5.4 – DESTINATION ORION (1.11.13)


Black Mesa. Northeastern Arizona. The Native American Hopi tribe has called these peaks of the Colorado plateau home for more than 1,000 years. High above the Arizona desert, their reservation, encompassing more than 1.5 million acres, consists of 12 villages. Ancient Astronaut Theorists have studied these mysterious sites for years, discovering what they consider to be countless pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial contact in the ancient past. According to their research, both the Hopi landscape and the tribe’s mythology are centered on Orion.

“The Hopi migrated all over the Southwest. After a series of building villages and abandoning these villages, they came to these three primary mesas in Northern Arizona. They call them First, Second and Third Mesas.”

– Gary A. David (Author, The Orion Zone),
(Starshrines & Earthworks of the Desert SW)

“The Hopi mesas shape Orion’s Belt’s image. And it is said that the Hopi specifically came here because of the shape. So, we know that the Hopi are extremely interested in Orion’s Belt. This is the center of their Universe. They say it is a place where they can make contact with the gods.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

According to some researchers, not only do the three mesas represent the stars in Orion’s Belt, but when connected to other Hopi landmarks throughout the Southwest, the collective sites map the entire body of the Orion constellation.

“Every major star of the constellation it corresponds to a ruin site or a village that the Hopi are currently living in. For instance, the left shoulder of Orion is a place called Wupatki. It’s north of Flagstaff, Arizona. And they built this ruin about 1120 AD. They lived there for a century or so. And then they abandoned this place. There’s another place called Homolovi Ruin. It’s by Winslow, Arizona. And this corresponds to the right shoulder of Orion and the star Betelgeuse. The Hopi also settled up north of the mesas. This corresponds to the star Rigel. And there’s a whole complex of villages that corresponds to the right foot of Orion. The star is Saiph.  So you have the star mirror as above, so below. That’s what the Hopi were trying to achieve when they built this pattern, which took about three centuries to construct.”

– Gary A. David (Author, The Orion Zone),
(Starshrines & Earthworks of the Desert SW)

But how did the Hopi ancestors know to align their homes and sacred places so perfectly with the Orion constellation? Is it possible that they received help from star travelers, as some researchers believe? According to Hopi myth, the creator god, Masau’u, directed the tribe over hundreds of years as they migrated to the Three Mesas, the place Masau’u instructed them to wait for his return.

“The god Masau’u was there at the beginning, waiting for the Hopi. This is a very spooky-looking god. This god has large, round eyes and a round mouth, and a big, bulbous head. He taught the Hopi agricultural ways. He’s frequently seen with a staff in his right hand, like the constellation Orion. Masau’u told the people where to build their villages. There was also tales about a certain star that the Hopi would follow. Now a star that moves across a sky and stops when the Hopi are supposed to stop and build their village. That, that sounds like some sort of extraterrestrial craft that were guiding the Hopi across the desert.”

– Gary A. David (Author, The Orion Zone),
(Starshrines & Earthworks of the Desert SW)

“This is Fajada Butte where, according to ancient Hopi legends, their god Masau’u descended from the sky. At night, the Orion constellation would basically hang in the sky right above this butte. And the story goes that Masau’u landed on top of this platform. So, my question is, did some type of an extraterrestrial visitor land on top of this butte right here, in some type of a craft? And the answer is yes. Someone or something from the cosmos descended.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Could the Hopi god of creation, Masau’u, actually been an extraterrestrial traveler from Orion, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists contend? And if so, why did this god instruct the Hopi to migrate around the Southwest in the pattern of this constellation?

“Is it merely coincidence that the Hopi aligned their cities with Orion just as the ancient Egyptians did? I don’t think so. I think this is clear evidence that they were instructed to do so.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

“The Hopi people were trying to pay homage to their star ancestors, the ancestors that came from the constellation Orion and gave them this information about the constellation and the place that they came from. And that’s why they built this pattern on the Arizona desert. It’s more or less a way that the Hopi could memorialize the origin of their celestial ancestors that came from Orion.”

– Gary A. David (Author, The Orion Zone),
(Starshrines & Earthworks of the Desert SW)

“The Hopis are saying that at each point of creation, each cycle of time, Masau’u makes contact with them, and quite often tells them that an end of a cycle is going to happen. And then he safeguards them from destruction. It is felt that this creator deity is intricately linked with Orion and somehow only allows communication when somehow the geographical layout resembles Orion’s Belt. So, what they’re hoping for now is really the return of Masau’u.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Is it possible, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe, that ancient Hopi legends of the creator god Masau’u provide further proof of contact with our extraterrestrial ancestors from Orion? And if so, might the Hopi have been signaling for the return of these otherworldly beings through their epic alignment to the constellation? Or could there be a more profound reason their landscape points to the stars of Orion, perhaps one that will ultimately guide mankind back to our celestial birthplace?


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