Charles Love, Ph.D.

love, c..pngCharles Love, Ph.D. 
(Archaeologist, West Wyoming Community College)



3.8 – Aliens & Lost Worlds (9.15.11)

6.13 – Mysterious Structures (6.20.14)


In Aliens & Lost Worlds, The Moai…

…Modern scientists have tried, and so far have failed to duplicate the feats of the ancient Rapa Nui. In 1987, anthropologist Charles Love used rollers to move a nine-ton Moai replica at Western Wyoming Community College. Other researchers have tried pulling Moai with sleds. But there is a unique problem with the idea of moving Moai with sleds or rollers.

“When you go to Easter Island, you don’t get the impression they had enough wood to have rollers. And in fact, in the 1700s, the first four expeditions to Easter Island never really saw a tree. And so that’s the real mystery of Easter Island how can you move a multi-ton statue if you have no trees for rollers?”

– Charles Love, Ph.D.
(Archaeologist, West Wyoming Community College) [1]


[1] Prometheus Entertainment. (2011). Ancient Aliens: 3.8 – Aliens & Lost Worlds. [DVD Footage: The Moai]. Los Angeles, CA: A&E Networks, LLC / History™.


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