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• C •

CADMAN, J.cadman, j.

John Cadman
(Engineer / Inventor / Author)

CALVIN, I.calvin, i.

Inga Calvin, Ph.D.
(Archaeologist, Univ. of Colorado)

CAMPOBASSO, C.campobasso, c.

Craig Campobasso
(Colleague of Dr. Frank Stranges)

CARGILL, R.cargill, r.

Robert Cargill, Ph.D. (Former: Biblical Archaeologist, UCLA), (Current: Asst. Prof. of Classic & Religious Studies, Univ. of Iowa)

CARLSBERG, K.carlsberg, k.

Kim Carlsberg
(Author, The Art of Close Encounters)

CARTER, M.carter, m.

Rev. Michael J.S. Carter, M.Div.
(Author, Alien Scriptures)

CERF, M.cerf, m.

Moran Cerf, Ph.D.
(Asst. Prof. of Neuroscience, Northwestern Univ.)

CERUZZI, P.ceruzzi, p.

Paul E. Ceruzzi, Ph.D. (National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution)

CHACON, C.chacon, c.

Christopher Chacon (Anomalist)

CHALKER, B.chalker, b.

Bill Chalker (Author, Hair of the Alien: DNA & Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction)

CHALLIS, D.challis, d.

Debbie Challis, Ph.D.
(Historian, Petrie Museum, London)

CHAPPLE, C.chapple, c.

Christopher Key Chapple, Ph.D.
(Doshi Prof., Loyola Marymount Univ.)

CHARAF, H.charaf, h.

Hanan Charaf (Archaeologist)

CHEETHAM, D.cheetham, d.

David Cheetham, Ph.D.
(Archaeologist, Arizona State Univ.)

CHIAPPE, L.chiappe, l.

Luis M. Chiappe, Ph.D. (Dir., Dinosaur Inst., Los Angeles Natural History Museum)

CHILDRESS, D.childress, d.

David Childress
(Author, Technology of the Gods)

CHIONETTI, A.chionetti, a.

Alex Chionetti (Author / Explorer)

CHUNGWA HO, J.chungwa ho, j.

Judy Chungwa Ho, Ph.D. (Prof. Emerita, Art History, UC Irvine)

CISKE, N.ciske, n.

Nick Ciske (Internet Programmer / Binary Code Expert)

CLUFF, R.cluff, r.

Rodney Cluff (Author, World Top-Secret: Our Earth is Hollow)

COLEMAN, C.coleman, c.

Christopher Coleman
(Author, The Paranormal Presidency of Abraham Lincoln)

COLEMAN, L.coleman, l.

Loren Coleman (Dir., International Cryptozoology Museum), (Author, Cryptozoology, From A to Z)

COLLINS, A.collins, a.

Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis), (The Cygnus Mystery),
(Beneath the Pyramids), (Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

COOGAN, M.coogan, m.

Michael Coogan, Ph.D.
(Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School)

COOKE, P.cooke, p.

Patrick Cooke
(Founder, The Bible UFO Connection)

COPPENS, P.coppens, p.

Philip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question), (The Lost Civilization Enigma)

RIP (b: January 25, 1971 – d: December 30, 2012)

CORBALLY, C.corbally, c.

Fr. Christopher J. Corbally, Ph.D.
(Vice Dir., Vatican Observatory)

CORY, C.cory, c.

Caroline Cory (Author, The Visible and Invisible Worlds)

CREASON, G.creason, g.

Glen Creason
(Author, Los Angeles in Maps)

CREMO, M.cremo, m.

Michael Cremo
(Author, Forbidden Archaeology)

CROWE, M.crowe, m.

Michael J. Crowe, Ph.D.
(Cavanaugh Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Notre Dame)

CRUMP, G.crump, g.

Gage Crump, Ph.D. (Assoc. Prof. of Stem Cell Biology, USC)

CUMES, D.cumes, d.

David Cumes, MD
(Author, The Spirit of Healing)

CUNNINGHAM, W.cunningham, w.

Walter Cunningham
(NASA Astronaut, Apollo 7)

CURRAN, B.curran, b.

Bob Curran, Ph.D.
(Researcher, Folklore Expert)


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