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(Author, The Truth About the Wunderwaffe)



2.5 – Aliens & the Third Reich (11.25.10)

6.15 – Faces of the Gods (7.11.14)



Igor Witkowski is a military journalist living and working in Poland, born in 1963. He is an author of numerous professional articles and over 50 books on military technology and history of World War II. He was editor-in-chief of two military magazines: „Military Technology” and „World War II”. His books pertain mostly to the development of technology. 22 of them describe history of the Third Reich as well and high-tech nazi armament projects and constitute his main area of interest. Witkowski has managed to get to numerous, previously unknown documents about it – not only from the West, but also from the East. His best and most sophisticated book is the „New truth about the Wunderwaffe”, which is based on information gathered for over ten years, mostly in archives, in various countries. Igor Witkowski wrote about other topics as well, his main publication in this respect is titled „How bin Laden will defeat America – plan for an economic war 2011/2012” (it was published in Poland in 2010). Witkowski is best known, however, for his books describing various aspects of the Third Reich, such as „Germania – Third Reich’s plans for the post – war period”, „Wewelsburg – the holy Grail castle of the SS” , „Hitler in Argentina – Third Reich’s strategic evacuations of 1945” and many others. Descriptions of some of these books are placed below. All of them have so far been published in Poland only, and the author welcomes any proposals from foreign publishers. [1]


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The Truth About The Wunderwaffe

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WUNDERWAFFE is about the Third Reich’s weapons of last resort, but it is a book unlike any other on the subject. The author, a former military journalist, has done extensive research on three continents, in the archives of many countries, and he has uncovered a wealth of facts about weapons and weapons systems unknown to the general public. This book is very well documented, and most of the sources have never before been presented in any publication. The main section is an analysis of a research project pertaining to a weapon that officially was and still stands beyond any normal classification-the Wunderwaffe, or, according to German documents, “a weapon decisive for the war.” After its first release, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WUNDERWAFFE became an instant classic. This fully updated and extended edition bears the same unique tone of voice and style that defined the original.


[1] http://igorwitkowski.com/english.html


Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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