8.1 – ALIENS BC (7.24.15)


Throughout the world, there are incredible man-made structures that have been found to date back thousands of years earlier than archaeologists initially thought. Is it possible that an advanced civilization really existed on Earth in mankind’s prehistory? A close examination of the so-called “Old Testament” of the Judeo-Christian Bible suggests that although Adam and Eve are presumably the first humans created by God, their son Cain later went on to marry and join a thriving community.

“There are a number of biblical stories which make us suspect that perhaps Homo sapiens were not the only species on Earth or even the first ones. Although Adam and Eve are recorded in the Garden of Eden as the first human parents that when Cain went on his way after murdering his brother, Abel, he comes to another city with other beings living in it. Now, who are they? What are they?”

Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe (Author, Mysteries of the Bible)

According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, several ancient texts can be found that describe beings that dwelled upon the earth before the time of Adam and Eve.  These are often referred to as the “pre-Adamites.”

“There is a long and ancient history of what today are called pre Adamites. Now, who are they and what are they? This is a subject, of course, of many legends. Those legends tell us tremendous amount of things. People’s lives extended for thousands of years. They allegedly reached high levels of technology, even traveling to the stars, and yet somehow something went wrong in their civilization. The pre-Adamic civilization fell, but some went to the stars, and they were told, ordered by God, to watch and to observe.”

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok (Founder, KosherTorah School)

“Well, let’s assume for a moment that we had this incredible planet, and, all of a sudden, the extraterrestrials, other beings, came here, and they had their own facilities, their own monuments, their own communities for at least some time. And then, somewhere along the line, they took off.”

George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)

Stories of a time when otherworldly beings occupied the planet can be found in nearly all world mythologies. For the ancient Egyptians, the dawn of life on Earth is referred to as “Zep Tepi,” “the first time,” when the god Osiris served as an earthly ruler. The ancient Greeks called this period the “Golden Age,” when the Titans and the Olympians dwelled on Earth. And the ancient Sumerian accounts detail a time before the creation of man when the gods were the sole occupants of the planet.

“The basic suggestion is that extraterrestrials colonized Planet Earth thousands of years ago, and we’re talking not 10,000 or 15,000 years ago, but hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

But if an advanced, possibly extraterrestrial, civilization really did exist here on Earth, why is there no record of it? No apparent archaeological or architectural evidence?

“For most of the cultures studied by archaeology, we are bereft of probably the vast majority of what they produced. This is particularly true the further back in time you go, simply because anything organic will not survive.”

Paul Bahn, Ph.D. (Archaeologist)

“The reason why most of the ancient monuments were built by using stone is because stone lasts forever. That’s it. And the reason why we have these monuments today is because they were calling cards. They were calling cards of a pre-civilization.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Mechanical engineers, like Nikhil Kar, study the deterioration, corrosion and decomposition of various materials to determine the approximate rate of decay and structural failure. By applying these principles to a cityscape, scientists are able to determine roughly how long it would take the hallmarks of a sophisticated civilization to disappear.

“If civilization was abandoned, after 50 years, you would start to see material degradation processes take over for a skyscraper, for example, would see parts of the external façade crumbling to the ground. For steel material, you’re gonna start to see little pits form in that steel structure. After a thousand years, the soil may begin to absorb the material and erode the material itself. Eventually, you’re gonna get to a point where only stone materials, natural stones are gonna be around, such as Mount Rushmore.”

Nikhil Kar, Ph.D.
(Principal Mechanical Engineer, Kars Advanced Materials)

Quito, Ecuador. Here in the grasslands of South America are the remnants of the Great Incan Road. The sophisticated network of pathways and trails covers over 25,000 miles though Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. The Inca built this vast roadway without the use of the wheel, draft animals, metal tools or even a written language. Yet modern engineers have noted that the roadway incorporates advanced engineering principles.

“The Inca road system was really one of the most magnificent ancient architectural feats ever made. One of the things that made the Inca roads so incredible is that they traversed the Andes, these incredibly tall, steep mountains. They had to bore tunnels through mountains. They cut narrow paths along sheer cliff faces.”

– Edwin Barnhart, Ph.D. (Archaeologist / Dir., Maya Exploration Ctr.)

“One of the most intriguing things about the Inca road system is that there is a major artery that goes from the northwest to the southeast. And along that, we find almost every major megalithic construction, including Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and Sacsahuamán. Many are starting to believe that these megalithic structures are thousands of years older than the Inca, and therefore parts of the Inca road system are, as well, thousands of years older than that civilization.”

Brien Foerster
(Expert, Inca and Pre-Incan Civilizations),
(Author, A Brief Introduction of the Inca),
(Elongated Skulls of Peru & Bolivia),
(Nazca: Decoding the Riddles of the Lines)

“The Incas, so many of their great structures Cuzco and their royal highway you ask them, “Who built these? How did you build these?” And they’ll say, “We didn’t build this.” Well, who did build it?”

– Logan Hawkes (Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled),
(Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas),
(Author, Close Encounters of the Old West),
(Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

“The Incas had elaborate legends of coming through tunnel systems in the earth, appearing on an island in Lake Titicaca, and then coming to Cuzco and finding already a system of tunnels and-and ancient mines and structures. It was home of the gods. It’s where they lived before they left.”

  – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods),
(Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America)

Is it possible that the foundations of the Inca superhighway and the megalithic sites along it are remnants of an extraterrestrial civilization that once colonized Earth? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, the answer is a profound yes. And to prove it, they point to a series of stone carvings said to depict mankind’s ancient ancestors.


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