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whitehead, d..pngDavid Whitehead (Talk Radio Personality, 
“The Truth Warrior” / Truth Frequency Radio)



9.4 – The New Evidence (5.27.16)
9.5 – The Visionaries (6.10.16)
9.8 – The Mysterious Nine (7.8.16)
9.9 – The Hidden Empire (7.15.16)
9.11 – Space Station Moon (7.29.16)
9.14 – The Returned (8.26.16)



Born in Calgary Alberta, and currently residing in British Columbia Canada, David is a full time Martial Arts instructor and entrepreneur, a passionate and dedicated coach in the holistic health and wellness field, and conducts professional seminars and workshops locally and around the world.

With a lifetime of study and interest in the esoteric aspects of martial art philosophy, David gives in-depth presentations on his unique perspective on the warrior archetype, and shares his ideas on the many modern day applications of this ancient warrior philosophy for individual and societal empowerment.

He also speaks on his passion for comparative religion and mythology, as well as ancient and modern mysteries. He has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and podcasts, and has recently been featured on season 9 of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens Series.

​He is an avid adventurer and independent researcher, and runs his own podcast show called ‘Truth Warrior’ which is centred around his own personal quest to seek out the answers to many of the interesting and challenging questions of our time.

David’s interests include many different topics that range from philosophy, health sciences, and consciousness studies; to geo-politics, the environment, ancient civilizations, the paranormal, and more. He has a YouTube channel with a variety of artistic and informative videos, video blogs, and many interviews with various researchers and alternative thinkers from around the world.

The basis of David’s work is founded on a sincere pursuit of truth wherever it might lead, with an emphasis on facing and conquering the fear and self imposed limitation that often get in the way of our peak physical, mental and spiritual development.

David is a husband and father and is completely devoted to empowering his children to becoming fully realized and passionate adults. [1] 


[1] https://unslaved.com/david-whitehead/


Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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