6.12 – ALIEN TRANSPORTS (6.13.14)


Saqqara, Egypt. Located roughly 20 miles south of Cairo, it is home to the world famous step pyramid of King Djoser. Dating back more than 4,000 years, it is the oldest of Egypt’s 97 pyramids. Saqqara is also famous for being one of Egypt’s oldest burial grounds, earning it the nickname “City of the Dead.” It was here, in 1891, that French archeologists unearthed an ancient tomb containing the burial remains of Pa-di-Imen, an official from the 3rd-century BC. Among the various items discovered was a small, wooden model of what appeared to be a bird lying beside a papyrus bearing the inscription, “I want to fly.” The artifact was later sent to the Cairo museum, where authorities placed it alongside several other bird figurines. The model sat largely unnoticed until 1969, when Egyptologist Dr. Khalil Messiha was examining the bird collection and noticed that there was something very different about the Saqqara Bird.

“It’s interesting, because on one hand, clearly, it should look like a bird because it has eyes, and has a typical nose of a bird. On the other hand, the wings are clearly not bird wings.”

 – Dr. Uwe Apel (Aerospace Engineer)

“To the middle of the rump you’ll see this wing a bit thicker. In this region, the lift up is the highest. The whole thing becomes thinner to the, um, end of the wings, and those wings are modeled down. And this is a very modern aerodynamic design.”

– Dr. Algund Eenboom
(Co-Author, Aircraft of the Pharaohs)

“Then the other point is birds have no rudders, because a bird does not need a rudder because of its aerodynamic architecture. And so there is the idea they are not representing birds, but flying machines, or aircraft.”

    – Dr. Uwe Apel (Aerospace Engineer)

Could the ancient Egyptians have possessed the power of flight? In 2006, aviation and aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson built a scale model of the Saqqara Bird five times larger than the original to test that possibility.

“We’re running at a constant speed, slowly increasing the angle of attack and then measuring the forces which it’s producing, that way we can learn about its flight characteristics. At ten degrees, we’re producing four times weight and lift. So, it actually would be flying now. That’s good.”

Simon Sanderson (Aviation & Aerodynamics Expert)

“Tests show the Saqqara Bird is a highly developed glider. And this is a design we use today.”

– Dr. Algund Eenboom
(Co-Author, Aircraft of the Pharaohs)

During the Sanderson tests, it was discovered that the only thing preventing the Saqqara Bird from achieving flight was the lack of a rear stabilizing rudder or elevator needed to maintain balance. Is it possible that the Saqqara Bird ever possessed this critical component? What is missing is something like an elevator.

“But if you look at this feature here, and we may interpret that something like an elevator was connected here, but was lost during history.”

Dr. Uwe Apel (Aerospace Engineer)

Computer models seem to confirm that the Saqqara Bird is certainly airworthy. But there is another problem to consider: launching a glider. Modern methods require the use of a tow plane that pulls the glider into the air, then releases it when a proper altitude is reached. So, how might the ancient Egyptians have launched the Saqqara Bird?

“The Scientifics of Egyptology told us that such a bird could be powered off by catapults to fly. And we had high acceptance by Egyptian scientists.”

– Dr. Algund Eenboom
(Co-Author, Aircraft of the Pharaohs)

The idea of using a catapult does have a contemporary parallel. Many of today’s glider enthusiasts employ a bungee cord system to launch their sail craft into the air. But if the Saqqara Bird is capable of flight, where would ancient Egyptians have acquired such technology?

“I think that people in ancient times were visited by beings coming not from this Earth and they gave us culture and scientific technologies to improve our life on Earth coming from the primitive to a higher developed culture.”

– Dr. Algund Eenboom
(Co-Author, Aircraft of the Pharaohs)

“It’s a fact that our ancestors were more intelligent and had more technological superiority capabilities than our history books give them credit for.”

– Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

“You begin to have to ask yourself, are we missing part of the story? And honestly, I think we are. I think there has been a forgotten episode in human history and we’re a species with amnesia. We don’t really remember who or what we are.”

Graham Hancock (Author, Fingerprints of the Gods)

“I haven’t been convinced that there is evidence that supports an ancient visitation. But there is no reason why not. And I think to shut oneself to that possibility is a mistake.  Mainly because there are so many anomalies that we can’t explain.”

– Robert Bauval (Egyptologist),
(Author, The Egypt Code),
(Author, Secret Chamber Revisited),
(Co-Author, Black Genesis)

Could the Saqqara Bird really be a model of an ancient flying machine? And if so, might this be evidence that our ancestors witnessed alien technology? Perhaps further proof can be found by examining a century-old Mexican ritual called the Dance of the Flyers.


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