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2.4 – Underground Aliens (11.18.10)


Dulce, New Mexico, is now part of America’s UFO Culture and Lore

Reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, New Mexico, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in northern New Mexico, have attracted media attention recently.

Following multiple claims of UFO sightings in Dulce and stories about a massive underground joint government-alien research base in the area, many conspiracy theorists have argued that focus on Roswell, also in New Mexico, is misplaced.

Residents of Dulce have claimed multiple UFO sightings believed to be linked to an alleged top-secret underground alien base located under the Archuleta Mesa (and Mt. Archuleta) near the town.

There is a hardcore group of UFO and alien enthusiasts who believe that Dulce (and not Area 51) is the location of the U.S. government’s major top-secret alien technology research facility.

Residents claim to have photographed UFOs hovering and flying over the town.

There have also been reports of black military helicopters linked with UFO sightings.
The mysterious helicopters with roving bright lights reportedly hover in the night sky over the mountain plateau.

Geraldine Julian, 78, resident of Dulce, claimed multiple UFO sightings and encounters over more than five decades, according to SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN.

Julian claims to have seen a “large spaceship” hovering over a property she owns outside the town.

“The whole town of Dulce, whoever you want to talk to, they’ll tell you what they’ve seen — a lot of them”, she said, and added, “It’s not just a fairy tale. All the things are true, and I believe every last one of them, too, because I’ve seen it myself”.

She described the “spaceship” she saw as having a flat bottom with a domed top.

Another resident claimed to have snapped a photo of a UFO. The man who preferred to remain anonymous due to the fear of losing his job as a government employee, said he photographed a UFO with many lights floating in the air at about 3:00 a.m.

He also snapped two photographs of UFOs that appeared in the sky in daytime.

He showed the photos to the SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN reporter but refused to allow them to be published.

Dulce residents claim that the UFOs originate from underneath the Archuleta Mesa, overlooking Dulce along the Colorado-New Mexico border.

The history of the alleged top-secret government-alien base located deep beneath Mt. Archuleta goes back to 1979 when an Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz claimed to have picked up signals from an alien spacecraft in orbit. He later claimed to have traced the signals to the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce.

Bennewitz concluded after conducting investigations that the mountain was the site of a top-secret underground research base, allegedly a government-alien joint venture established through a treaty with extraterrestrials by the Eisenhower administration. [1] 




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