7.3 – ALIENS AMONG US (11.14.14)


Muscat, Oman. Here, on the shores of the Arabian Sea, lies one of the world’s ten largest caves Majlis al Jinn, or “meeting place of the Jinn.” According to Islamic texts, the Jinn are beings from a higher realm. But they are not angels. They have free will, and they disobey Allah, just as the Watchers are said to have disobeyed God in the Book of Enoch. And many Muslims believe this 14-acre cavern is still inhabited by these otherworldly beings.

“In Islam, there is a class of beings known as Jinn. The Jinn are angelic, and yet they are not of the ethereal realm. They are of the earthly realm. They’re neither good nor evil. They’re shape shifters. They can help you. They can also trick you.”

– Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Anthropology & Folklore, CSU Northridge)

“They are supposed to have had magic abilities, supernatural powers. And humans greatly feared the Jinn. They are just exiled beings who crossed over a forbidden boundary and now find themselves trapped in the earth plane.”

William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),

(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),

(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),

(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

In the Islamic texts, the Jinn appear only when they want to be seen, often influencing humans by whispering instructions to them while invisible.

“In order to understand the nature of these entities, we must understand that in many ways they are the intermediary race. Like human beings, they eat and drink. Like human beings, they sexually procreate. But, like the angels, they can shape-shift, fly and know the future.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

Stories of encounters with the Jinn can be found throughout the Muslim world. But could they be true? And if so, are these the same otherworldly entities that are said to have descended to Earth before the time of the Great Flood, known as the Watchers? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and claim that further evidence can be found with the stories of similar strange beings found all over the world.

In Africa, there are stories of the Orisha demigods who came down from the sky that are said to speak every language and secretly influence events on Earth. In Japan, the Tengu are birdlike creatures that are said to hide out in the mountains and change form to manipulate humans. But if the Watchers were active on Earth hundreds of years ago, could they still be living among us even to this day? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and for proof, they suggest we look no further than recent accounts of alien abductions.

January 25, 1967. South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. 30-year-old Betty Andreasson is in her kitchen after dinner while her mother, father and seven children are in the living room. Suddenly, the power goes out. And when it comes back on a moment later, a beam of red light shoots through the window.

“We saw a flashing reddish orange light coming through the pantry window. Five beings entered my home right through the wooden door. They had large black eyes, tiny nose, thin slit mouth, tiny holes for ears. A large, bulbous head. And I was quite shocked, wondering, who or what is this, you know? At that point, I was taken up into the craft.”

Betty Andreasson Luca (Abductee)

“Betty ends up going with them to someplace that she thinks is their world. And she said it was more vivid than life itself.”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

“Betty Andreasson’s reports are very detailed and thorough. There’s lots and lots of specific drawings that she makes of technology on these ships. This is before the era that anybody was talking about this stuff, so it was a totally unique experience for her.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

A devout Christian, Andreasson describes her abduction as a religious experience.

“The only thing I could think of that they must be angels, for them to be able to pass through the door like that and to take me through that door the same way.”

Betty Andreasson Luca (Abductee)

But for Ancient Astronaut Theorists, this encounter is most significant because of how these strange beings identified themselves.

“They said that they were the Watchers.”

Betty Andreasson Luca (Abductee)

But if extraterrestrial beings known as Watchers are still living among us today, why? Perhaps the answer can be found by examining other cases of extraterrestrial abductions and by examining whether the Watchers are watching us or if there are other beings watching them.


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