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coppens, p..pngPhilip Coppens
(Author, The Ancient Alien Question),
(The Lost Civilization Enigma)

RIP (b: January 25, 1971 – d: December 30, 2012)



1.2 – The Evidence (4.20.10)
1.4 – The Mission (5.4.10)
1.5 – Closer Encounters (5.18.10)
1.6 – The Return (5.25.10)

2.1 – Mysterious Places (10.28.10)
2.2 – Gods & Aliens (11.4.10)
2.4 – Underground Aliens (11.18.10)
2.6 – Alien Tech (12.2.10)
2.7 – Angels & Aliens (12.9.10)
2.8 – Unexplained Structures (12.16.10)
2.9 – Alien Devastations (12.23.10)
2.10 – Alien Contacts (12.30.10)

3.1 – Aliens & the Old West (7.28.11)
3.2 – Aliens & Monsters (8.4.11)
3.3 – Aliens & Sacred Places (8.11.11)
3.4 – Aliens & Temples of Gold (8.18.11)
3.5 – Aliens & Mysterious Rituals (8.25.11)
3.6 – Aliens & Ancient Engineers (9.1.11)
3.7 – Aliens, Plagues, & Epidemics (9.8.11)
3.8 – Aliens & Lost Worlds (9.15.11)
3.9 – Aliens & Deadly Weapons (9.22.11)
3.10 – Aliens & Evil Places (9.28.11)
3.12 – Aliens & Deadly Cults (10.12.11)
3.13 – Aliens & the Secret Code (10.19.11)
3.15 – Aliens, Gods, & Heroes (11.16.11)
3.16 – Aliens & the Creation of Man (11.23.11)

4.1 – The Mayan Conspiracy (2.17.12)
4.2 – The Doomsday Prophecies (2.17.12)
4.3 – The Greys (2.24.12)
4.4 – Aliens & Mega-Disasters (3.2.12)
4.5 – The NASA Connection (3.9.12)
4.6 – The Mystery of Puma Punku (3.16.12)
4.7 – Aliens & Bigfoot (3.23.12)
4.8 – The Da Vinci Conspiracy (4.6.12)
4.9 – The Time Travelers (4.27.12)
4.10 – Aliens & Dinosaurs (5.4.12)

5.1 – Secrets of the Pyramids (12.21.12)
5.2 – Aliens & Cover-Ups (12.28.12)
5.3 – Alien Power Plants (1.4.13)
5.4 – Destination Orion (1.11.13)
5.5 – The Einstein Factor (1.18.13)
5.6 – Secrets of the Tombs (1.25.13)
5.7 – Prophets & Prophecies (2.8.13)
5.8 – Beyond Nazca (2.15.13)
5.9 – Strange Abductions (2.22.13)
5.10 – The von Däniken Legacy (4.5.13)
5.11 – The Viking Gods (4.12.13)
5.12 – The Monoliths (4.19.13)
5.13 – The Power of Three (9.30.13)
5.14 – The Crystal Skulls (10.7.13)
5.15 – The Anunnaki Connection (10.14.13)
5.16 – Magic of the Gods (10.21.13)
5.17 – The Satan Conspiracy (10.28.13)
5.18 – Alien Creations (11.1.13)
5.19 – Emperors, Kings, & Pharaohs (11.8.13)
5.20 – Mysterious Relics (11.15.13)

6.12 – Alien Transports (6.13.14)
6.13 – Mysterious Structures (6.20.14)
6.14 – Mysterious Devices (6.27.14)
6.15 – Faces of the Gods (7.11.14)



b: January 25, 1971 – d: December 30, 2012


Philip Coppens (25 January 1971 – 30 December 2012) was a Belgian author, radio host, and commentator whose writings, speeches and television appearances focused on areas of fringe science and alternative history. Coppens was born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. He was a cohost of the Spirit Revolution radio show, his writing was featured in Nexus and Atlantis Rising magazines. He was married to Kathleen McGowan on September 22, 2011. He died a year later on December 30, 2012 in Los Angeles, California, of angiosarcoma.


Philip Coppens started his writing career as an investigative journalist, covering intelligence activities and politics. In 1995, he was a co-founder of Frontier 2000 (later called Frontier Magazine), a periodical with a circulation centered primarily in the Benelux countries. In 1999, he served as the primary researcher for The Stargate Conspiracy, a book about ancient Egypt and the degree to which its history serves as a continuing influence on contemporary politics and politicians.

Coppens’ second book, The Canopus Revelation (2004), questioned the assumption that ancient Egyptians associated their god Osiris with the constellation of Orion. Instead he proposed Canopus, the second brightest star in the night-time sky. He appeared at Quest Conference 2005 to give a presentation on this idea.

In Servants of the Grail (2009), Coppens suggested real-life counterparts for the characters in Chrétien de Troyes’ Perceval, the Story of the Grail. These included the identification of Rotrou III, Count of Perche with Perceval. Also in 2009, he contributed a chapter to Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the Real 2012?, entitled “Ancient Inroads Towards a New Age”.

In October 2012, he was a featured presenter at Intrepid Magazine’s Paradigm Symposium.

A eulogy for Coppens, published in Intrepid’s January print edition, included a quotation from Coppens’ final post to his personal blog: “I was diagnosed with an extremely rare case of cancer, angiosarcoma, which affects less than 200 people in the U.S. (each year). Each case is almost by default unique… and so I found that the man who normally studies anomalies, has become a medical enigma as well.” Roughly a fortnight later, Coppens died. [1]


1 - The Ancient Alien Question.jpg

The Ancient Alien Question

Have we been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Did these “ancient aliens” contribute to the birth of human civilization? Do our ancient monuments contain evidence of their presence? The Ancient Alien Question reveals an array of astonishing truths, including: A radically different understanding of the pyramids and how they were constructed…The origins of crystal skulls and how they were found…The extraordinary stories behind monuments such as the Nazca lines and Puma Punku, and who built them…How extraterrestrials came to our planet and the evidence that supports this. Analyzing the historical and archaeological evidence, Philip Coppens demonstrates that there is substantial proof that our ancestors were far more technologically advanced than currently accepted, and that certain cultures interacted with non-human intelligences. Our ancestors were clearly not alone. Forty years after Erich von Däniken posed these questions in Chariots of the Gods, Coppens provides clear and concise answers to the great historical enigmas in a most accessible and readable format. Your view of human history will never be the same again!


2 - The Lost Civilization Enigma.png

The Lost Civilization Enigma

Are history books giving us the whole story? Or is civilization far more complex and for older than we have been taught? Our school textbooks barely mention the 6,000-year-old Sumerian civilization, yet the latest archaeological findings at sites such as Jericho and, most recently, Gobekli Tepe in Turkey have been dated to 10,000 BC. Civilization goes back at least another 10,000 years, if we are willing to believe what our ancestors themselves claimed. The Lost Civilization Enigma reveals the truth about: Lost magnitudes to known cultures, such as the Bosnian Pyramids and the civilization of “Old Europe”; The fabled lost “golden” cities of South America and the Amazon, which are slowly being rediscovered; Fascinating examples of lost technology, such as the Antikythera Device; Atlantis and the fact that it was a real civilization.

Analyzing the historical and archaeological record, best-selling author Philip Coppens demonstrates that there is substantial evidence that civilization is far older, far more advanced, and far more special than is currently accepted. Clearly, our history books have left out a great deal!


3 - Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past

Were Atlantis and Lemuria factual places?
Who built the pyramids and for what purpose?
How advanced was the technology of ancient cultures?

All this and more is covered in Exposed, Uncovered, & Declassified: Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past–the latest in the all-original series that is already sparking lively debate.

Erich von Däniken, best-selling author of Chariots of the Gods, examines the Egyptian pyramids, studying their astronomical implications and what message they were meant to convey. Thomas G. Brophy, PhD, focuses on the mysterious Nabta Playa site in southern Egypt and its connection to African history.

Intrepid explorer of ancient America Frank Joseph covers archeological scandals and attempts to suppress evidence, including the Smithsonian’s “loss” of Maya skulls discovered in the Aleutian Islands. Researcher Steven Sora, author of The Lost Colony, delves into evidence that Scotland’s Picts originated in North America and were connected to the ancient Micmac tribe of the Americas.

Philip Coppens of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens explores an ancient Celtic network of roads that may be connected to a 4,000-year-old land-based reproduction of Atlantis. Scholar and mystery explorer Oberon Zell-Ravenheart brings together the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life, the great deluge, and the sinking of Lemuria.

Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman (11:11: The Time Prompt Phenomenon) explore what ancient civilizations knew about sound and resonance, and how they may have used them to build megaliths and pyramids, and achieve altered states. Journalist Nick Redfern reveals the U.S. government’s abiding interest in our ancient past, religious mysteries, and enigmatic artifacts.

Evidence of these ancient mysteries is everywhere–if you know what to look for. Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or somewhere in between, Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified: Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past is sure to entertain and educate.


4 - Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Kennedy Assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin of President Kennedy. He was set up. By a cabal of CIA employees, the Mafia and Cuban exiles, who killed Kennedy out of vengeance and in the hope of new invasion of Cuba.

Almost fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, the question whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, or not, remains one of the most controversial topics in modern history. In “Killing Kennedy”, Philip Coppens shows that Oswald was not the assassin the government claimed he was. Tracing all the evidence – the rifle, prints, bullets, etc. – he finds that the material that inculpated Oswald was not what was found on the scene of the crime. Indeed, the Dallas Police officers themselves, in testimony before the Warren Commission, said that they could not identify the objects as those recovered! There is even evidence – a photograph – that shows Oswald standing outside, watching the motorcade pass by!

Coppens shows that the Warren Commission hid behind a legal technicality, so that breaches in the chain of possession of evidence did not need to be considered when the Commission drew its conclusions and made Oswald the lone assassin. But he goes far beyond this conclusion and shows that we can identify the real assassins and who hired them; how, months before the assassination, they began to set Oswald up as a patsy, depicting him as a communist. This trail of disinformation, carefully placed by disgruntled CIA employees and Cuban exiles, guaranteed that President Johnson would order a cover-up: Oswald as the lone assassin. The end result is half a century of lies, which are exposed in this book.


5 - Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel.png

The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel

The mysterious Scottish Rosslyn Chapel has fueled controversy and debate for centuries. Revered by Freemasons as a vital part of their history, believed by some to hold evidence of pre-Columbian voyages to America, it is assumed by others to hold important relics, from the Holy Grail to the Head of Christ. This book is a virtual guide to all the enigmatic and important aspects of the chapel: * the history of the chapel and its relationship to freemasonry; * history of the family which owns the castle, the Sinclairs; * the enigmatic landscape surrounding the chapel, including Templar commanderies; prehistoric markings; an ancient kingly site to the south; and King Arthur’s Seat directly north; * the unveiling of the true significance and meaning of the Chapel: that it was a medieval stone book of esoteric knowledge, ‘written’ by the Sinclair family, chosen patrons of Freemasonry.


6 - The New Pyramid Age.jpg

The New Pyramid Age: Worldwide Discoveries of New Pyramids Challenge Our Thinking

This is the first book to cover the new landscape of pyramids found worldwide. It describes the changed nature of the pyramid debate and offers science a challenge, but equally tries to answer some of the key messages that the last decade of pyramid discovery has brought us. It is a series of discoveries that has changed the archaeological world and extended all our horizons.


7 - The Canopus Revelation

The Canopus Revelation: The Stargate of the Gods and the Ark of Osiris

A radical reinterpretation of the myth of Osiris and Isis. Humankind has misidentified the constellation Orion with the Egyptian god Osiris in Egyptian mythology. Rather, it is the star Canopus that is linked with Osiris, as identified by both ancient writers and early 20th century scholars. Canopus, for Egypt the South polar star, is the second-brightest star and interplays with Sirius in such a way that ancient accounts surmised that the two stars controlled time. It was the navigators star, allowing access to the afterlife: the domain of Osiris. Canopus was specifically identified with Osirus’ Ark, where he was transformed from mere mortal to resurrected supergod. Canopus was therefore literally a stargate, where men could communicate with and aspire to become gods — and enter into other dimensions. This book will reveal what the Egyptians actually believed about: what happened to the soul after death; how they coded this knowledge into their mythology; how ancient accounts and modern physics use the same symbolism to describe the structure of the universe, the playground of the Egyptian gods and the souls of the deceased; …and how the Canopus myth is linked to the Grail legend.


8 - Servants of the Grail.jpg

Servants of the Grail: The Real-Life Characters of the Grail Legend Identified

The Grail story is a Western European rendering of a pre-Christian Graeco-Egyptian religious story on how to live a pious life so that the soul will be able to meet God.


9 - Land of the Gods

Land of the Gods: How a Scottish Landscape was Sanctified to Become Arthur’s Camelot

Land of the Gods is the story of the ancient inhabitants of the Lothians and the Borders, whose accomplishments are visible in Cairnpapple, Traprain Law and other ancient monuments. They accentuated the region’s unique volcanic landscape to make it reflect their mythology, which spoke of gods descending from Earth and the local ruler being a representative of the sun god – Loth.
Throughout history, the land remained special: the Romans did not conquer the Gododdin, as they called the inhabitants. And when the Romans were retreating from Britain and for the first time, neighboring tribes tried to lay claim to the land, a magnificent warrior appeared, who would fight for the survival of his land. He was remembered as Arthur and his Camelot was the Lothians and the Borders region.
Unfortunately, after his reign, the region was overrun and his tribe, the Gododdin, fled to Wales, where they would speak of their magical kingdom and the mythical hero; the legend of Arthur of was born, but the history of Camelot forgotten.


10 - The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Chateau

The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Chateau: A Guide to an Enigmatic Village

The small village of Rennes-le-Chateau has been the center of an enigma ever since a century ago a local village priest, Berenger Sauniere, spent millions of dollars on decorating the church and surrounding buildings. For decades – despite claims to the contrary by some authors – no-one has been able to explain where Sauniere got the money to pay for the extravagant building works, which have attracted millions of visitors to this small hilltop village – or why he constructed them!

The history of the village, Sauniere’s access to money and the trial engineered by his bishop to find out the secret of his wealth, his veneration of Mary Magdalene, his links with esoteric traditions, the construction of his “Great Work” and the creation of a Kabbalistic Tree of Life are but some of the secrets of the village and the man that are explained. Most importantly, Philip Coppens takes us to each of the sites and aspects of the village, some of which are seldom seen or visited by the casual tourist.

“The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Chateau” is a valuable guidebook for those visitors who want to experience the magic of the site themselves, whether it is from the comfort of their home or in the village itself.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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