Shikoku, Japan. Here, towering 6,500 feet over this ancient island, is Mt. Ishizuchi, one of the most revered mountains in all of Japan. The sharp summit is called Tengu-dake, named after the fearsome demons known as Tengu, thought to live not only here, but in mountains all over Japan.

“These are fierce birdlike creatures. They are frightening to look at. They’ve got feathers, of course, and sharp teeth. They’ve got claws and beaks, and yet they are persons. They are somewhere between a bird and a person, but in a very frightening form.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“The Karasu-Tengu, which translates as “Crow Tengu,” are born out of these giant eggs. And these creatures are typically very mischievous and even malevolent towards humans. They like to play tricks on them. They like to make them lose their way in the mountain. They often kidnap people as well.”

– Dominic Steavu, Ph.D.
(Asst. Prof. of Chinese Religious Studies, UCSB)

“One story about the Tengu concerns Mt. Ishizuchi: a six-year-old boy went missing at the top of the mountain, Tengu Peak. When they asked him, what had happened, he said that he had left the trail, and that an all-black humanlike figure from behind said, “If you are lost, I will help you. Close your eyes.” And the next thing he knew he was back home safe and sound.”

– Alexander Bay, Ph.D.
(Assoc. Prof. of Japanese History, Chapman Univ.)

Belief in the Tengu was widespread. In fact, as recently as 1860, the Edo government posted an official notice to the Tengu, ordering them to evacuate the mountains before a Shogun’s upcoming visit. But did these strange and powerful beings really exist? And if so, what were the Tengu?

“All over the world we have stories of what we call birdmen like the Tengu. And these are men that are often depicted with wings on their backs, they’re able to fly. And you have to wonder if really these aren’t some kind of extraterrestrials and that the wings are purely symbolic. But they’re called bird-men and have wings because they can fly. They can fly in their spaceships.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“The biggest creatures, or the biggest gods that we can talk about with wings are none other than the Anunnaki. And to this day, in museums all around the world, we can see them as these winged majestic beings with muscular bodies and these massive wings. The Sumerian mythologies proclaim that the Anunnaki will return one day. And so, the question is, is it possible that they never left? And what better place to go than the mountains? Because it would be a logical place to escape detection.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Might the accounts of the Tengu really be describing Anunnaki? Did the same beings that walked amongst the ancient Sumerians take refuge in the mountains of Japan? And if so, might they also have hidden in other mountains throughout the world?

Tenerife, Canary Islands. Reaching a height of over 24,000 feet from its base under the ocean, Mt. Teide is the third-largest volcano in the world. The surrounding region was once home to the mysterious Guanche people, thought to live on the islands as far back as 200 BC. After the Spanish invaded in the 15th-century, the native culture and traditions quickly disappeared but some Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe a series of pyramids found near Mt. Teide were built by the Guanche, and may provide more clues about this ancient civilization.

“The Guanche people are fascinating because there is so much that we don’t know about them. The Guanche people are a real mystery. They mummified their dead. So, we’re able to obtain what information we do have about them through looking at some of these mummies. The Guanche were also pyramid builders. And the pyramids that they are building resemble the earliest step pyramids in Egypt, but also the step pyramids that we see throughout the Mayan culture.”

– Kathleen McGowan Coppens (Author/Researcher),
(Author, The Expected One), (The Source of Miracles),
(The Book of Love)

“Quite close to Mount Teide, there are a series of pyramids that seem to have some relationship to the mountain or volcano. And they may have even been representations of that mountain itself. But they also were places of communication with the gods. But who those gods were is lost today.”

– Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis),
(The Cygnus Mystery), (Beneath the Pyramids),
(Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

But for what purpose were the Mount Teide pyramids built? Were they meant to be places of worship? Or could it be, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, that they were constructed to welcome otherworldly visitors? Perhaps the answers can be found in the mythology of the Guanche people.

“The Gauche also believed that Mount Teide was a huge pyramid put there by the gods. They also believed that they are seeing gods coming and going from this mountain, but perhaps what they’re really seeing is extraterrestrial vehicles coming and going from the mountain.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“The ancient Egyptians called their step pyramids “the stairway to heaven.” And maintained that the gods themselves taught them how to build these structures. It’s possible that the Gauche step pyramids were built based on instructions from the same gods. And that they, too, are portals or gateways to heaven.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Is it possible that the Guanche people built these pyramids not for mythical gods, but as launching pads for actual beings that visited them in the distant past? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and point to strange sightings that continue around Mount Teide even to this day.

“That region has had more than its share of interesting UFO sightings. Not just of UFO sightings, but really dramatic, I mean off- the-charts dramatic UFO sightings. In June of 1976, people on the ground saw this glowing large three-story high almost like a globe that at times was transparent, and in fact, the Spanish military investigated this particular case. And they were left with something that was truly unknown, truly extraordinary.”

Richard Dolan
(Author, UFOs & the National Security State)

Did the Guanche people witness extraterrestrials coming and going from Mount Teide in the distant past? Many Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that not only have aliens landed on mountains, but that they may even have created elaborate bases deep inside of them.


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