7.3 – ALIENS AMONG US (11.14.14)


June 5, 2013. The British daily newspaper, The Guardian reveals that classified documents from the United States National Security Agency have been leaked. Among them is an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requiring Verizon to hand over metadata from millions of Americans’ phone calls to the FBI and NSA. Four days later, Edward Snowden, a former cyber security expert for the Central Intelligence Agency, comes forward to identify himself as the source of the leak. When asked to explain his actions, Snowden states, “I can get your e-mails, passwords, phone records, credit cards. I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.”

“The NSA is the National Security Agency or, as some people call it, the National Spying Agency, which is in control of monitoring the communication systems throughout the world every form of electronic communication, supposedly for the purposes of national security to identify and neutralize any threats to America. One of the documents that Edward Snowden released was about a Project Mystic, which has the capability to record the actual audio of every conversation in an entire country, if not the planet.”

– Mark Dice
(Author, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True)

“Technology is really interesting, as it enhances our life in so many ways. But with each of those enhancements, there’s also something potentially taken away, depending on how you see it. For example, our privacy is changing or is actually getting reduced almost daily.”

Samy Kamkar (Computer Hacker & Security Researcher)

“We’ve never experienced a society where there are so many microphones, millions and millions of cameras everywhere you go.”

– Mark Dice
(Author, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True)

“We are moving our entire lives into what is known as the Cloud. We are headed into this direction where, with a stroke of a key, you can figure out anything you want about a person.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

As technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing rate, we gain greater access to information both from and about each other, becoming interconnected unlike any other time in our history. There are those who believe that this evolution of technology is not entirely of our own making, but that we have been guided by visitors that first came to Earth thousands of years ago.

“From the perspective that I look at it all is that a long time ago, extraterrestrials provided the basic tools, the basic knowledge with the idea that ultimately we would turn or become the society that we are today. So, is it possible that we are still being observed? And the answer is a resounding yes.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Ancient Astronaut Theorists contend that it is by extraterrestrial design that we have become so technologically interconnected, and that we are being watched not only by agencies of the government, but by beings from beyond our world. They also claim that they set us on this course in the ancient past, and that we can find evidence of their existence in the stories of a group of Ancient Aliens known as the Watchers.

In the fourth chapter of the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Daniel, the Watchers are described as a group of divine overseers, later associated with angels.

“The Watchers are essentially messengers. And so this is why many scholars understand the Watchers to be a class of angels, since angels were understood to be messengers in the Bible. They’re tasked with managing the Earth and watching over humans. And some of these are said to be good Watchers. They do their jobs dutifully. And others are said to be bad Watchers.”

Robert Cargill, Ph.D.
(Former: Biblical Archaeologist, UCLA),
(Current: Asst. Prof. of Classic & Religious Studies,
Univ. of Iowa)

“It is said about the Watchers that nothing happens on Earth that is not ordained by their hand and executed by their agents. Who are they?  What are they? Well, Daniel doesn’t necessarily go into greater detail. But there were numerous other texts that teach more about that which is recorded in the Biblical books. One of the most famous, of course, is the Book of Enoch.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

The Book of Enoch, containing the firsthand account of the great-grandfather of Noah, was stricken from the Bible’s Old Testament at the Council of Laodicea in the 4th-century AD. In the third book of this apocryphal text, Enoch says an angel known as a “Watcher” took him aboard a fiery chariot that ascended to Heaven.

“Enoch is brought up into outer space, into “Heaven.” It’s fascinatingly detailed, and the reports of crystal walls with light coming out of them and crystal rooms sounds like someone with primitive language skills trying to explain going into a super-high-fidelity science-fiction reality.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

“Enoch is talking about flesh-and-blood beings who came, saw potential for mankind and imparted knowledge. Those are who the Watchers were.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Could it be that the Watchers described in the Book of Enoch are extraterrestrials that came to Earth and taught early humans in the distant past? Did they plant the seeds of knowledge that would lead us to this point in our technological evolution? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and suggest that evidence for this can be found in every corner of the world.

“Around the world, we find stories that are strikingly similar to that of the Watchers coming to Earth and giving humanity forbidden knowledge, especially the secrets of Heaven.”

William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),

(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),

(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),

(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Inca legend states that the god Viracocha created humans and taught them astronomy, agriculture and other advanced arts. The Maya civilization believed their supreme god Kukulkan taught humans writing, mathematics and science. And in ancient Chinese legend, the divine ruler Huang Di introduced numerous advancements such as the wheel, weaving and writing.

“In Egypt, you have the god Osiris revealing the wisdom to mortal kind on how they could construct civilization. And you find this again and again within the Eurasian continent, in Africa, but also obviously within Southwest Asia. You have the stories of the Anunnaki.”

– Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis),
(The Cygnus Mystery), (Beneath the Pyramids),
(Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

“Stories of the Anunnaki or the Watchers or the gods in the Greek pantheon or any of the ancient gods were based on physical visitations.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“They are all the same group, the same extraterrestrials. They just have received different names among the tribes and among the continents.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

If extraterrestrials really did come here to Earth to assist humanity, what happened to them? Perhaps the answer can be found with one of the ancient world’s most powerful secret societies, which still exists today.


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