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1.3 – The Visitors (4.27.10)

4.7 – Aliens & Bigfoot (3.23.12)

5.2 – Aliens & Cover-Ups (12.28.12)
5.9 – Strange Abductions (2.22.13)
5.10 – The von Däniken Legacy (4.5.13)

6.5 – Aliens in America (1.31.14)
6.10 – Aliens & Insects (3.7.14)



Since 1992, Christopher O’Brien has investigated over one thousand paranormal events reported in the San Luis Valley–located in South-central Colorado/North Central New Mexico. Working with law enforcement officials, ex-military, ranchers and an extensive network of skywatchers, from 1992 to 2002 he documented one of the most intense waves of unexplained activity ever reported from a single geographic region of North America. His ten-year investigation resulted in the three books of his “mysterious valley” trilogy, The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley, and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley.

His meticulous field investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and the folklore, found in the world’s largest alpine valley, has produced one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences gathered from a single geographic region.

He is currently working with a team of specialists installing a high-tech video surveillance and hard-data monitoring system in and around the San Luis Valley. His 2009 book Stalking the Tricksters distills his years of field investigation and research into an ingenious unified paranormal theory that is sure to create intense interest and controversy.

His latest book Stalking the Herd (600 pages) is being called “The Bible of cattle mutilations books” and has received dozens of positive reviews. It is the first book on the subject that objectively examines the unexplained livestock death phenomenon—one of the most perplexing mysteries of our times.

Media Projects
O’Brien, an entertaining, thought-provoking speaker, is the co-host for the popular radio program, The Paracast and he has been a guest on Coast-to-Coast and hundreds of other radio shows. He has also been seen on recently broadcast TV programs such as: Ancient Aliens, Weird or What, Conspiracy Theory and UFO Hunters. Starting in the early ’90s, Chris developed, supplied footage, field-produced and appeared in four segments of the Paramount television program Sightings and was featured on Inside Edition, Extra, Showtime’s Sci-Friday Chronicles, the TBS documentary “UFO: The Search; the BBC2 program Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, Nippon TV’s Special Research 2000, the Discovery Channel’s two-hour documentary, Billion $ Secret (with Jane’s Defence Weekly’s Nick Cook,) the TV series UFO Files, Exploring the Unknown, The Unexplained, Secrets of:, Profiles in Ufology, Unexplained Mysteries and in the English documentary film Mutilation Files. At home in front or behind the camera, O’Brien has field-produced and directed television segments for the nationally syndicated paranormal news-magazine Strange Universe.

For five years he was a consulting producer and writer/researcher for Stage 3 [Television] Productions where he also wrote and produced History, Mystery and Greed: the Story of Snippy the Horse, and co-produced the documentaries Dead Whisper and the just-released Disclosure Dialogues. Inspired by his field-research, Chris co-wrote an action/adventure film screenplay, Deadly Waters, that was judged Honorable Mention in the 1998 Southwest Screenwriter’s Guild Contest.

Since 1993, he has written articles that have appeared in Open Minds, Fate, UFO Universe, Leading Edge, CyberWest, Western Spirit, World Exploror’s Club Magazine, Crestone Eagle, Phenomena, Zeitgeist and UFO Encounters. His investigation and research have been featured in the Associated Press, Denver Post, Pueblo Chieftain, the New Mexican, the Rocky Mountain News, the Albuquerque Journal, the Deseret News, The Red Rock News, UFO Magazine, Phenomenon, (France) OVNI (Spain), Borderline (Japan). An entertaining and thought-provoking speaker for seven years he was a perennial guest lecturer at Adam’s State College and he has captivated conference and seminar audiences around the USA with his unique insight into some of our culture’s last remaining mysteries. He also hosted his own regional Colorado/New Mexico radio show, Mysterious Valley Report (1996-1999), and published the bi-monthly Mysterious Valley Report (1993-2000). [1]


1 - Stalking the Trickster

Stalking the Tricksters: Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012

The subject of Trickster-ism has permeated human belief for millennia but today, in the 21st Century, very little is publicly known about “The Trickster.” Graced by many names including; fool, sage, coyote, Loki, men-in-black etc., tricksters have inhabited culture for millennia and this casual force has played pivotal roles throughout history. Author/field-investigator Christopher O’Brien redefines this hidden subject of “tricksters” from a new, fresh perspective and he begins a journey down to the enchanted southwest desert to study the many elusive tricksters of North American indigenous myth and lore. He quickly realizes, that for millennia, tricksters have been shrouded world-wide behind many guises such as skinwalkers, shapeshifters jokers, loki, jinn, sorcerers, witches and other dark adepts. And that they have burrowed deep inside human belief into the core of human culture. Cryptids, elementals, werewolves, vanishing hitchhikers, demons and dancing devils have been reported around the world for generations. But why? What are these forces? What is their agenda? O’Brien journeys out into the field to determine whether these phenomenal masks worn by the tricksters can provide us a direct conduit to the unknown today in the 21st Century. Could it be that these denizens of phenomenal events may be attempting to communicate a warning to humanity in this uncertain age of prophesized change? Reporting from places such as the Navaho, Apache and Hopi Reservations of Arizona, the four sacred mountains of the Four Corners, Mexico’s bizarre Zone of Silence and the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque in the Chiapan Highlands. O’Brien uncovers intriguing accounts that suggest there are beings walking among us able to utilize fantastic abilities. He realizes that subtle, deeply ingrained beliefs regarding these dark adepts with wild talents have subtly shaped cultural belief around the world for generations and today, these fantastic creatures continue to instill fear and awe. These adepts have been manipulating as he tackles, redefines and examines the mysterious world of the tricksters.


2 - Stalking the Herd - Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery.jpg

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

Who or What is Behind the Cattle Mutilations?
The cattle mutilation phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has endured for almost 50 years. What have we learned, if anything, from the countless reports filed? Who or what is behind the death and disfigurement of livestock reported as mutilated around the globe?
Are these deaths simply attributable to natural predators and scavengers? Or is the military/government somehow involved? Are the deaths the action of ritual “cultists” as police say the evidence would suggest? Is it possible that alien predators are involved, as some researchers and the media have suggested? Are mystery helicopters or UFOs related to the cattle mutilation phenomenon as many witnesses have claimed?
Regardless of who or what is responsible, what are the motivations behind perpetrating what may be the greatest unsolved serial crime spree of all time?
Stalking the Herd addresses these questions in depth and also offers an objective look at the history of our venerated relationship with cattle, among the first domesticated livestock. Is there a connection between these ritualistic cattle deaths and humankind’s ancient practice of animal sacrifice? Why are there no Brahman cattle mutilations in India where cattle are revered to this day? Are aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes? What about the thousands of pounds of scientific forensic evidence? Are some hidden sections of the military conducting secret projects that–for some reason known only to them–involve the mutilation of hundreds of livestock and other warm-blooded animals. Are they monitoring the spread of “mad cow” disease?
Stalking the Herd is an in-depth examination and analysis of this complex, multi-layered mystery and this book scrutinizes the various explanations that have been proposed over the years and proposes new theories that have chilling implications.
3 - Secrets of the Mysterious Valley.jpg
Takes readers through one of the world’s most enigmatic locales – the world’s largest alpine valley, spanning South/Central Colorado and North Central New Mexico.




4 - Enter the Valley - UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley.jpg

Enter the Valley: UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley

Renowned UFOologist Chris O’Brien blew the lid off the San Luis Valley-now he takes you even deeper into the world’s most mysterious locale.

The picturesque patch of land that stretches from Southern Colorado into Northern New Mexico, known as the San Luis Valley, has been home to some of the most astounding occurrences in North American history. More strange sightings have been reported within the SLV’s radius that in any other part of the country. Shrouded in mystery, a brave few have dared to explore the vast territory-Chris O’Brien is one of those people. He first took us there in his classic work, The Mysterious Valley. Now he returns with even more astonishing stories, fascinating folklore, and probing insight than ever.

Enter The Valley and you’ll discover:

-UFOs-an in-depth investigation of these SLV incidents
-Cattle mutilations-numerous examples of this bizarre occurrence, and shocking theories about why it happens
-Local folklore-the Colorado Cannibal, a race of “underground dwellers,” America’s first serial killers, gnomes, Bigfoot, and more
-Covert military activity and underground bases-what is the government trying to hide?
-And much, much more!


5 - The Mysterious Valley.jpg

The Mysterious Valley

Like other residents of the strage communities of Crestone and the Baca, Christopher O’Brien was drawn to the sacred valley of Native American myth. He was soon compelled to document, in disturbing detail, the inexplicable events unfolding around him and the questions they raised:

What is the truth behind the nightly light show of UFOs pulsing and glowing across the sky?
What are the strange rumbling noises coming from underground?
What is the origin of a mysterious crystal skull found in the Baca?
And most frightening of all, who is responsible for the scores of cattle left bloodless and mutilated in inhuman fashion?

Including fascinating and sometimes frightening first-hand accounts by residents of the area, The Mysterious Valley reveals the story of one of the most bizarre regions on the face of the earth and its chilling implications for the rest of humanity.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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