7.7 – ALIEN MESSAGES (12.19.14)


Washington DC. May 2014. NASA researchers in conjunction with SETI scientists publish a manual enlisting archaeologists and anthropologists in the search for evidence of extraterrestrial communication. The 330-page document entitled, “Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication,” details means and methods – beyond binary code and radio signals – that scientists should consider as potential communication from extraterrestrials. Singled out in the document are rock art and carvings, including the Neolithic petroglyphs of Northumberland, England. Although the document does not directly attribute the art to extraterrestrials, it does propose the possibility that it could be tied to otherworldly communication.

“Throughout the world there are petroglyphs and other rock art, that are actually quite similar all over the Earth. We have to wonder if there’s not some parallel that’s going on.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“I think that we have to start looking at these symbols and ask how did it originate and from where.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Roswell, New Mexico. September 4, 2004. While tracking deer in the desert, just 11 miles from the famous Roswell crash site, Robert Ridge came across an object sticking out of the sand – a small, triangular-shaped rock that is completely uniform in color, and has a circular design on top of it, that isn’t etched into the rock, but actually protrudes from it.

“Thought it was really cool when I first picked it up. Then, got into the truck, brushed it off, and then I was like, you know, in awe. And I was, like, pinching myself. What is this? I thought it was very unique and very special right off the get-go. And I still do.”

Robert Ridge (Owner, The Roswell Rock)

The Roswell Rock, as it has come to be known, measures roughly one and half inches thick by two inches wide. Meticulously etched out of the face of the triangular stone, are circles and crescents. Robert Ridge is convinced that this symbol is meant to convey a message. And after studying the rock, he discovered an uncanny correlation between the symbols and the magnetism of the stone.

“We found the rock has magnetic properties. A friend of mine kept hounding me about it. And he finally brought a magnet of his own and said, ‘Here, do this.’ So we did. And we found out that it has, It’s pretty cool.”

    – Robert Ridge (Owner, The Roswell Rock)

But with all the strange qualities that the Roswell Rock possesses, what researchers find most fascinating is that the design protruding from its surface, has also been found in England nearly 5,000 miles away.

“The pattern of the sun and moon inside the circle that we see on the rock, is precisely the same as what we see in a crop circle formation, dating to 1996 in Southern England.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

The crop circle appeared eight years before Robert Ridge discovered the Roswell Rock, a fact that has led some to suggest the rock is simply a man-made copy.

“One of my best friends said, it looks like a hippie made it and threw it out in the desert. So, I wanted to examine it. We did a 3-D CAT scan of the rock. And that’s how we found out it hasn’t been painted. This hasn’t been stuck to the top of the rock. It’s not an appliqué. It’s a part of the rock. It doesn’t have a magnet inside.”

Robert Ridge (Owner, The Roswell Rock)

Ancient Astronaut Theorists also contend that if someone had made the rock as a hoax, it’s unlikely they would have left it half buried in the middle of the desert, where it may never be found. But what has truly convinced Robert and may others, that the rock is not a man-made fabrication, is a comparison that was done under a microscope, between the Roswell Rock and a sandblasted replica.

“We started looking at it under magnification. And it blew me away. And I was like, wow. What is this? It’s proven to be everything I thought it was so far, in my opinion.”

Robert Ridge (Owner, The Roswell Rock)

One of the first researchers to investigate the connection, between the Roswell Rock and the crop circle in England, was investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe. She is convinced that within the design is a message.

“If we are dealing with advanced intelligences, and you assume that throughout the Universe – all solar system, all galaxies – there have to be some, we’ll call them baselines. Moons, suns and skies would be the common denominator. Something is trying to teach us humans about astronomy. The moon and the sun and the tracking of the symbols – this is reflecting past, present, and future. And that comes back to, what is on that rock? Well, some people would say that that is a date.”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

A date? But why? Could there be a message encoded in the design on the Roswell Rock, that reveals some significant turning point that lies ahead for mankind?

“It could be that the extraterrestrials responsible for making crop circles – which I believe that’s what’s happening – actually generated this rock, created this near the Roswell crash, so as to get us asking the right questions. A little bread crumb here, and a little bread crumb there, and we’re being brought closer and closer to the truth.”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

Is it possible that the design that appears on the Roswell Rock, and in the crop formation in England, is actually an attempt by extraterrestrials to communicate with humankind? Might this message be trying to tell us something about our future, and possibly even reveal the date on which these alien visitors plan to return? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the geometry of one of the world’s most mysterious sites.


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