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GALPIN, J.galpin, j.

Jeffrey Galpin, MD (Internist, Infectious Disease Specialist)

GAMARRA, J.gamarra, j.

Jesus Gamarra (Anthropologist, Sacred Valley of Peru)

GANDOLFO, J.gandolfo, j.

Jerry Gandolfo (Voodoo Historian)

GAZZALEY, A.gazzaley, a.

Adam Gazzaley, MD, Ph.D.
(Dir., Neuroscience Image Ctr, UCSF)

GEERTS, F.geerts, f.

Ferdi Geerts (Archaeologist, Museum de Kolonie, Lommel Belgium)

GERHARD, K.gerhard, k.

Ken Gerhard (Cryptozoologist / Author)

GERNON, B.gernon, b.

Bruce Gernon
(Pilot / Co-Author, The Fog)

GERSHTEIN, M.gershtein, m.

Mikhail Gershtein
(Russian Researcher / Journalist)

GERVERS, M.gervers, m.

Michael Gervers, Ph.D.
(Prof. of History, Univ. of Toronto)

GILBERT, A.gilbert, a.

Adrian Gilbert
(Co-Author, The Orion Mystery), (Author, Magi: The Quest for a Secret Tradition), (2012: Mayan Year of Destiny)

GILROY, R.gilroy, r.

Rex Gilroy
(Author, Mysterious Australia)

GLASSMAN, S.glassman, s.

Sallie Ann Glassman
(Voodoo Priestess)

GOLDSTEIN, P.goldstein, p.

Paul Goldstein, Ph.D.
(Anthropologist, UC San Diego)

GOLDWAG, A.goldwag, a.

Arthur Goldwag (Author, Cults, Conspiracies, & Secret Societies)

GREENFIELD, A.greenfield, a.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Allen Greenfield
(Author / UFOlogist)

GREER, S.greer, s.

Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD
(Dir., The Disclosure Project / Dir., SiriusDisclosure)

GRESH, L.gresh, l.

Lois H. Gresh (Co-Author, The Science of Superheroes)

GRIGONIS, G.grigonis, g.

George Grigonis
(Collections Manager, Mütter Museum)

GRINDE, D.grinde, d.

Donald A. Grinde, Jr. (Chair & Prof. of American Studies, SUNY, Buffalo)


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