6.16 – THE REPTILIANS (7.25.14)


Los Angeles, California January, 1934. The Los Angeles Times publishes an article entitled “Lizard People’s Catacomb City Hunted,” accounting the attempt by mining engineer G. Warren Shufelt to locate and excavate a maze of tunnels which he believed were beneath the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

“Warren Shufelt was a mining engineer and he invented a device that he called the radio x-ray to be used for gold mining and this device could find tunnels underground. And he actually created a map of the tunnels.”

 – Glen Creason (Author, Los Angeles in Maps)

Included on Shufelt’s map of tunnels were 16 places where he said he had located gold deposits. Shufelt gained momentum after meeting with a Hopi medicine man who told him the legend of the lizard people that live in underground cities.

“Warren Shufelt had a sit-down with an Indian medicine man in Arizona who told him there was a Hopi legend that there was three cities on the Pacific Coast that were completely underground. The story goes that 5,000 years ago, there was a meteor shower, and these lizard people sought refuge underground. They dug these tunnels, and one of the network of tunnels was under the city of Los Angeles.”

Glen Creason (Author, Los Angeles in Maps)

According to the legend, the lizard people carved out vast chambers large enough to house a thousand families, using advanced technologies, such as a mysterious chemical that could easily bore through bedrock. Shufelt obtained permission from the city and began digging to try and reach the vast tunnel system. The city council, perhaps motivated by the alleged gold that was contained within the tunnels, allowed Shufelt to dig a 250-foot shaft, under the agreement that he would give them 50% of the treasure, if recovered.

“Warren Shufelt was a successful mining engineer, and it seems that he had some kind of connection at The Los Angeles Times, ’cause The Times really followed the story. It was a story that caught the popular imagination.”

  – Glen Creason (Author, Los Angeles in Maps)

After a month of digging, and not reaching the tunnel system, Warren Shufelt and his team ran out of money and stopped the search. But fascination with the story continues to this day.

“So, now we have these stories of underground people, a race living underground in tunnels and bases. And you have to wonder is this some kind of reptilian extraterrestrials who have taken control of our planet and are living underground? It seems incredible, and yet, it’s what some of the stories are telling us.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Is it possible that an advanced race of lizard people once lived underneath the western United States? And could they still be there today? Astonishingly, a nearly identical legend exists halfway around the world.

Benares, India. Within this city lies the Well of Sheshna, which in Hindu legend is an entrance into an underground city of the Nagas, a race of semi-divine serpent people known throughout Eastern culture.

“In Benares, the sacred city of India, there is a well, the Well of Sheshna. This is one of the portals to the underground city, called Patala. And the Nagas live in this place.  It’s a place of great power and mystery, and some danger, and only the holy can make contact with it.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“Patala is the underworld in Hindu mythology. There are many beings that live in there, many reptilians, which are called Nagas. As a demigod, they must have descended from heaven to the Earth to teach, to give special qualities, to the human world. Nagas are not really evil, being as in Judeo-Christian context.”

– Deepak Shimkhada, Ph.D.
(Adjunct Prof. of Religion, Claremont Graduate Univ.),
(Prof. of Hindu Studies, Claremont Lincoln Univ.,
School of Theology)

Ancient Astronaut Theorists claim the Hindu stories of the Nagas bear a striking resemblance to the Hopi stories of lizard people, who also resided beneath the earth.

“So here we are linking the Naga, the serpent beings, with the reptilian beings of the Hopi tradition. We see a common thread here of these beings who are at one time reviled, and also, revered. But also, as beings that have a direct influence on humanity.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Is it merely coincidence that extremely similar legends of advanced reptilian beings living underground can be found on opposite sides of the world? And is it possible these reptilian underground dwellers surface every so often to interact with humanity? Perhaps more clues can be found in artifacts unearthed in the cradle of civilization.

Southern Iraq, 1923. British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley leads an excavation to uncover the remains of one of the oldest agricultural communities in the world the Ubaid culture, which dates back to 5,900 BC. Among the remains, they discover some unusual clay artifacts.

“Among the dwellings and tools, they also discovered these strange-looking clay figurines. And I say strange, because they don’t really look human. They have the facial features of what seems to be reptiles. Now, is it possible that the Sumerians were depicting a race of beings that were living among them at the time?”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Mainstream scholars have debated the meaning of the statues since their discovery, thinking, perhaps, they were Sumerian gods. However, Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the statues could have a different meaning.

“These clay figurines have these, what are called, “coffee bean eyes.” They have these elongated skulls. They look very much like some kind of reptilian extraterrestrial. And they’re breast-feeding children and doing very normal human things that you wouldn’t think that gods would necessarily be doing. So, it’s this mixture of human activity with these reptilian aliens.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“So we’re showing mammalian reptilian physiology. When it shows them, holding those babies, it’s not a normal thing to have anywhere an iconography throughout the entire world. And it makes you suspect as to whether or not they had actual physical contacts between them.”

John Rhodes (Founder, Reptoid Research Ctr)

But just what are these strange creatures? Where do the reptilians, that have reportedly been witnessed by humans for thousands of years, come from? Some Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the answer can be found by looking back, not thousands of years, but millions.


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