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7.12 – The Alien Agenda (5.1.15)



Enrico Baccarini was born and lives in Florence. Journalist, writer and documentary, deals with essays with a particular interest in the historical puzzles and the varied world of the unusual. He has completed university studies in clinical and experimental psychology focusing in particular on the anthropological cultural field. He is currently administrator and founder of the publishing house ENIGMA Edizioni.

Until 2014, she has been Vice President of the publishing house SECRETA Edizioni, as well as Head of Secreta Magazine (in Italian) and Secreta Mundi Magazine (in English), quarterly cultural magazines in Italian and English language, October 2014. Among the awards received in 2006-2007 was included in the Who’s Who issue in Medicine and Healthcare, and in 2008 in Who’s Who in the World .

Enrico Baccarini, book author, documentary and journalist, working with major Italian newspapers and magazines. Among his books include ‘Vimanas and the Wars of Gods’, ‘Florence, esotericism and mystery’, ‘Esoteric Italy’, ‘The Mysteries of Tuscany’ and ‘Shroud, Florence and the mysteries of the Holy Cloth’.

His research area is the mystery of time and of the human race with a particular interest in historical enigma, ufology, mystery of the past and of the mind. He is also an advisor and writer for Italian magazines, TV documentaries and programs.

He has participated in several broadcasts on national Italian television channels, including RAI and Mediaset, History Channel and numerous conferences in Italy and abroad. After university studies in Psychology he dedicated his focus on cultural anthropology.[1]




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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