Boguslaw Lipinski, Ph.D.

lipinski, b..pngBoguslaw Lipinski, Ph.D. (Biochemist)



3.5 – Aliens & Mysterious Rituals (8.25.11)




Born Jul. 21, 1933, Sochaczew, Poland; came to U.S., 1971; son of Jerzy and Leokadia (Radzik); married Izabela (Kakowska); child: Justyna.

Education: Master of Science (M.S.), University of Warsaw (Poland), 1955; Ph.D., Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsaw, 1962; dr. hab., University of Lodz (Poland), 1971.

Career: research associate, Institute of Nuclear Research, 1956-67; assistant prof., School of Medicine, Bialystok (Poland), 1967-69; head, Department of Biochemistry, Postgraduate School of Medicine, Warsaw, 1969-71; assistant prof., Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston (MA), 1971 -; director, H.S. Research Laboratory, Cambridge (MA), 1987 -.

Author: editor, Electronic Properties of Biological Materials, 1982.

Member of: American Heart Association; president, International Society for Bioelectricity, 1980-85; president, 3rd of May Club, 1979-84, vice president, Polish American Congress (P.A.C.) Massachusetts Division, 1982-83, Boston.

Affiliation: Independent. Catholic.

Languages: Polish, English.

Hobbies: study of relationship between science and religion, tennis, skiing.

Office: H. S. Research Laboratory, 100 Inman St., Cambridge, MA 02139.

From: “Who’s Who in Polish America” 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation,
New York, NY, 1996 [1] 




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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