6.11 – ALIEN BREEDERS (3.14.14)


The Vatican. May 12, 1003 AD. One of the most controversial popes of all time, Pope Sylvester II, lies on his deathbed. Over the course of his four years as pope, Sylvester has proven to be learned and innovative, having promoted the study of arithmetic and astronomy. But there were those who believed that the mysterious pontiff’s scientific skills were the result of his having been in league with demons, that he had studied the black arts, and that he had even built a robotic head from which he received secret knowledge. According to some accounts, with his last breaths Pope Sylvester made a shocking confession: that he was involved with a mythological demon called a succubus.

“Incubi and succubi are very commonly appearing in ancient mythologies straight through to the medieval times. This is not a one-off, it was a common feature of life back in those days.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

In ancient stories, the succubus is a demonic being that takes the form of a woman and seduces human men. This demon is also able to change genders and become an incubus, using the semen taken from men to impregnate mortal women.

“Incubi and succubae were said to come to people in the night in a kind of nightmarish experience of sleep paralysis. They wake up from a deep sleep and are fully conscious of their surroundings. However, they also are paralyzed. And there’s a sexual component to this presence in that it is attempting to rape you.”

– Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology & Folklore, CSU Northridge)

“Stories of the incubus and succubus, demons that appear at night to have sex with people, in their bedrooms. There’s often some fear involved, but you cannot resist or do anything about it.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“The classic form of the incubus theory is owed to St. Thomas Aquinas. In several of his works, he discusses this phrase “children” of the devil.” For a child of the devil to be born, the devil is somehow going to have to steal viable semen from a man and inject it into a woman.”

– Walter Stephens, Ph.D. (Author, Demon Lovers:
Witchcraft, Sex, & the Crisis of Belief)

“Clearly, there are entities out there which have an agenda with apparently mating with human beings for their own purpose.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

Might these sexual predators be simply an ancient myth? Or could the legends be based on historical documentation?

Between 1480 and 1750, an estimated 50,000 executions of so-called witches occurred as part of the Holy Inquisition; an unrelenting war waged by the Roman Catholic Church against anyone they saw as opposing God’s law.

“Witches were people who were thought to be engaged in a conspiracy with Satan to bring about the destruction of Christianity, the destruction of the civilized world.”

– Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology & Folklore, CSU Northridge)

According to the Malleus Maleficarum or “Hammer of the Witches,” witchcraft began when women ceased resisting the advances of demons. Woman accused of having sex with demons were tortured into confessions that revealed lurid details of their sexual relations.

“If you had sex with a demon, you had given your soul to the demon, and therefore, you would be forced, even against your will, to kill livestock, kill and eat babies, destroy pregnancies, make men impotent, and on down the line.”

    – Walter Stephens, Ph.D. (Author, Demon Lovers:
Witchcraft, Sex, & the Crisis of Belief)

“Many of these reports from medieval times have similarities to a modern-day alien abduction. People report the same type of feeling and having some type of a sexual encounter.”

– Jason Martell
(Founder, AncientSchool),
(Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

Could the confessions heard during the Inquisition and encounters with the mythological incubus and succubus really be describing sexual relations with extraterrestrials? Some Ancient Astronaut Theorists say that not only was this happening in medieval times, but that it still goes on today. Modern accounts of sexual encounters with aliens, date back to 1957, when a Brazilian farmer claimed he was taken on board a ship and coerced into having sex with a strange-looking blonde female with large eyes.

“One of the most famous and earliest of the modern extraterrestrial abduction reports is the 1957 case of Antonio Villas Boas in Brazil. And he claimed that a flying saucer landed in his remote farm. He was taken aboard. While he was there, he had a sexual encounter with this extraterrestrial woman.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“That’s one of the first abduction cases, and most interesting, because it preceded all the others and wasn’t well known until years afterwards. So, you can’t say that Antonio Villas Boas got these ideas by reading pulp literature.”

– Don Donderi, Ph.D.
(Author, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions)

A few years later, in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Lancaster, New Hampshire reported a famous abduction incident where they were placed naked on examination tables and probed by what they described as Grey aliens, who extracted eggs and sperm samples.

“There are too many stories like that where one can dismiss them as simply saying, oh, all those stories are made up. I personally think that many abduction stories are fake, because people want attention, they want to be listened to. But at the same time, to suggest that all of these stories are a hoax it’s-it’s too much.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“What we’re seeing is a clear-cut through line between modern-day extraterrestrial abduction accounts and what we actually find in medieval times. There are notable similarities in these stories. And the products of that sexual conjunction appear to be used for a genetic interbreeding program.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

Are these incidents along with the incubus and succubus stories from medieval times really encounters with extraterrestrial beings? If so, are they simply the actions of rogue aliens, similar to the ancient stories of the fallen angels? Or might they be part of some greater plan? Perhaps the answer can be found with the stories of unborn babies that mysteriously disappear from the womb.


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