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9.1 – Pyramids of Antarctica (5.6.16)



Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor Emeritus from the Graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University. He teaching includes psychotherapy and personality theory, dreamwork, and research methods. He has an abiding therapeutic interest in working with dreams, personal oracles, and the applications of dream theory to psychohistory and collective psychology. Jerry’s latest books are Duped! Delusion, denial, and the end of the American dream (2012) Psyche’s Exile: an empirical odyssey in search of the soul (2011) and Conspiracy in Camelot: the complete history of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (2003). His website is at

Dr. Kroth’s twelve prior books were in the areas of counseling psychology, child sexual abuse, learning disorders, metapsychology, and research methodology.

In addition he has written and presented over 75 papers on anxiety, child development, mass psychology, synchronicity, experimental studies of the dream process, the psychology of propaganda, psychohistory and collective psychology. He is also a contributor to the Huffington Post. Professor Kroth lives in California with his wife and two daughters. [1]


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Aliens and Man? A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs

NASA astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have said they saw “something,” Senator Dennis Kucinich famously said he believes UFOs are real, and just about everybody has heard rumors that the US military and intelligence agencies are “hiding something.” In this book, a college professor pulls together what some consider to be the “best evidence” that aliens exist and have contacted Earth. He presents various theories based on unexplained phenomena and artifacts, the pyramids, crop circles, quotes from astronauts, “photos” of UFOs, and more; then he asks, what does it add up to? This book is intended to present all the mystery without sensationalism.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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