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tucker, b.Brian Tucker (Curator,
The Hidden World, Santa Monica Museum of Art)



7.1 – Forbidden Caves (10.31.14)


In Forbidden Caves, Photogrammetry…

…Could Richard Shaver’s account of underground extraterrestrials abducting humans be true? Shaver proposed that the alien race that once populated the earth had developed highly-specialized equipment that allowed them to embed multifaceted imagery into stones.

“Richard Shaver believed that he had made the greatest discovery in the history of mankind about the true nature of intelligent life on Earth. So, this is an original Shaver photograph of a rock book. And this multidimensional way of making images in the rock books was something that Shaver saw as a real sign of the superior intelligence of the ancient races. Shaver believed that these weren’t mere rocks with random patterns, that these were actually deliberately manufactured artifacts by the ancient races who had been here 30,000, a hundred thousand, who knows how many years ago.”

– Brian Tucker
(Curator, The Hidden World, Santa Monica Museum of Art) [1]


[1] Prometheus Entertainment. (2014). Ancient Aliens: 7.1 – Forbidden Caves. [DVD Footage: Photogrammetry]. Los Angeles, CA: A&E Networks, LLC / History™.


Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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