The Island of Pohnpei. More than 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii, completely isolated in the Pacific Ocean, this Micronesian landmass is home to just 34,000 people, mainly farmers and fishermen. But there is one area of the island that is completely uninhabited: the Lost City of Nan Madol. The native islanders believe this ancient site is cursed, and it is also home to some of the most mysterious archaeological ruins in the world. Built on a coral reef just off the eastern coast of Pohnpei and sprawling more than 200 acres, Nan Madol consists of 92 smaller man-made islands connected by canals. According to historians, this ancient city, often called the Venice of the Pacific, was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty that ruled from about 500 to 1628 AD.

“This ancient city housed the Saudeleurs, the kings of that time. So, it has their houses. It has feasting areas. It has tombs. So, there’s a whole number of areas that each of these islets supported.”

– Felicia Beardsley, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of La Verne)

Most archaeologists agree that construction of these artificial islands began sometime in the 13th-century. Each has been formed with columnar basalt, a black rock that forms when basaltic lava from a volcano cools in the form of columns.

“There are a number of columnar basalt outflows across Pohnpei itself. And we know of several of these outcrops that were used to mine the basalt. They were then transported to the area of Nan Madol, and then placed to create these small islets.”

– Felicia Beardsley, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of La Verne)

But how did native people living here 800 years ago manage to build 92 islets out of giant basalt columns? Researchers estimate that each stone log used to construct the megalithic structures weighs between 5 to 50 tons. Stacked to form walls as high as archaeologists believe that it was an undertaking that most likely would have required all 25,000 island inhabitants to complete.

“Around the ruins of Nan Madol are many canals, which researchers and archaeologists say were the routes taken by boats to move these basalt columns across and around the island to construct the huge megalithic site.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

Mainstream scholars insist people built Nan Madol using ropes, rollers and rafts, but attempts to prove this theory have failed.

“If you add up all of these stone logs, you have a weight of 750,000 or so metric tons. That’s a lot. If you were to move maybe 2,000 tons a year, you might be able to get it built over about three centuries. We’re talking about a major, massive effort here. The kind of effort that you would see in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt.”

– Felicia Beardsley, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of La Verne)

But could there be another explanation for how these ancient people were able to move such massive rocks miles across the island and into place in the ocean without the help of modern machinery? According to local legends, the ancient builders used a much more profound method of construction: an advanced anti-gravitational technology that Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe may explain many of the world’s mysterious megalithic sites.

“Some legends state that the stones were actually flown from one part of the island to another or levitated some way to get them up to such high areas of the main construction.”

Hugh Newman (Author, Earth Grids)

“This is very reminiscent of what researchers call “auditive levitation,” which was a technique of raising heavy stones by matching the sound frequency of matter, rendering it weightless and moving it into place.”

– Brad Olsen (Author, Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses),
(Sacred Places Around the World: 108 Destinations)

“The people themselves who still to this day live there in Pohnpei say, that this place was not built by us; it’s been here before we arrived. And they themselves say that basalt blocks were moved as if by ghost hand. That is why the natives call Nan Madol also the ‘City of Ghosts.’”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Although no written records on the island’s history exist, its spoken myths and legends have survived through generations. According to the natives, Nan Madol has been plagued by a curse for centuries, and anyone who explores the ruins will perish.

“The local islanders believe that the city of Nan Madol is cursed. And they say they see lights moving throughout the city at night. And they believe that if they spend the night there, they’ll die.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods),
(Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific)

When the Europeans came to colonize Micronesia in the early 20th-century, they were advised of Nan Madol and its alleged spell. In April of 1907, the German Governor Victor Berg disregarded these warnings and not only explored the island ruins, but even opened a tomb of the ancient rulers. Locals say Governor Berg was haunted by strange sounds that night, and the next morning mysteriously died.

“The local legend said that if you messed with this site in any way, it was cursed, and in fact, there would be a terrible price to pay for it. And it appears that Victor Berg lost his life because of this curse.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Official records indicate the governor died April 30, 1907 due to sunstroke and heat exhaustion while surveying the ruins. But the natives maintain that his untimely death was a result of the curse and proof that otherworldly powers guard the mystical island city. Might the local legends of supernatural forces at work on the islands actually be true? And if so, just who or what is haunting these mysterious islands? Ancient Astronaut Theorists claim the strongest evidence that an advanced race of extraterrestrials helped to build Nan Madol is not the megalithic rock structures but what may lie beneath them.

“Nan Madol is a huge city and most of it is above water, but parts of it are underwater. And the islanders say that there is a second city there called Kanemweiso. This is the city of the gods. And it’s in even deeper water. You have to wonder if there isn’t some kind of underwater UFO base even today.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods),
(Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific)

If the local legends are true, could Nan Madol really be the remnants of an ancient alien base? One that exists not only above ground, but also extends down into the sea? And might this explain why the natives of Pohnpei have left this part of the island uninhabited for nearly 400 years? There are those who believe the answers can be found by examining islands that have suddenly and mysteriously vanished.


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