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(Dir., Great Pyramid of Giza Research Ctr), 
(Author, Power Crystals), 
(The Lost Art of Enochian Magic), 
(The Dead Sea Scrolls)



5.1 – Secrets of the Pyramids (12.21.12)
5.9 – Strange Abductions (2.22.13)
5.14 – The Crystal Skulls (10.7.13)
5.16 – Magic of the Gods (10.21.13)
5.20 – Mysterious Relics (11.15.13)



John DeSalvo, Ph.D. is a biophysicist and currently Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association ( A former college professor and administrator, his B.S. degree is in Physics and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees are in Biophysics. He has taught the following subjects on the college level: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, General Biology, Human Gross Anatomy and Neurophysiology. His college administrative experience includes Cultural Affairs Director, Basic Science Department Head, and Dean of Student Affairs.

Dr. DeSalvo is co-author of the book Human Anatomy – A Study Guide with Dr. Stanley Stolpe, former Head of the Anatomy Department at the University of Illinois.His publications in scientific journals include research on the infrared system of rattle snakes (“Spatial Properties of Primary Infrared Neurons in Crotalidae”). He was also a recipient of Research Grants and Fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF), United States Public Health (USPH), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

For over 30 years, Dr. DeSalvo was one of the scientists involved in studying the Shroud of Turin. Currently, he is Executive Vice-President of ASSIST (Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin), which is the largest and oldest research association in the world currently studying the Shroud of Turin. He was also a research consultant to the original STURP team (Shroud of Turin Research Project) and was the contributing science editor for the book SINDON – A Layman’s Guide to the Shroud of Turin. His Shroud research involved the image formation process of the man on the Shroud and studies using three-dimensional reconstruction, spectroscopic, and ultraviolet analysis. He has lectured nationwide on the Shroud and in 1980, the International Platform Association designated him as one of the top 30 speakers in the nation.

He makes frequent radio appearances to discuss the research and activities of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Last year he was featured in the History Channel Doomsday Hieroglyphics which was part of the Nostradamus Effect series. He also appeared on five episodes of the History Channels series Ancient Aliens. He was featured this past February on the History Channel (H2) series America Unearthed, discussing the Abraham Lincoln assassination.

He is the author of Decoding the Pyramids (also in French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Czech) and Dead Sea Scrolls (also in French, Dutch, Spanish, and German), both published by Barnes and Nobles. Also, The Seeress of Prevorst, The Lost Art of Enochian Magic, Decoding the Enochian Secrets, and Power Crystals, all published by Inner Traditions – Bear and Company. His next book, Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds will be published by Inner Traditions this year.

He currently hosts a weekly radio show called Paranormal Realms Radio with Jaimee Lee Dr. John. Please visit his radio web site for program information and to listen to or download past programs for free. [1]


1 - Power Crystals.png

Power Crystals: Spiritual and Magical Practices, Crystal Skulls, and Alien Technology

An exploration of the scientific, historical, and paranormal qualities of quartz crystals and ancient crystal skulls

• Explores the use of crystals throughout history, including their role in Atlantis and in alien technology

• Offers step-by-step instructions to successfully use crystals in scrying, meditation, and Enochian magic

• Includes never-before-published scientific findings on the author’s crystal skull as well as other crystal skulls researched at the British Museum

• Explains how the Space-Time Crystal Matrix connects the physical world with the spiritual and may be the communication technology of the future

Known for his in-depth scientific work on the Shroud of Turin and the Great Pyramid of Giza, John DeSalvo, Ph.D., now sets his sights on quartz crystals and their mystical counterpart, crystal skulls. Exploring the use of crystals from Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to present-day technology, including their use in ritual and ceremonial magic and their importance in ancient religious literature, he examines the many physical and chemical properties of quartz crystals and explains how their crystalline lattice structure is the key to their amazing abilities, both scientific and paranormal. Reviewing the many paranormal claims about crystal skulls, DeSalvo reveals the scientific findings on his own ancient crystal skull as well as research by the British Museum on other famous crystal skulls. His investigation also extends to the recent discovery in Tibet of a trove of Dropa discs–grooved stones allegedly recording an ancient alien visit to Earth.

Highlighting the use of quartz crystals and crystal skulls for psychic and spiritual purposes, DeSalvo offers step-by-step instructions for their use in scrying, meditation, and Enochian magic, including communication with angels. Reviewing accounts of power crystals in Atlantis and their use in alien technology, he explains how crystals connect the physical world with the spiritual via a powerful communication network linking all crystals and their memories–the Space-Time Crystal Matrix, a spiritual technology lost to the ages but which may become the communication system of the future.


2 - The Lost Art of Enochian Magic

The Lost Art of Enochian Magic: Angels, Invocations, and the Secrets Revealed to Dr. John Dee

A practical guide to Dr. John Dee’s angelic magic

• Contains instructions for performing Enochian magic meditations

• Examines John Dee’s original diaries from the British Library

• Includes a CD of Enochian calls taught to Dee by the angels

Enochian magic is a powerful, ancient system for opening portals to heavenly realms and enabling the ascent to God. The basis for many of the modern systems of magic, including the Golden Dawn, Enochian magic is named after the biblical prophet Enoch, who received the same knowledge and wisdom that was later conveyed to the astrologer to the court of Queen Elizabeth I, Dr. John Dee, by angels in the 16th century.

In The Lost Art of Enochian Magic John DeSalvo traces the history of magic–from the earliest civilizations of the Akadians and Egyptians through the Greco-Roman period and up to the present time–to reveal how magic has penetrated and influenced our religious beliefs and practices today. Through his unprecedented investigation into the angelic magic of Dr. John Dee, during which time he deciphered Dee’s original phonetic notations in the margins of Dee’s 16th-century diaries, DeSalvo learned to properly reproduce the “Enochian calls,” which act like mantras in opening higher realms and invoking angels, key to this type of magical practice. DeSalvo shows how to use Enochian magic for personal spiritual development and also as protection from negative energies. In addition to providing detailed instructions for performing the magical meditations, this book includes a CD of Enochian calls to demonstrate and guide the correct pronunciation needed to practice Enochian magic.


3 - The Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls: Their History and Myths Revealed

One of the greatest historical unearthings of modern times, the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered by a Bedouin shepherd in the Judean in 1947, and quick became the subject of endless debate and speculation.

Yet it was not until 1991 that all 800 documents from eleven caves were translated and immediately numerous theories were posed about their true authorship and dating.

Author John DeSalvo places the scrolls in their historic context, and explains their classification and the methods of working on and dating the scrolls. He discusses specific texts, the enigmatic Essene community at Qumran, and what has come to light about the scrolls from the artifacts, cemeteries and graves that surround the settlement at Khirbet Qumran.

The now famous Copper Scroll with its detailed list of supposed buried treasure is examined as are the theories surrounding it, such as the possible connection with the lost treasure of the Knights Templar, and the scrolls relevance to Jesus and the New Testament are also examined in this fascinating, beautifully illustrated book.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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