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childress, d.David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)



1.1 – Chariots, Gods, & Beyond (3.8.09)
1.2 – The Evidence (4.20.10)
1.3 – The Visitors (4.27.10)
1.4 – The Mission (5.4.10)
1.5 – Closer Encounters (5.18.10)
1.6 – The Return (5.25.10)

2.1 – Mysterious Places (10.28.10)
2.2 – Gods & Aliens (11.4.10)
2.3 – Underwater Worlds (11.11.10)
2.4 – Underground Aliens (11.18.10)
2.5 – Aliens & the Third Reich (11.25.10)
2.6 – Alien Tech (12.2.10)
2.8 – Unexplained Structures (12.16.10)

3.1 – Aliens & the Old West (7.28.11)
3.2 – Aliens & Monsters (8.4.11)
3.3 – Aliens & Sacred Places (8.11.11)
3.4 – Aliens & Temples of Gold (8.18.11)
3.5 – Aliens & Mysterious Rituals (8.25.11)
3.6 – Aliens & Ancient Engineers (9.1.11)
3.7 – Aliens, Plagues, & Epidemics (9.8.11)
3.8 – Aliens & Lost Worlds (9.15.11)
3.9 – Aliens & Deadly Weapons (9.22.11)
3.10 – Aliens & Evil Places (9.28.11)
3.11 – Aliens & the Founding Fathers (10.5.11)
3.12 – Aliens & Deadly Cults (10.12.11)
3.13 – Aliens & the Secret Code (10.19.11)
3.14 – Aliens & the Undead (10.26.11)
3.15 – Aliens, Gods, & Heroes (11.16.11)
3.16 – Aliens & the Creation of Man (11.23.11)

4.1 – The Mayan Conspiracy (2.17.12)
4.2 – The Doomsday Prophecies (2.17.12)
4.3 – The Greys (2.24.12)
4.4 – Aliens & Mega-Disasters (3.2.12)
4.5 – The NASA Connection (3.9.12)
4.6 – The Mystery of Puma Punku (3.16.12)
4.7 – Aliens & Bigfoot (3.23.12)
4.8 – The Da Vinci Conspiracy (4.6.12)
4.9 – The Time Travelers (4.27.12)
4.10 – Aliens & Dinosaurs (5.4.12)

5.1 – Secrets of the Pyramids (12.21.12)
5.2 – Aliens & Cover-Ups (12.28.12)
5.3 – Alien Power Plants (1.4.13)
5.4 – Destination Orion (1.11.13)
5.5 – The Einstein Factor (1.18.13)
5.6 – Secrets of the Tombs (1.25.13)
5.7 – Prophets & Prophecies (2.8.13)
5.8 – Beyond Nazca (2.15.13)
5.9 – Strange Abductions (2.22.13)
5.10 – The von Däniken Legacy (4.5.13)
5.11 – The Viking Gods (4.12.13)
5.12 – The Monoliths (4.19.13)
5.13 – The Power of Three (9.30.13)
5.14 – The Crystal Skulls (10.7.13)
5.15 – The Anunnaki Connection (10.14.13)
5.16 – Magic of the Gods (10.21.13)
5.17 – The Satan Conspiracy (10.28.13)
5.18 – Alien Creations (11.1.13)
5.19 – Emperors, Kings, & Pharaohs (11.8.13)
5.20 – Mysterious Relics (11.15.13)

6.1 – Aliens & Forbidden Islands (11.29.13)
6.2 – Aliens & the Lost Ark (12.6.13)
6.3 – Aliens & Mysterious Mountains (12.13.13)
6.4 – Aliens & Stargates (1.24.14)
6.5 – Aliens in America (1.31.14)
6.6 – The Star Children (2.7.14)
6.7 – Treasures of the Gods (2.14.14)
6.8 – Aliens & the Red Planet (2.21.14)
6.9 – The Shamans (2.28.14)
6.10 – Aliens & Insects (3.7.14)
6.11 – Alien Breeders (3.14.14)
6.12 – Alien Transports (6.13.14)
6.13 – Mysterious Structures (6.20.14)
6.14 – Mysterious Devices (6.27.14)
6.15 – Faces of the Gods (7.11.14)
6.16 – The Reptilians (7.25.14)
6.17 – The Tesla Experiment (8.1.14)
6.18 – The God Particle (8.15.14)
6.19 – Alien Encounters (8.15.14)
6.20 – Aliens & Superheroes (8.22.14)

7.1 – Forbidden Caves (10.31.14)
7.2 – Mysteries of the Sphinx (11.7.14)
7.3 – Aliens Among Us (11.14.14)
7.4 – The Genius Factor (11.21.14)
7.5 – Secrets of the Mummies (11.28.14)
7.6 – Alien Resurrections (12.5.14)
7.7 – Alien Messages (12.19.14)
7.8 – The Great Flood (12.23.14)
7.9 – Aliens & the Civil War (4.10.15)
7.10 – Hidden Pyramids (4.17.15)
7.11 – The Vanishings (4.24.15)
7.12 – The Alien Agenda (5.1.15)

8.1 – Aliens BC (7.24.15)
8.2 – NASA’s Secret Agenda (7.31.15)
8.3 – Aliens & Robots (8.7.15)
8.4 – Dark Forces (8.14.15)
8.5 – The Alien Evolution (8.21.15)
8.6 – The Other Earth (9.28.15)
8.7 – Creatures of the Deep (9.4.15)
8.8 – Circles from the Sky (9.18.15)
8.9 – The Alien Wars (9.25.15)
8.10 – The Forbidden Zones (10.9.15)

9.1 – Pyramids of Antarctica (5.6.16)
9.2 – Destination Mars (5.13.16)
9.3 – The Next Humans (5.20.16)
9.4 – The New Evidence (5.27.16)
9.5 – The Visionaries (6.10.16)
9.6 – Decoding the Cosmic Egg (6.17.16)
9.7 – The Wisdom Keepers (6.24.16)
9.8 – The Mysterious Nine (7.8.16)
9.9 – The Hidden Empire (7.15.16)
9.10 – The Prototypes (7.22.16)
9.11 – Space Station Moon (7.29.16)
9.12 – Russia’s Secret Files (8.12.16)
9.13 – Beyond Roswell (8.19.16)
9.14 – The Returned (8.26.16)
9.15 – Shiva the Destroyer (9.2.16)



David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books, is a captivating speaker and the author or coauthor of over 20 books. He has traveled the world several times over, seeking adventure and the answers to the mysteries of mankind’s past.

Born in France in 1957 and raised in the mountains of Colorado and Montana, David’s curiosity about the world was piqued at a young age. He attended the University of Montana where his studies in oriental culture and philosophy led him to a job teaching English in Taiwan. In 1976, David left the United States on what would become a six-year research and adventure odyssey. During this time, he studied first-hand the ancient civilizations of Africa, the Middle East and China, sometimes journeying into dangerous territory along the way (like Uganda during the overthrow of Idi Amin). David is known for visiting remote islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, organizing expeditions to remote areas of Peru and Bolivia, and trekking through remote areas of the Himalayas and other parts of Asia. His interests are mainly historical, archeological or cryptozoological. He is a good swimmer and a certified scuba diver and has a special interest in underwater archeological discoveries.

By 1984, Childress had written two books about his journeys, Lost Cities of Africa and Arabia and Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India. Further expeditions to South America in the 1980s resulted in Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America, which became a top-ten seller in Brazil. Childress has continued his global research and has rounded out his series with Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific; Lost Cities of North and Central America; Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & the Mediterranean; The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls and others. His style is an entertaining blend of personal experience and well-researched fact, and these books present fascinating information on the advanced technology and anomalous architecture of our predecessors around the globe.

David has a wide scope of interests, and is a recognized expert not only on ancient civilizations and technology, but also on free energy, anti-gravity and UFOs. His books on these subjects include: The Anti-Gravity Handbook; Anti-Gravity & the World Grid; Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field; Extraterrestrial Archeology; A Hitchhikers Guide To Armageddon The Free-Energy Device Handbook, Man-Made UFOs, The Time Travel Handbook, Atlantis & the Power System of the Gods, Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet, The Mystery of the Olmecs, Ark of God and others.

After more than 30 years of investigating these arcane subjects, David finds his unique views and ideas gaining popularity. He has appeared on Fox-TV’s Sightings and Encounters, two NBC-TV specials, The Conspiracy Zone, and segments for the Discovery Channel, A&E, The Sci-Fi Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel and others. He is currently a co-star on the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens. This popular show is now in its eighth season. David also appeared in the Canadian television show Weird of What?, hosted by William Shatner. He is also a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio shows. He continues to explore, write and excite people about discovery through his magazine, World Explorer, and his publishing company, Adventures Unlimited Press. When not traveling, he divides his time between his homes in Illinois and Arizona.[1]


1 - Technology of the Gods.jpgTechnology of the Gods

Popular Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the amazing world of ancient technology, from computers in antiquity to the flying machines of the gods.

Childress looks at the technology that was allegedly used in Atlantis and the theory that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station.

He examines tales of ancient flight and the technology that it involved; how the ancients used electricity; megalithic building techniques; the use of crystal lenses and the fire from the gods; evidence of various high tech weapons in the past, including atomic weapons; ancient metallurgy and heavy machinery, the role of modern inventors such as Nikola Tesla in bringing ancient technology back into modern use; impossible artifacts; and more.

Packed with illustrations and amazing info!


2 - Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America .jpgLost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America

Rogue adventurer and maverick archaeologist David Hatcher Childress takes the reader on unforgettable journeys deep into deadly jungles, windswept mountains and scorching deserts in search of lost civilizations and ancient mysteries.

Travel with David and explore stone cities high in mountain forests and fantastic tales of Inca treasure, living dinosaurs, and a mysterious tunnel system.

Whether he is hopping freight trains, searching for secret cities, or just dealing with the daily problems, of food, money, and romance, the author keeps the reader spellbound.

Includes both early and current maps, photos, and illustrations, and plenty of advice for the explorer planning his or her own journey of discovery.


3 - Yetis, Sasquatch & Hairy GiantsYetis, Sasquatch & Hairy Giants

Author and adventurer David Hatcher Childress takes the reader on a fantastic journey across the Himalayas to Europe and North America in his quest for Yeti, Sasquatch and Hairy Giants.

Childress begins with a discussion of giants and then tells of his own decades-long quest for the Yeti in Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and other areas of the Himalayas, and then proceeds to his research into Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Skunk Apes in North America.

Chapters include: The Giants of Yore; Giants Among Us; Wildmen and Hairy Giants; The Call of the Yeti; Kanchenjunga Demons; The Yeti of Tibet, Mongolia & Russia; Bigfoot & the Grassman; Sasquatch Rules the Forest; Modern Sasquatch Accounts; more.

Includes a 16-page color photo section of amazing photos of Bigfoot.


4 - Ancient Technology of Peru & Bolivia.jpgAncient Technology of Peru & Bolivia

David Hatcher Childress, popular Lost Cities author and star of the History Channel’s long-running show Ancient Aliens, takes us to the mysterious ruins in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia in search of ancient technology and the secrets of megalith building.

In his new book, packed with photos and diagrams, Childress examines the amazing stonecutting at Puma Punku, a site neighboring the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. He looks at whether the so-called “Inca walls”—found in Cuzco and at other sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu—were really made by the Incas. The evidence seems to support the idea that they were actually constructed by a far older culture. Childress examines the megalithic construction and underground chambers of Chavin in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, possibly the oldest megalithic site in South America.

He also speculates on the existence of a sunken city in Lake Titicaca and reveals new evidence that the Sumerians may have arrived in South America over 4,000 years ago. Childress demonstrates that the use of “keystone cuts” with metal clamps poured into them to secure megalithic construction was an advanced technology used all over the world, from the Andes to Egypt, Greece and Southeast Asia. He maintains that only power tools could have made the intricate articulation and drill holes found in extremely hard granite and basalt blocks in Bolivia and Peru, and that the megalith builders had to have had advanced methods for moving and stacking gigantic blocks of stone, some weighing over 100 tons.

The incredible high-tech world of South America is illuminated in the informative and breezy style that Childress has been known for in his books and his appearances on television shows like Ancient Aliens. With 16-Page Color Section.


5 - The Crystal SkullsThe Crystal Skulls

Rogue archaeologist and explorer David Hatcher Childress introduces the technology and lore of crystals, and then plunges into a full-on search for the source of the crystal skulls.

The history of Mesoamerica, where the skulls were said to originate, is rich with the mystical, magical sorcery of the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya and Aztecs.

The turbulent times of the Mexican Revolution form the backdrop for the rollicking adventures of Ambrose Bierce, the renowned journalist who went missing in the jungles in 1913, and F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, the notorious adventurer who emerged from the jungles with the most famous of the crystal skulls. Childress brings it all to life with his characteristic panache.

Eminent researcher Stephen Mehler shares his extensive knowledge of and experience with crystal skulls. Having been involved in the field since the 1980s, he has personally examined many of the most influential skulls, and has worked with the leaders in crystal skull research, including the inimitable Nick Nocerino, who developed a meticulous methodology for the purpose of examining the skulls.

Get the lowdown on the most recent developments in the world of the crystal skulls from one in the know! Includes a 16-page color photo section!


6 - Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific.jpgLost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific

Was there once a continent in the Pacific? Called Lemuria or Pacifica by geologists, Mu or Pan by the mystics, there is now ample mythological, geological and archaeological evidence to “prove” that an advanced, and ancient civilization once lived in the central Pacific.

Maverick archaeologist and explorer David Hatcher Childress combs the Indian Ocean, Australia and the Pacific in search of the surprising truth about mankind’s past.

Contains photos of the underwater city on Pohnpei; explanations on how the statues were levitated around Easter Island in a clock-wise vortex movement; tales of disappearing islands; Egyptians in Australia; and more.


7 - The Time Travelers Handbook.jpgThe Time Travelers Handbook

In the tradition of The Anti-Gravity Handbook and The Free-Energy Device Handbook, science and UFO author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the weird world of time travel and teleportation.

Not just a whacked-out look at science fiction, this book is an authoritative chronicling of real-life time travel experiments, teleportation devices and more.

The Time Travel Handbook takes the reader beyond the government experiments and deep into the uncharted territory of early time travelers such as Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi and their alleged time travel experiments, as well as the Wilson Brothers of EMI and their connection to the Philadelphia Experiment; the U.S. Navy’s forays into invisibility, time travel, and teleportation.

Childress looks into the claims of time traveling individuals, and investigates the unusual claim that the pyramids on Mars were built in the future and sent back in time.

A highly visual, large format book, with patents, photos and schematics. Be the first on your block to build your own time travel device!


8 - The Tesla PapersThe Tesla Papers

In the tradition of The Fantastic Adventures of Nikola Tesla, The Anti-Gravity Handbook and The Free Energy Device Handbook, science and UFO author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the incredible world of Nikola Tesla and his amazing inventions. Tesla’s rare article, ‘The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy’ is included. This lengthy article was originally publishing in the June 1900 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine and it was the outline for Tesla’s master blueprint for the world. Tesla’s fantastic vision of the future, including wireless power, anti-gravity, free energy and highly advanced solar power. Also included are some of the papers, patents and material collected on Tesla at the Colorado Spring Tesla Symposiums. Tesla was the inventor of the radio before Marconi, and when he demonstrated wireless remote control to the US Navy in the late 1890s, they replied that it was too advanced! Tesla was an eccentric visionary and probably the greatest inventor who ever lived. His basic inventions power the world of today. What was his vision of tomorrow? Find out in The Tesla Papers.


9 - Vimana Flying Machines of the Ancients.jpgVimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients

According to early Sanskrit texts the ancients had several types of airships called vimanas. Like aircraft of today, vimanas were used to fly through the air from city to city; to conduct aerial surveys of uncharted lands; and as delivery vehicles for awesome weapons. David Hatcher Childress, popular Lost Cities author and star of the History Channel’s long-running show Ancient Aliens, takes us on an astounding investigation into tales of ancient flying machines. In his new book, packed with photos and diagrams, he consults ancient texts and modern stories and presents astonishing evidence that aircraft, similar to the ones we use today, were used thousands of years ago in India, Sumeria, China and other countries. This means that these ancient civilizations had advanced metal technology, electricity and the engineering knowledge of flight many thousands of years before our own era of flight technology. Childress discusses ancient UFO sightings, the fascinating lore of ancient flight and the technology allegedly used in the flying machines of the ancients.


10 - A Hitchhiker's Guide to ArmageddonA Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Armageddon

Childress hits the road from Megiddo, the legendary fortress in northern Israel where Armageddon is prophesied to start. Hitchhiking around the world, Childress takes us from one adventure to another, to ancient cities in the deserts and the legends of worlds before our own. Childress muses on the rising and falling of civilizations and the forces that have shaped mankind over the millennia, including wars, invasions and cataclysms. He discusses the ancient wars of the past, including evidence for ancient atomic wars, and relates the dim past with the present and dim future.

With humor, philosophical insight, and wonder at the amazing world around us, Childress shows us the many traces of advanced civilizations in the past, and how we should look at them differently from the way scientists currently do.

Among the various topics in the book: *The amazing sciences of ancient India and China *David’s involvement with the strange megaliths of New Zealand *Intelligence operatives in New Zealand and the attempt on David’s life *David’s travels to remote islands and the controversy that it has created *How David and conspiracy pal Kenn Thomas were dragged into the Kennedy Assassination by one of the “conspirators.” *Kenn Thomas, David, and some of their associates are apparently the real-life model for the “Lone Gunmen” of the X-Files television show.


11 - Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of Africa & ArabiaLost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of Africa & Arabia

Across ancient deserts, dusty plains and steaming jungles, maverick archaeologist David Childress continues his worldwide quest for lost cities and ancient mysteries.

Join him as he discovers forbidden cities in the Empty Quarter of Arabia; “Atlantean” ruins in Egypt and the Kalahari Desert; a mysterious, ancient empire in the Sahara; and more.

This is an extraordinary life on the road: across war-torn countries, Childress searches for King Solomon’s Mines, living dinosaurs, the Ark of the Covenant and the solutions to the fantastic mysteries of the past.

Chapters include: At the Anit-Diluvian Temple of Ba’al; Lost City of the Black Desert; Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Riddle of the Sphinx; Atlantis and the Curse of King Tut; The Lost World of Kush; Port Cities & Tunnels in the Desert; Lost Cities of the Empty Quarter; Meeting the New Queen of Sheba; Prester John & the Hidden Kingdom; The Lost Cities of Sinbad; Dinosaurs at the Mountains of the Moon; Tales from Kilimanjaro; The Batmen of Africa; King Solomon’s Mines at Ophir; Gold Raiders of Azania; Atlantis in the Kalahari; more.


12 - Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the SouthwestLost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest

Popular Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress takes to the road again in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries.

This time he is off to the American Southwest, traversing the region’s deserts, mountains and forests investigating archeological mysteries and the unexplained. Join David as he starts in northern Mexico and searches for the lost mines of the Aztecs. He continues north to west Texas, delving into the mysteries of Big Bend, including mysterious Phoenician tablets discovered there and the strange lights of Marfa.

He continues northward into New Mexico where he stumbles upon a hollow mountain with a billion dollars of gold bars hidden deep inside it! In Arizona he investigates tales of Egyptian catacombs in the Grand Canyon, cruises along the Devil’s Highway, and tackles the century-old mystery of the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman mine.

In Nevada and California Childress checks out the rumors of mummified giants and weird tunnels in Death Valley, plus he searches the Mohave Desert for the mysterious remains of ancient dwellers alongside lakes that supposedly dried up tens of thousands of years ago. It’s a full-tilt blast down the back roads of the Southwest in search of the weird and wondrous mysteries of the past!


13 - Dig HereDig Here! Lost Mines & Buried Treasure of the Southwest

With a lengthy introduction on ancient mining in the Americas by Lost Cities author Childress, this is the late Thomas Penfield’s great book and commentary on ancient mines and lost treasure in Mexico, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas— giving the locations of well over 100 fabulous fortunes waiting to be found in the ore-rich Southwest!

For the first time lost treasure stories of the Southwest are stripped bare of their legends and lies! Each treasure account is preceded by the approximate location, estimated total value—and authentication. Reading sources for each a count are also included so you can do additional research on the intriguing facts and lore of these treasures.

This is a veritable gold mine itself, overflowing with fascinating lore, spellbinding backgrounds, driving Western drama—and exciting, reliable facts!


14 – Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & the MediterraneanLost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & the Mediterranean

The legendary lost continent comes under the close scrutiny of maverick archaeologist David Hatcher Childress in this sixth book in the internationally popular Lost Cities series.

Childress takes the reader in search of sunken cities in the Mediterranean; across the Atlas Mountains in search of Atlantean ruins; to remote islands in search of megalithic ruins; to meet living legends and secret societies.

From Ireland to Turkey, Morocco to Eastern Europe, and from Malta to the remote islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Childress takes the reader on an astonishing quest for mankind’s past. Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilizations and devastating wars of the past are all explored in this book.

Childress challenges the skeptics and proves that great civilizations not only existed in the past, but the modern world and its problems are reflections of the ancient world of Atlantis.


15 – Lost Cities of China, Asia, & IndiaLost Cities of China, Asia, & India

Real life “Indiana Jones,” maverick archaeologist David Childress takes the reader on an incredible adventure across some of the world’s oldest and most remote countries in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries.

Discover ancient cities in the Gobi Desert; hear fantastic tales of lost continents, vanished civilizations and secret societies bent on ruling the world; visit forgotten monasteries in forbidding snow-capped mountains with strange tunnels to mysterious subterranean cities!

A unique combination of far-out exploration and practical travel advice, it will astound and delight the experienced traveler or the armchair voyager.

Plenty of material on the Rama Empire of ancient India, ancient aircraft called Vimanas, Shambala and hidden lands in Tibet, China and Mongolia, and plenty more!


16 – Lost Cities of North & Central AmericaLost Cities of North & Central America

From the jungles of Central America to the deserts of the southwest down the back roads from coast to coast, maverick archaeologist and adventurer David Hatcher Childress takes the reader deep into unknown America.

In this incredible book, search for lost Mayan cities and books of gold, discover an ancient canal system in Arizona, climb gigantic pyramids in the Midwest, explore megalithic monuments in New England, and join the astonishing quest for the lost cities throughout North America. From the war-torn jungles of Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras to the deserts, mountains and fields of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Childress takes the reader in search of sunken ruins, Viking forts, strange tunnel systems, living dinosaurs, Thunderbirds, the Egyptian City in the Grand Canyon, early Chinese explorers, and fantastic lost treasure. Packed with both early and current maps, photos and illustrations.

Chapters include: Marbles of the Gods; Chinese Taoists & the International Jade Trade; Ancient Megaliths of the Pacific Coast; Lost Cities of the Maya; Alien Gods & the Crystal Skull; Pyramids of the Gods; Lost Golden Books of the Maya; Quetzalcoatl & the Pyramids of the Sun; El Dorado & the Seven Gold Cities of Cibola; Diving at the Sunken Pyramids of Aztlatlan; The Search For Atlantis; The Megaliths of Norombega; Exploring Ancient Nevada Seas; The Mysteries of Mount Shasta; Lost Cities of the Evergreens; more.


17 – Extraterrestrial ArchaeologyExtraterrestrial Archaeology

Using official NASA and Soviet photos, as well as other photos taken via telescope, this book seeks to prove that many of the planets (and moons) of our solar system are in some way inhabited by intelligent life.

The book includes many blow-ups of NASA photos and detailed diagrams of structures — particularly on the Moon.

*NASA photos of pyramids and domed cities on the moon. *Pyramids and giant statues on Mars. *Hollow Moons of Mars and other Planets. *Robot Mining Vehicles that move about the Moon processing valuable metals. *NASA & Russian photos of Space-Bases on Mars and its Moons.

*A British Scientist who discovered a tunnel on the Moon, and other “bottomless craters.” *Structural Anomalies on Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury,Uranus & Neptune. Plus more. Highly illustrated with photos, diagrams and maps! AN AMAZING BOOK!


18 – Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods.jpgAtlantis and the Power System of the Gods

Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods starts with a reprinting of the rare 1990 book Mercury: UFO Messenger of the Gods by Bill Clendenon.

Clendenon takes on an unusual voyage into the world of ancient flying vehicles, strange personal UFO sightings, a meeting with a ”Man In Black” and then to a centuries-old library in India where he got his ideas for the diagrams of mercury vortex engines.

The second part of the book is Childress’ fascinating analysis of Nikola Tesla’s broadcast system in light of Edgar Cayce’s ”Terrible Crystal” and the obelisks of ancient Egypt and Ethiopia. Includes: Atlantis and its crystal power towers that broadcast energy; how these incredible power stations may still exist today; inventor Nikola Tesla’s nearly identical system of power transmission; Mercury Proton Gyros and mercury vortex propulsion; more.

Richly illustrated, and packed with evidence that Atlantis not only existed–it had a world-wide energy system more sophisticated than ours today.


19 – The Enigma of Cranial DeformationThe Enigma of Cranial Deformation

The bizarre yet fascinating subject of cranial deformation has been largely avoided by archeologists, anthropologists and historians.

But why? Most likely because the practice of this very strange procedure by disparate cultures from all around the world—which continues to this day—is easier ignored than explored. Why would diverse peoples—even on remote Pacific islands—take up the practice of binding the heads of their children to create artificially elongated skulls?

Where did they come up with this idea? Did some people naturally look this way, having long narrow heads? Were they some sort of elite, advanced race that roamed the entire planet, so impressive that the local populations took to bodily deformation to try to emulate these influential beings? The puzzle of headbinding is truly mystifying, and as yet virtually unstudied.

Now, prolific author David Hatcher Childress (an expert featured on the popular TV series Ancient Aliens) and anthropologist Brien Foerster (of the History Museum of Paracas and also featured on Ancient Aliens) have put together the first comprehensive book on the subject.

Go with them to Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Malta, China and other places around the globe to delve into the available evidence. You will be astonished at what you find.  Most Famous Conehead: King Tut!!. This is a mind-blowing trip into the strange past of humans on planet Earth. Includes a 16-page color section of amazing photos.


20 – Pirates & the Lost Templar Fleet.jpgPirates & the Lost Templar Fleet

Childress takes us into the fascinating world of maverick sea captains who were Knights Templars and later Scottish Rite Free Masons who battled the Vatican and the Spanish and Italian ships that sailed for the Pope. This lost Templar Fleet was originally based at La Rochelle in southern France but fled to the deep fiords of Scotland.

This banned fleet of ships was later commanded by the St. Clair family of Rosslyn Chapel (birth place of Free Masonry). St. Clair and his Templar made a voyage to Canada in the year 1298 AD, nearly 100 years before Columbus! Later, this fleet of ships and new ones to come, flew the Skull and Cross Bones, the symbol of the Knights Templar. They preyed on the ships of the Vatican coming from the rich ports of the Americas and were ultimately known as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Topics include: –10,000 Years of Seafaring –A Secret Society of Navigators –King Solomon’s Phoenician Navy –The Asassins, Templars & the Decapitation Strike –The Knights Templar and their Fleet –The Rivalry between the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar –The Suppression of the Templars –The Lost Templar Fleet and the Origins of the Pirates –Pirates and the War Against the Vatican –Pirate Utopias and the New Jerusalem; more.


[1] https://davidhatcherchildress.com/


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