5.9 – STRANGE ABDUCTIONS (2.22.13)


Central Arizona. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. November 5, 1975. At 6:30 P.M., a bright light suddenly appears in the sky over the central Arizona mountains. Six U.S. Forest Service workers driving home after their day shift witness a large silvery disc hovering in the sky.

“It was smooth as glass, but glowing and reflective at the same time. It just had a powerful look and feel to it that was just amazing. This beam of energy hit me. I felt like I’d been hit real suddenly, like a physical blow, but with a sort of a tingling electric shock sort of feeling, at the same time.”

– Travis Walton
(Author, Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience)

“Walton basically got zapped by this blinding light. The crew just hot-footed out of the area quickly, and then thought, well, we’ve got to go back; you know, we got to get Travis. Went back, whatever this object was, was gone. And he was gone as well.”

– Nick Redfern (Author, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter),
(The Real Men in Black), (Final Events),
(The World’s Weirdest Places),
(Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind),
(Bloodline of the Gods), (The NASA Conspiracies),
(On the Trail of the Saucer Spies:
UFOs and Government Surveillance)

According to Travis Walton, the mysterious beam of light rendered him unconscious, and when he awoke, he found himself in a room surrounded by strange beings.

“I was looking straight into the face of this creature. These small beings were humanoid, but so un-human. It was just terrifying. And I just flipped out. It was just horrible. It was like they were looking right into me.”

– Travis Walton
(Author, Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience)

Crews searched everywhere for the missing forest worker, but it wasn’t until five days later that Walton reappeared in a nearby town.

“I was lying face down, outside, in the dark, and there was a light above me, and I saw the bottom of the craft there, right before it shot up into the sky.”

– Travis Walton
(Author, Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience)

When details of Travis Walton’s close encounter were revealed to authorities, they dismissed the accounts of the young man’s disappearance as a possible hoax. But researchers say the Travis Walton case is one of the most credible abduction stories on record.

“Stories of alien encounters, abductions to different realms, are as old as mankind itself. Something truly enigmatic has been happening with us and with our ancestors. And when you look at the modern accounts of abductions, you find that they are one and the same.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Washington, DC. December, 1969. The United States government suddenly terminates project Blue Book, the air force investigation into claims of UFO sightings and contact with extraterrestrials. Though more than 12,000 reports were investigated over a span of 20 years, the government publicly concluded that most cases were misunderstood natural phenomena. But inside the organization, project Blue Book astronomer J. Allen Hynek had been creating a system of classifying the data he believed provided scientific evidence of alien encounters.

“Hynek was actively in charge of some of the investigations. And he realized early on, after amassing so many cases and having a database, that he needed to organize it and classify these types of reports, so he came up with the close encounter one-through-three classification.”

– Chris O’Brien (UFO Investigator),
(Author, Stalking the Trickster)

According to Hynek’s classification system a Close Encounter of the First Kind or CE1 is described as witnessing a UFO within 500 feet. CE2 is when a UFO leaves behind a physical trace of its presence. And CE3 includes seeing occupants within the UFO.

“Dr. J. Allen Hynek invented these three terms which basically detailed the distance of the person from the UFO and the nature of the experience, and it was basically designed as terms so that, you know, we would have a good understanding of whether somebody saw an object at a distance in the sky, further close up, a UFO on the ground.”

– Nick Redfern (Author, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter),
(The Real Men in Black), (Final Events),
(The World’s Weirdest Places),
(Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind),
(Bloodline of the Gods), (The NASA Conspiracies),
(On the Trail of the Saucer Spies:
UFOs and Government Surveillance)

“Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind is that the occupants of this craft took the observer aboard…And either did some type of experimental procedure on him or implanted him with them. And then Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind is people that are having some type of telepathic communication with the occupants of the craft, or ET, per se.”

– Ken Storch
(Paranormal Investigator / Ret. Police Officer)

Since Travis Walton’s Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind, in which he was taken aboard a craft, claims of alien contact have been increasing. Perhaps most alarming, they say, are details of abductions claiming sexual interactions, and even the creation of hybrid humans.

“Many of these abduction stories are really scary. The abductee is not fully in control of his or her own body. The abductee has all kinds of very painful things done to them that he or she cannot control. And they’re deeply changed by these experiences in ways that are often detrimental to them, and very disturbing.”

– Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology & Folklore, CSU Northridge)

“I’m often asked, do I have any kind of an idea of who they are, what do they want, why have they been terraforming this planet and manipulating genes, apparently, in various life-forms and interacting with humans in the human abduction syndrome?  The phenomena, the high strangeness, continues and persists, defying human logic and defying human understanding.”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

Researchers claim that alien abductions have been occurring for millennia. Could such extraordinary events have been documented in the ancient world? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, evidence can be found right in what many believe to be the missing pages of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Khirbet Qumran, Palestine. In 1946, a collection of ancient manuscripts, known as the dead sea scrolls, is discovered, hidden in clay jars deep inside a cave. Among the manuscripts is the Book of Enoch, a so-called “lost” biblical text, in which a Hebrew prophet named Enoch describes in great detail his extraordinary encounters with otherworldly beings.

“Enoch tells us about the Guardians of the Sky who came down. He doesn’t use the word “spaceship,” but we have “came down from the sky to earth.” He is the only one who speaks in the first person. “I did, I thought, I flew, I had” contact with the so-called “Guardians of the Sky.”  Enoch was taken away from our planet Earth by the lord in a fiery chariot.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

“They were not angels, they were not gods, they were flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials who took him up there in some type of a vehicle in order to write down “the knowledge of the Universe,” as he calls it. Our ancestors thought that all they were witnessing had something to do with magic, when, in reality, it was nothing else but misunderstood technology.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Could the book of Enoch really be describing an actual abduction event one that took place thousands of years ago? If so, might the Bible contain other examples of extraterrestrial encounters with humans, and could these incredible close encounters betray another, perhaps less benign, alien agenda one that involves controlling our behavior and psychic abductions to other dimensions?


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