8.8 – CIRCLES FROM THE SKY (9.18.15)


Turin, Italy. June 23, 2015. Pilot Silvio Sirotto reports that while flying over a wheat field directly in the flight path of the local airport, he spotted a mysterious design seemingly pressed into the crops. Investigators are baffled as to how the design could have been created without any detection in such a high-traffic area. To date, it remains a mystery, but it is only one of the latest examples in a strange phenomenon that has been going on for decades, and possibly much, much longer.

Over 10,000 crop formations have been found worldwide. They have been reported in over 50 different countries and on nearly every continent on Earth. Commonly known as crop circles, the formations are designs pressed down into fields. They range from small circles to elaborate pictograms hundreds of feet across. They have been found in various crops, including wheat, barley, oilseed rape and corn. And they’ve been making worldwide headlines since the mid-1960s.

“One of the first, in 1966, it was Tully, Queensland, Australia. A farmer heard a buzzing sound and literally saw this big, round, maybe 30-feet-diameter craft, disk, rising up out of what essentially was marshy, reedy ground. And it goes up and disappears, and left behind the circle.”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

“Beginning in Tully, Australia, there seems to be a kind of a smattering of these circular impressions, relatively simple, but in several locations around the world. 1960s, ‘70s, ‘80s, liberal sprinkling of circles, thing goes planet-wide.”

Charles Mallett (Crop Circles Researcher)

By 1991, over 2,500 formations had been reported across 23 different countries.

“As an investigative reporter who began about three decades ago, trying to get to the bottom of this phenomena, I remember getting these photographs and reading that there were no footprints. No one was walking around, because if they had, we would have seen broken stalks. Everybody was raising this question: ‘What in the world is making these patterns and why?’”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

“They had scientists and meteorologists in the field, and it was really fascinating and people really got into it in a big, big way.”

Charles Mallett (Crop Circles Researcher)

“Nobody knew what to make of this. Politicians, scientists, the UFO community everyone was scratching their heads and saying, “What’s going on here? What is this?” Some people thought that it was extraterrestrial. Others thought it was a meteorological phenomenon of some sort. And other people said, ‘Well, it must be a hoax.’”

Nick Pope (British Ministry of Defense, 1985-2006),
(Author, Open Skies, Closed Minds)

On September 9, 1991, two retirees from the English countryside, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, came forward with an admission that they were behind the crop formations. Using nothing more than a board and strings, the hoaxers demonstrated their technique for pressing down the crop to form a design.

“I won’t forget when the news came that there were these two men saying they were responsible for all the crop formations. And immediately, because of all the work that I had been doing was, well, they weren’t traveling to 23 nations, Number one. Number two, they were off-kilter. They were not geometric. And for those of us who have been in real crop formations, there’s just no comparison.”

– Linda Moulton Howe
(Author / Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles)

“Doug and Dave, “the men that conned the world.” That was the headline in our local newspaper here. And these two men came forward and said, “We done it all. We made all the crop circles since 1976, everything.” Most people pretty much swallowed that, hook, line and sinker.”

Charles Mallett (Crop Circles Researcher)

“There are some theories that Doug and Dave were just government stooges, that the plan was to bring the whole subject into disrepute, to discredit it, and to make the media just go away.”

Nick Pope (British Ministry of Defense, 1985-2006),
(Author, Open Skies, Closed Minds)

But could it be that there is more to the crop circle phenomenon than a modern-day hoax orchestrated by pranksters? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes, and suggest that crop formations are not, in fact, a modern phenomenon at all, but can be traced back hundreds of years.

“There is a report from the year 815, of the Bishop of Lyon, a warning, notifying another priest who was going to take over his parish that the locals are involved in something he considers devil worship. They’re gathering seeds in a flattened circle of the crops and using them in fertility rituals.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“There are some very strange accounts in the 1600s. One of the original scientists, Dr. Robert Plot, reported seeing crop circles appearing on his land in Staffordshire, England. And he actually drew diagrams of what he was seeing. We also have the infamous legend, in the 1600s, of the so-called ‘mowing-devil.’”

David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)

“One of the first crop circles ever reported was a mowing-devil that was in England going through the wheat fields. There’s actually a woodcut that shows what, for all intents and purposes, looks like a crop circle, but has this black creature that just runs around with the horns. So, the idea was, in folklore, that something or someone laid down this formation in a wheat field.  And that goes back all the way to 1678. Some even have suggested that there may be a description of a crop circle in the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“In the Dead Sea Scrolls is a cryptic reference to a light that leaves a mark on the ground. Interpreters ask: is it possible that the marks on the land specifically on the barley and the lentil are crop circles?”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Is it possible that crop circles have appeared for hundreds, if not thousands of years? And if so, could it be that while some of these formations have been exposed as hoaxes, many others are connected to otherworldly beings? Perhaps further clues can be found by putting a man-made crop formation to the test.


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