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5.7 – Prophets & Prophecies (2.8.13)
5.9 – Strange Abductions (2.22.13)
5.16 – Magic of the Gods (10.21.13)
5.17 – The Satan Conspiracy (10.28.13)



Patrick Cooke, is the editor and author of The Bible UFO Connection. He is an independent researcher residing in Berkeley, California. He is an author, publisher, eschatologist, an autonomous theologian, and is recognized by the Religion Newswriters Association as a nontraditional scholar. His work is not associated with any religious organization or movement. He is the author of The Greatest Deception, The Doctrines of Men, and The Real Apocrypha, and has produced the videos Spirits in the Sky and UFOs – The Flying Gods. [1] 


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The Greatest Deception: The Bible UFO Connection

The Greatest Deception is the result of extensive research into the connections between descriptions of technology in the Bible and ancient writings, the UFO phenomenon in world history, anomalous evidence from ancient civilizations, and the complete cover-up of these realities by the church, and the world in general. This research organized thousands of biblical verses into categories revealing clear descriptions of flying vehicles, their flight characteristics, the amazing beings that pilot them, and the awesome power and advanced technology they possess. The connection of those beings to mankind is examined in scripture and defined in a manner never before considered, and the unbelievable ramifications of that relationship are unveiled. The book shows the abundance of UFO sightings and encounters throughout world history as revealed in over a thousand recorded events. Scores of UFO quotations and government investigations are presented to bolster the evidence of a long-standing presence of non-human entities on Earth. The amazing structures and glaring evidence of advanced knowledge left behind by a civilization predating any known cultures capable of creating them are covered. Planetary anomalies, the incredible human body and mind, and the similarities shared by the world’s gods are added to the equation. The book exposes contradictions in the doctrines and practices of the mainstream church that ignores the reality of the world around it, from the shaky foundations the church is built upon, to the lofty paradise it promises. The truth about a global corporate deception, already well-entrenched in every aspect of human existence, and threatening the very existence of all life, is disclosed in biblical prophecy. This work declares that the “Great Deception” just might be the most obvious cover-up in history and is now guiding mankind toward its own destruction.


The Doctrines of Men - A Terrible Truth

The Doctrines of Men: A Terrible Truth

The Doctrines of Men is an in-depth look into the long ignored, but truly amazing realities, of the Bible. The hidden history of the Bible and the man-made foundations of the churches that claim its authority are revealed. The contradictions in the doctrines and practices presented by those churches are exposed by simple comparison to scripture. The wondrous and incredible gospel Jesus brought to the world is presented in way never before considered, and the promise of mankind’s ultimate destiny unfolds with biblical clarity. Hundreds of verses, comprising the most extensive collection ever assembled and documented, reveal the unimaginable concepts veiled by the greatest deception in human history. If you do believe in the Bible, you will be amazed by what has been hidden from you. If you do not believe in the Bible, you will learn it is not the book you think it is.


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The Lost Books of the Bible: The Real Apocrypha

The books of the Apocrypha were part of the Bible until the late 1800’s and their true place in scripture is not only virtually unknown to the entire Christian world, but an intellectual and spiritual subterfuge. One of the best kept theological secrets is that the Bible used by the modern Protestant Church is not the original King James Bible, only half of the original Books of the Apocrypha are in the Catholic Bible, and the Apocrypha fills a 400 year chronological gap missing from that Bible. The Real Apocrypha reveals the true history of those books and their presence throughout the historical record of the Christian church, and includes the text of those books, in their entirety. The missing translator’s documents, originally in the King James Bible, and an extensive comparison of the Apocryphal books to the current scriptures in the Bible are also included.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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