6.2 – ALIENS & THE LOST ARK (12.6.13)


Petra, Jordan. At the summit of Jebel Haroun, a small white dome marks the tomb of Aaron, the brother of Moses. According to the Hebrew Bible, Aaron was chosen by God to be the first high priest of the Israelites a title that came with enormous responsibility.

“Aaron, Moses’s brother, served as priest of the people. And then following Aaron, the line of the priests followed his genealogy. They were the ones designated to carry the Ark and they were the ones permitted to come close to it in worship.”

Rabbi Ed Feinstein (Author, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA)

“The attire of the priests was beautiful, but it was also there for their protection. They had to wear a miter. They wore breastplate. They had to wear a long robe. They had to keep certain areas the head, the lungs, the heart, the genital area.”

Rev. Michael J.S. Carter, M.Div.
(Author, Alien Scriptures)

“The high priest would have to have these on to approach the Ark. And when he approached the Ark, he had to have a rope tied around his leg. Why? So if and when something ever went wrong and the Ark struck him or he died no one would be allowed to go in to retrieve his body, ’cause they would suffer the same fate.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

“On top of the Ark were the figures of two angels. And it was said in the Bible that God’s presence came to rest in the tiny space between them. That was the place where Heaven and Earth touched.”

Rabbi Ed Feinstein (Author, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA)

The space between the angels on the lid of the Ark was known as the Mercy Seat, upon which the image of God would allegedly sit when communicating with a Levite priest. But did the Israelites really witness an otherworldly presence between the two angels? And if so, was it literally the image of God or something else? Based on the numerous accounts of the Ark’s awesome power, some Ancient Astronaut Theorists have proposed that it may have been an electrical capacitor, a device used for storing and transmitting energy.

“Some of the stories that have come out of history about the Ark of the Covenant, that it erupted in sparks and flames and people would touch it and die instantly, or that it leveled cities. And many people have theorized that this is some type of actual large energy capacitor.”

– Jason Martell
(Founder, AncientSchool),
(Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

“‘Capacitor’ is exactly the right word to use. It relies on static electricity. It’s the simplest device. You just need two conductors with an insulator between them. You’ve got the outer gold, a very nice conductor, and then if you open this up and look to the inside, you’ll see a second electrode. So, what that’s gonna look like…Okay, you have the outer side of your Ark. That’s gonna, say, charge positive. Then you have your inner wall of the Ark coated in gold. And then you have an insulator in between that’s just the wood you make the Ark out of. Now what you got to do is get negative charges here on the inner side. Now the question is how do I get my positive and negative charges onto my Ark? This is where the cherubs come in. You have one sitting on top here that’s attached to the outer side, and you can put charge on it and get your positive charge. The other cherub is going to be sitting here it won’t be connected to the outer layer, but it’ll come in from a rod and connect to the inner side and this is where we’ll put our negative charge. So, what that looks like over here at the Ark, is this cherub will not actually be attached to the outer conductor. There’ll be an insulator there. It’ll sit on it, and then it can have a rod that goes through and attaches to the inner conductor.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

“Now, the Israelites claimed to have actually been able to see the presence of God between the two cherubs…a representation of God. Now, if they weren’t actually seeing a representation of God, could this arc of energy have been some type of other energy device that they were seeing?”

– Jason Martell
(Founder, AncientSchool),
(Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

“So, when we’re thinking about the Israelites seeing the image of God between the two cherub wings, one of the things to keep in mind, I think, is how the image of God was often described. We have smoke, fire there’s very rarely an actual, like, visual picture of a person. And so, if you picture what arcs of electricity will be doing, there’ll probably be a little bit of smoke, um, there will be the really bright light, there’ll be a crackling noise. That could certainly be something that would be interpreted as an image of God.”

Michael Dennin, Ph.D.
(Physicist/Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, UC Irvine)

Is it possible that accounts of God’s presence atop the Ark were actually describing electrical discharge? And if so, might someone or something have been sending electrical signals through the Ark of the Covenant to communicate with the Israelites? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe such a notion is not only possible, but all the more plausible, given the biblical descriptions of a device known as “the Breastplate of Judgment.”

According to the Book of Exodus, it was worn by the priests when entering the Tabernacle, and was adorned with 12 sacred gemstones called “the Stones of Fire,” which represented the 12 tribes of Israel. And according to detailed accounts from sacred texts known as the Talmud, these gemstones played an important role when communicating with God through the Ark.

“Somehow there would be a pulsating sound emanating from on top of the cherubim. And these pulsating, high-pitched sounds would cause a vibration in the stones on his breastplate. The stones would actually start to light up.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

“There seems to be a very complex, but very specific code happening here that God is communicating through.”

– Kathleen McGowan Coppens (Author/Researcher),
(Author, The Expected One), (The Source of Miracles),
(The Book of Love)

“It was like some extraterrestrial Morse code that was being received from the Ark of the Covenant.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Jerusalem. 995 BC. Nearly a century after the Philistines returned the Ark to Judah, King David transports it to the capital city with plans to build an enormous temple in order to house it.

“It’s Solomon, David’s son, who built the Temple of Jerusalem and installed the Ark in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies.”

Rabbi Ed Feinstein (Author, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA)

Once installed in the temple in 955 BC, the mysterious ark continued to serve the Israelites for another three-and-a-half centuries until, suddenly it vanishes from history.

“The Book of Kings describes the destruction of the city of Jerusalem, says nothing about the ark. It disappears from the literary history in the same way that it disappeared from material history.”

Rabbi Ed Feinstein (Author, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA)

But what happened to it? Was it stolen? Destroyed? Or was it deliberately hidden? There are those who believe they know the answer, and that not only does the Ark still exist, but they are confident it will return.


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