Dan Healey, Ph.D.

healey, d..pngDan Healey, Ph.D.
(Prof. of Modern Russian History, Oxford Univ.)



8.4 – Dark Forces (8.14.15)



“My research and publications have concentrated on the social and cultural history of modern Russia and the Soviet Union. I have been most interested in the history of sexualities and gender in modernising Russia, and particularly the role of medicine and law in shaping the regulation of sexual and gender dissent and conformity. I have explored the history of homosexuality in tsarist and Soviet Russia, the nature of masculinity under socialism, and the problems of sexual disorders and sexual violence in twentieth-century Russia. Soviet penal systems and their medical services are a recent interest. I would welcome postgraduates wishing to work in these areas.

My published work in these areas includes the books Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia: The Regulation of Sexual and Gender Dissent (Chicago, 2001), with a Russian translation issued in 2008, and Bolshevik Sexual Forensics: Diagnosing Disorder in the Clinic and Courtroom, 1917-1939(DeKalb, Il., 2009). I continue to publish on the history and politics of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Russia. Recently I have begun a study of the history of medicine in the Stalinist Gulag. I am interested in the range of medical services, personnel, and practices in the Soviet forced-labour camp system, and how medicine was experienced by prisoners as patients. More details can be found in the Research tab.” [1] 


[1] https://www.history.ox.ac.uk/people/professor-dan-healey


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