all of the sudden it finds a closed door hinged by two little metal clamps.”

– Jason Martell
(Founder, AncientSchool),
(Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

According to mainstream archaeologists, the door and metal handles were intentionally built as a symbolic passageway that the queen would travel through to the afterlife.

But some researchers have questioned why this passageway would have been designed with a deliberate blockage. And why on a plateau filled with monumental pyramids believed to serve as royal tombs is the Great Pyramid the only one with such a door?

“Egyptologists are very much fond of saying that pyramids are tombs and that they have been robbed at some point in the past. But the fact is that we have found in the 20th-century a number of pyramids whose central King’s Chamber, so to speak, is intact. And when they opened the sarcophagus they found that sarcophagus to be empty as well.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

If the Great Pyramid was not a tomb, what may have been its true purpose? In May 2011, another team of researchers set out to further explore the blocked airshaft in the Queen’s Chamber. This time, the crew used a robot equipped with a micro-snake camera to slip through a hole and reveal what was beyond the door.

“When they actually penetrated this small door they found a hidden room within the pyramid.”

– Jason Martell
(Founder, AncientSchool),
(Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

“What they found was copper fittings or the metal fittings. Another feature of the back of these metal fittings was that on one side the loop looked like it was corroded. The camera also looked down and scanned the floor and what we saw was red markings. My interpretation of those were they were electrical symbols. But why were they there?”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

Could these artifacts be actual evidence that electricity once coursed through the structure? And if so, could the Great Pyramid of Giza have been built to serve as not a royal tomb but a power plant, as some researchers contend?

“If we dismiss the tomb theory and we look at the pyramid itself, we see something that modern engineers can really tune into and understand. What we have is a very, very precise building that has the precision of a fraction of an inch. It’s something that is very noteworthy and not indicative of a simple agrarian culture. So, what we have is something that is almost like a machine.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

If the Great Pyramid was a sophisticated machine, potentially capable of creating energy, how could it have worked? Some researchers believe clues can be found by exploring underneath the structure. In 2000, maritime engineer John Cadman proposed a theory that the Egyptians pumped water from the nearby Nile River into a small chamber underneath the Great Pyramid. The pump could then create intense hydraulic pressure that would cause the entire pyramid to vibrate.

“In the subterranean chamber there is some evidence that shows that there had been water present in it, and that there’s water erosion on the floor, and then up in the thin area. And then also, because it was a hydraulic pulse generator. So, you have a rarefaction wave, which is an extremely low pressure wave, which would have struck the ceiling and the ceiling is actually chipped. And that would have been from the actual compression waves hitting the ceiling. It’s very evident.”

John Cadman (Engineer / Inventor)

If Cadman’s theory proves true, what would have been the purpose of the hydraulic pulse? Engineer Chris Dunn believes the answer can be found by further examination of the shafts in what some call the Queen’s Chamber, where traces of zinc and hydrochloric acid have been discovered.

“I believe the chemical coming in through the northern shaft was hydrated zinc and the other chemical coming through the southern shaft and into the chamber was dilute hydrochloric acid. These are actually seen on the chamber walls.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

Dunn suggests that the two chemicals were poured down through the shafts and then mixed together inside the Queen’s Chamber, triggering combustion.

“This vessel represents the Queen’s Chamber. Into the tubes we’re going to pour hydrated zinc and then hydrochloric acid. When you bring these two liquids together, a chemical reaction occurs, and a product of that chemical reaction is hydrogen. And you can see the vapor, the hydrogen, escaping through the chimney. And there you have the reaction.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

Dunn speculates that the hydrogen gas traveled from the Queen’s Chamber into the King’s Chamber. Then the vibrations from the subterranean pool energized the hydrogen atoms into a microwave energy beam.

“The evidence that indicates the use of hydrogen can be found in the King’s chamber. There is a shaft in the King’s Chamber, has dimensions of suitable for a wave guide for a MASER, or a microwave amplification through stimulated emission radiation. And from there, we can actually propose many different ideas of what they did with it.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

Might the great Pyramid of Giza actually have created power in the remote past? And is it possible that energy ran the advanced tools of early builders and devices like the Dendera Bulb?

“We can use our imaginations and come up with all kinds of devices to power with that kind of energy. From simple domestic appliances to highly advanced spacecraft. I mean all things are possible.”

– Christopher Dunn (Engineer),
(Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt)

“The ancient Egyptians demonstrated an exceptional level of skill in everything that they created  during the Old Kingdom, but the question remains did they do it on their own, or did they have some access to information or technology that’s not of this Earth?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

If Giza was, in fact, a power plant, could the energy have been used for some otherworldly purpose, as some Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest? And if the power coming from Giza was that strong, could it have traveled beyond Egypt? Answers may be found in a material that connects Giza to a special kind of monolith, one that exists on continents all over the world.


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