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HAFNOR, J.hafnor, j.

John Hafnor
(Author, Strange But True)

HAGENS, B.hagens, b.

Bethe Hagens, Ph.D.
(Anthropologist, Goddard College)

HALL, E.hall, e.

Eileen Hall (Daughter of Stanley Hall)

HALL, S.hall, s.

Stanley Hall (2007), (Explorer)

HAMER, D.hamer, d.

Dean Hamer, Ph.D.
(Author, The God Gene)

HAMILTON, R.hamilton, r.

Ross Hamilton (Author, Mystery of the Serpent Mound)

HAMSON, M.hamson, m.

Michael Hamson (Oceanic Art Historian)

HANCOCK, G.hancock, g.

Graham Hancock
(Author, Fingerprints of the Gods)

HANSON, E.hanson, e.

Eric Hanson
(Visualization Artist, xRez Studio)

HANSON, K.hanson, k.

Kenneth L. Hanson, Ph.D.
(Assoc. Prof. of Judaic Studies, Univ. of Central Florida)

HARRIS, G.harris, g.

Godfrey Harris
(Curator, Da Vinci Exhibit)

HARRISON, A.harrison, a.

Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D.
(Prof. Emeritus of Social Psychology, UC Davis)

HART, W.hart, w.

Will Hart (Author, The Genesis Race)

HASELHOFF, E.haselhoff, e.

Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D. (Physicist)

HAWKES, L.hawkes, l.

Logan Hawkes
(Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled), (Author/Producer, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas), (Author, Close Encounters of the Old West), (Ancient Aliens of the Americas)

HAYANO, A.hayano, a.

Azusa Hayano
(Geologist / Environmental Researcher)

HAYNES, J.haynes, j.

Jessica Haynes (Near Death Survivor / Motivational Speaker)

HEALEY, D.healey, d.

Dan Healey, Ph.D. (Prof. of Modern Russian History, Oxford Univ.)

HEAVEN, R.heaven, r.

Ross Heaven
(Author, Plant Spirit Shamanism)

HELDMANN, J.heldmann, j.

Jennifer Heldmann, Ph.D.
(Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames Research Ctr)

HELLYER, P.hellyer, p.

Paul Hellyer (Former Canadian Minister of National Defense)

HENNACY POWELL, D.hennacy powell, d.

Diane Hennacy Powell, MD
(Author, The ESP Enigma)

HENRY, W.henry, w.

William Henry
(Author / Investigative Mythologist), (Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device), (Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion), (Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

HERTEL, K.hertel, k.

Klemens Hertel, Ph.D. (Prof. of Molecular Genetics, UC Irvine)

HOMANN, B.homann, b.

Bill Homann (Caretaker, Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull)

HOOPER, D.hooper, d.

Dan Hooper, Ph.D.
(Theoretical Physicist, FermiLab)

HOPKINS, R.hopkins, r.

Roger Hopkins (Stone Sculptor)

HORN, A.horn, a.

Arthur D. Horn, Ph.D. (Author, Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins)

HORSFALL, T.horsfall, t.

Tom Horsfall
(Witness, Battle of Los Angeles)

HOWARTH, N.howarth, n.

Nicholas Howarth
(Geographer, Oxford Univ.)

HURTAK, J.hurtak j.

James Hurtak, Ph.D.
(Social Scientist & Colleague of Dr. Andrija Puharich)

HUTTON, R.hutton, r.

Ronald Hutton, Ph.D.
(Prof. of History, Bristol Univ.) / (Author, Shamans)


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